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We’re proud to carry air jacks from AFF, Ranger, Hein-Werner and Zinko. Jacks from these top manufacturers allow you to lift your vehicle easily and efficiently—and get to the job at-hand.  Whether you’re looking for a truck air jack for industrial or construction equipment repairs, or a low height jack that will lift from an axle or suspended position, we have options for you.

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  • Hein-Werner Air Hydraulic Jack Extension Kit

    Hein-Werner Air Hydraulic Jack Saddle Extension Kit HW93265

    Hein-Werner Model HW93265 jack extension kit is an optional accessory for use with the HeinWerner air hydraulic Jack Model HW93733. Price when purchased with jack. Please call for pricing ...



  • AFF Truck Air Jack Extension

    AFF Truck Air Jack Extension Kit 544EXT

    An air jack extension kit for model 544 air jack by American Forge & Foundry. The 544 jack is AFF's most heavy duty truck jack. Free shipping when item is purchased with jack. Please call ...



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  • Air Hydraulic Truck Jack 23221

    Omega Air Hydraulic Truck Jack 23221C

    Omega Model 23221C 22 Ton Air Hydraulic Truck Jack Nobody beats Omega when it comes to providing a professional quality auto and truck air jack at a reasonable price. User friendly, self-returning ...



  • AFF 565E Air Axle Jack

    AFF Air Jack 565E

    AFF Model 565E Air / Hydraulic Axle Jack with 3-Piece Extension Kit - 22 ton capacity. Premium features include heat treated cylinder wall with chrome finished piston giving jack ...



  • 535A Air Hydraulic Axle Jack

    AFF Air Axle Jack 535A

    AFF Model 535A Air / Hydraulic Axle Jack 35 TON / With Extension Screw Made for heavy duty lifting of trucks, buses, trailers or other large equipment vehicles.



  • AFF 3125 Air Hydraulic Floor Jack

    AFF Air Hydraulic Floor Jack 3125

    AFF Model 3125 Air Hydraulic Long Chassis Service Jack 5 Ton Capacity | Designed for heavy-duty lifting applications requiring access to very low hard-to-reach areas.



  • AFF 536 Axle Jack

    AFF Air Axle Jack 536

    American Forge & Foundry Model 536  Air Hydraulic Axle Jack 35 Ton Air | Hydraulic Axle Jack with 3 Piece Extension Kit SPECIAL OFFER: With purchase of 536 Axle Jack  FREE!! 3/4" 8 ...



  • Ranger Air Bottle Jack RBJ-30TL

    Ranger RBJ-30TL Telescoping Air Bottle Jack

    Ranger 30-Ton Capacity Telescoping Air Bottle Jack RBJ-30TL  The true king of rolling floor jacks, the Ranger RBJ-30TL rules the garage floor with its mighty 60,000-lb. lifting capacity



  • Hein-Werner Truck Jack

    Hein-Werner Truck Jack 25-Ton Capacity HW93731

    Hein-Werner Model HW93731 20 Ton Air Truck Jack  Due to this jack's patented "Speed Pack" design, it allows for a quick and easy lift. Made in USA.



  • 545SD Axle Air Hydraulic Jack

    AFF Axle Air Jack 545SD

    AFF 545SD Hydraulic Axle Jack 30 /15 Ton 2 Stage Air The ulitimate jack for servicing vehicles due to it's portablility and extreme light weight



  • AFF 3135 Air Hydraulic Jack

    AFF Air Hydraulic Floor Jack 3135

    AFF Model 3135 Air Hydraulic Floor Jack 10 Ton Capacity | Designed for heavy-duty lifting applications requiring access to very low hard-to-reach areas.



  • Hydraulic Axle Jack 551

    AFF Axle Jack 551

    American Forge & Foundry Air / Hydraulic Axle Jack 551 50 Ton Air | Hydrualic Axle Jack with 3 Piece Extension Kit



  • Hein-Werner Air Hydraulic Jack

    Hein-Werner Air Hydraulic Jack 20-Ton Capacity HW93733

    Hein-Werner HW93733 20 Ton Air Hydraulic Jack One of the premier names in the indsutry. This truck jack is perfect for lifting trucks, tractors, agricultural and construction equipment by the axle, ...



  • AFF 546SD Air Axle Jack

    AFF Hydraulic Axle Jack 546SD

    AFF 546SD Hydraulic Axle Jack 25 / 10 Ton  2 Stage Air The manufacturer calls this axle jack "super heavy duty".  Hefty, rugged and built for the rigors of heavy duty trucking, ...



  • Hein-Werner Air Jack

    Hein-Werner Air Jack 10-Ton Capacity HW93737A

    Hein Werner HW93737A 10 Ton Air Jack Comes standard with a removable handle along with 10 feet of air hose to allow you to position jack safely when operating. Also doubles as a ...



  • Hein-Werner Truck Air Jacks

    Hein-Werner Truck Air Jack 25-Ton Capacity HW93735A

    Hein-Werner HW93735A 25 Ton Axle Air Jack with 3" Extension This air Jack has an 8" lowered height that allows lifting trucks from the axle or suspension frame. Made in USA



  • HW93667 Hein-Werner Air Service Jack

    Hein-Werner Air Service Jack HW93667

    Hein-Werner Model HW93667 4 Ton Air/Manual Long Chassis Service Jack Operates manually or with air and features heavy duty frame for rugged applications. Long chassis works perfect with trucks and ...



  • YAK 92008 Tall Lifting Air Jack

    ESCO YAK Tall Lifting Air Jack 92008

    ESCO YAK 92008 Tall Lifting Air Jack 33 Ton Jack | Air hydraulic jacks for heavy vehicles, practical and effective Great for Tractor, Agricultural and Public Works Vehicles | Made in Italy



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Commercial Grade Air Jacks, Auto And Truck Air Jack Choices

If we don't have it, it probably isn't out there. We carry heavy duty air jacks for commercial use by professional auto shops. Don't settle for an economy model air jack that usually starts leaking a year after you purchase it. Get a jack that will last. Choose from models by Ranger, AFF, Omega, Hein Werner, and Zinko. Give us a call if you need help choosing. That's what we're here for. We've been around for almost 20 years. We know what will work for your application.

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