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Many auto shop owners just pay someone to come in and haul away their waste antifreeze. If you do that, you're losing money. Smart shop owners these days are recycling their waste antifreeze for quick profits. It's harder and harder to turn a profit in this very competitive industry these days. You need any little edge you can get to get ahead. If you receycle the coolant that you're changing out for your customers, you can turn what was a liability into an asset. The KleenTec AF250 antifreeze recycler is an actual profit machine. Just collect the waste antifreeze in 25 gallon batches, and when you're ready, just start the recycling process. Once you're done with your 25 gallon batch, just add a 1 gallon jug of additive, and the end products is as good as brand new antifreeze (cut with water).  You'll want to check the freezepoint with a hydrometer or a refractometer to make sure you have the proper mixture of coolant to water, but once you do, you're good to go. This is what smart shop owners are doing all across the country, and now you can too.

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  • KleenTec Antifreeze Recycling Additive PR26

    KleenTec Antifreeze Recycling Additive PR26

    KleenTec Antifreeze Recycling Additive - Preparol 26 - For use with the KleenTec AF250 Antifreeze Recycling Machine. Specially Formulated to be used for heavy duty diesel engine vehicles that have wet ...


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  • KleenTec Antifreeze Recycling Additive CT-2792IS

    KleenTec Antifreeze Recycling Additive CT-2792IS

    Antifreeze Recycling Additive for KleenTec AF250 antifreeze recycler - The CT-2792IS additive is specially formulated to restore proper coolant properties and corrosion inhibitors to recycled coolant. ...

  • KleenTec Antifreeze Recyling

    KleenTec Antifreeze Recycling Unit AF250

    KleenTec AF250 Antifreeze Recycling Machine Turn what used to be a problem into a money making revenue producing segment for your auto shop or garage. An environmentally sound choice, an ...




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Don't pay for someone to haul off your waste antifreeze. And don't buy new glycol at outrageous prices. Not when you can recycle your waste coolant and even profit from it.
Your competition is recycling. Don't let them have the edge. The AF250 Antifreeze recycler can be a money making profit center for your auto shop or fleet service garage. Turn what used to be a liability into a profitable operation. No other antifreeze recycler on the market today recycles waste coolant as cleanly and as thouroughly.

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