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When it comes to all the best miscellaneous pieces of shop equpment that any serious auto shop must have, this category is for you. It encompasses handy tools such as drive on ramps, auto body tools like the rotisserie, headlight aimers, electric meter grease guns, panel holders, engine supports and much more. and of course you'll get them here at ASEdeals at the lowest possbile sale price.

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  • MAHA USA MLT-1000 Headlight Tester

    MAHA USA MLT-1000 Headlight Tester

    MAHA USA MLT-1000 Analog Headlight Tester / headlight aimer



  • ROT-4500 Automotive Rotisserie

    Titan Lifts Automotive Rotisserie ROT-4500

    Titan Lifts ROT-4500 Vehicle Rotisserie  With it’s robust 4500lb capacity, Titan Lifts ROT-4500 is the standard by which all other vehicle rotisseries should be judged. The dual hydraulic ...



  • Workhorse CR-3000 Car Rotator

    Workhorse Car Rotisserie CR-3000

    Workhorse CR-3000 Auto Rotisserie. Our customer kept asking us where they could find a quality auto rotisserie, but at a reasonable price. We've seen the cheaper ones out there, and quite frankly, we ...



  • Truck Ramps 3420ASD

    AFF Truck Ramps 3420ASD

    AFF 3420ASD Truck Ramps 20 Ton - Wide Suitable for large truck tires up to 16" maximum width



  • Omega 93201 Extra Wide Truck Ramp

    Omega Extra Wide Truck Ramps 20 Ton 93201

    Omega Model 93201 Extra Wide Truck Ramps 20 Ton |  Extremely durable | Sold and to be used only in pairs Ships by freight truck.  A $40.00 freight fee will be added if shipping to ...



  • ESCO 100121 3/4" & 1" Break Back Torque Wrench Kit

    ESCO 10021 3/4" & 1" Break Back Torque Wrench Kit

    ESCO 10021 3/4" & 1" Drive Break-Back Style Torque Wrench Kit 200-750 Ft/Lbs.



  • JohnDow JD-K500 Electric Meter Gun

    JohnDow Electric Meter Gun Preset JD-K500

    JohnDow Model JD-K500 Electric Meter Oil Gun Preset. Designed for dispensing a variety of hydrocarbon based fluids, including automatic transmission fluid, oil, gear oil and many other ...



  • JohnDow JD-3900 Electric Meter Oil Gun

    JohnDow Electric Meter Gun Non Preset JD-3900

    JohnDow Model JD-3900 Electric Meter Oil Gun - Non Preset precise meter gun measures automotic transmission fluids, oils, gear oil and many other hydrocarbon based fluids.



  • Panel Holder PJ-260

    Workhorse Panel Holder PJ-260

    Workhorse PJ-260 Panel Holder Makes moving vehicle doors, hoods, truck lids and tailgates simple.  Large wheels allows panels to be maneuvered easily around your garage. 



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  • Ranger RST-500ESD Engine Support

    Ranger Engine Support 1100 Lb. Capacity RST-500ESD

    This 1,100 lb.capacity engine support beam features a threaded chain hook that is adjustable along with side foot pads that can telescope out to rest on automobile wheel wells. Quicker and easier ...



  • Ranger RST-500ES Engine Support

    Ranger Engine Support RST-500ES

    The Ranger RST-500ES is a bar that is meant to support engines. It has a 1,500 lb. capacity. The user would place it on top of the automobile's wheel wells in the engine compartment to ...




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Auto Shop Equipment for the Serious Professional Repair Shop

You want your auto shop equipment built to last. You want it to stand up to serious shop abuse. You know how technicians are. You know they're going to beat these things up. That's why we carry only the finest auto service equipment made to withstand the rigors of commercial auto shop use.

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