Transmission Fluid Exchangers

Mahle and TTech transmission fluid exchange machines are created with the user in mind and with attention to detail. Both manufacturers offer state of the art technology and features with premium quality components and far better than average warranties. get the Mahle ATX-2, and you even have the option to piggyback the power steering flushing unit on it for a 2 in 1 machine. The Mahle ATX-3 even offers the option of exchanging the fluid through the dipstick tube with a probe. How cool is that? Mahle also offers the + Boost system feature. This machine has it all! the +Boost feature utilizes an on-board pump that allows you to speed up service times to a mere 2-5 minutes in regular mode or 8-14 minutes when using the dipstick probe method. Time = money. Any piece of equipment that increases your technician's productivity is worth it's weight in gold. Be smart - Take advantage of these situations when they arise. Contact us today and we'll set you up with the best machine for your application and at the lowest possible prices.

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  • T-TECH Transmission Fluid Exchanger

    T-TECH Transmission Fluid Exchanger TT400

    T-TECH PRO ATF Exchange Unit Like its predecessors, system utilizes a revolutionary process to exchange virtually all of a vehicle's transmission fluid.



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  • Mahle Power Steering Fluid Exchanger PSX-3

    MAHLE Power Steering Fluid Exchanger PSX-3

    MAHLE Model PSX-3 Multiple Power Steering Fluid Capacity Will get the job done in 5-15 minutes!



  • MAHLE Transmission Fluid Exchanger Adapter Kit

    MAHLE Transmission Fluid Exchanger Adapter Kit

    Extended adapter kit for MAHLE transmission fluid exchangers, ATX-2 and ATX-2PS. Price when purchased with machine. Please call for pricing if purchased separately from machine. Made in USA.



  • Transtech TT2K ATF Cleaner and Conditioner

    MotorVac Transtech TT2K ATF Cleaner Conditioner

    MotorVac Transtech TT2K Automatic Transmission Fluid Cleaner and Conditioner. Price when purchased with machine. Please contact us for pricing when detergent is sold separately from machine.




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Transmission fluid exchanger machines are a vital part for many auto shops. If you want to be able to offer your customers a complete service so they won't have to search elsewhere, you'd better be able to perform a basic service like transmission flushing. This is a lucrative service that keeps customers coming back to your garage, and with a minimal investment.

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