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Mid-Rise Lift

"Hey ASE. Here's a couple of pictures of my new MD6XP scissor lift. It works great. Thanks for everything."

Notice how there are two boards on either side of the car lift. This is done sometimes to allow you to drive low profile cars over and onto the lift when the automobile is too low and would bottom out on the hoist. If you have a low profile sports car with a frame height off the ground that is below 5", your car's underside will make contact with the lift and bottom out. This is one smart method to avoid that potential pitfall. We've even seen some folks create a recess in their floor for this lift to sit in, although, this would be much more invasive.
This model has 3 different locking positions to give you the ability to raise the vehicle to different lifting heights, depending on your needs. It also comes standard with a 12 piece adapter kit to allow you to get at different frame contact points. Maximum height is at 53 inches with the tallest adapters, and 48 inches with the shortest adapters.

Raymond Haney
Roseville, CA


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