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If you're looking for quality and variety, you're in the right place. We carry car lifts from three premium manufacturers: BendPak, Dannmar and Workhorse. Their quality and variety can’t be beat. From 2 and 4 post car lifts, scissor lifts to alignment and motorcycle lifts, we offer them all—at a great price. View products below and for more information check-out "Study in Lift Design."

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BendPak Car Lifts

BendPak car lifts are the standard by which all other lifts are judged. No other manufacturer offers the attention to detail that they do. Challenger Lifts is a leader in the automotive lift industry and proudly manufactures many hoists in USA. Technology and innovation is at the heart of  the ground breaking Versymmetric® automotive lifts, the industry's first 3-stage front and rear arms. Dannmar has grown over the past ten years into a great alternative for consumers as well as professionals who demand high quality along with an affordable price. Workhorse rounds out our automotive lift line with reliable and dependable lifts that won't leave you cash strapped. Beware of other manufacturers who claim their auto lift meets ANSI standards then tell you how they had an independent lab test done. Most likely, the lab test was hired directly by the manufacturer. Because of this, make sure you only get a car lift that has been tested and certified by ALI and ETL. They are the recognized industry body for testing and certification of auto lifts and car hoists.


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