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Let's face it. Not every piece of garage equipment fits neatly into an automotive equipment catgory. When it comes to the little, (and not so little) miscellaneous items that every auto shop needs, you can't go wrong with the manufacturers we've chosen to carry. They make some innovative products meant to increase your shop's productivity, without costing you an arm & a leg. With Automotive Service Equipment, you don't have to sacrifice quality to find smart auto shop equipment at a low price!
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    Tuxedo FR-55 Scissor Frame Rack Machine

    Tuxedo FR-55 Scissor Lift & Frame Rack The FR-55 is unique, high quality, compact frame straightening machine with the versatility of an automotive lift, designed to service full-frame or uni-body ...



  • Workhorse CR-3000 Car Rotator

    Workhorse Car Rotisserie CR-3000

    Workhorse CR-3000 Auto Rotisserie. Our customer kept asking us where they could find a quality auto rotisserie, but at a reasonable price. We've seen the cheaper ones out there, and quite frankly, we ...



  • Truck Ramps 3420ASD

    AFF Truck Ramps 3420ASD

    AFF 3420ASD Truck Ramps 20 Ton - Wide Suitable for large truck tires up to 16" maximum width



  • Omega 93201 Extra Wide Truck Ramp

    Omega Extra Wide Truck Ramps 20 Ton 93201

    Omega Model 93201 Extra Wide Truck Ramps 20 Ton |  Extremely durable | Sold and to be used only in pairs Ships by freight truck.  A $40.00 freight fee will be added if shipping to ...



  • Omega 93200 Truck Ramps

    Omega Truck Ramps 20 Ton 93200

    Omega Model 93200 Truck Ramps 20 Ton Capacity |  Extremely Rugged Construction | Sold and to be used in a set of 2 only Ships by freight truck.  A $40.00 freight fee will ...



  • JohnDow JD-K500 Electric Meter Gun

    JohnDow Electric Meter Gun Preset JD-K500

    JohnDow Model JD-K500 Electric Meter Oil Gun Preset. Designed for dispensing a variety of hydrocarbon based fluids, including automatic transmission fluid, oil, gear oil and many other ...



  • JohnDow JDI-15DP Fluid Dispenser

    JohnDow Fluid Dispenser 15-Gallon JDI-15DP

    JohnDow Model JDI-15DP 15-Gallon Oil and Fluid Dispenser Air powered model has a durable steel container that holds 15 gallons of fluid with heavy duty 3" casters.



  • Engine Crane 3586B Truck Mounted

    AFF Engine Crane Truck-Mounted 3586B

    AFF 3586B Truck-Mounted Engine Crane 1000 lb. Capacity Desinged to be installed in truck beds or vans this rugged steel constructed crane offers 0-70" lifting range.



  • JohnDow JDI-5DP 5 Gallon Fluid Dispenser

    JohnDow Fluid Dispenser Air-Operated 5-Gallon JDI-5DP

    JohnDow Model JDI-5DP 5-Gallon Air Operated Fluid Dispenser Competely portable unit, air pressurized and perfect for any hydrocarbon based oils, including ATF, synthetic oils, gear oil ...



  • JohnDow JD-3900 Electric Meter Oil Gun

    JohnDow Electric Meter Gun Non Preset JD-3900

    JohnDow Model JD-3900 Electric Meter Oil Gun - Non Preset precise meter gun measures automotic transmission fluids, oils, gear oil and many other hydrocarbon based fluids.



  • Panel Holder PJ-260

    Workhorse Panel Holder PJ-260

    Workhorse PJ-260 Panel Holder Makes moving vehicle doors, hoods, truck lids and tailgates simple.  Large wheels allows panels to be maneuvered easily around your garage. 



    Out of stock

  • Ranger RST-500ESD Engine Support

    Ranger Engine Support 1100 Lb. Capacity RST-500ESD

    This 1,100 lb.capacity engine support beam features a threaded chain hook that is adjustable along with side foot pads that can telescope out to rest on automobile wheel wells. Quicker and easier ...



  • Ranger RST-500ES Engine Support

    Ranger Engine Support RST-500ES

    The Ranger RST-500ES is a bar that is meant to support engines. It has a 1,500 lb. capacity. The user would place it on top of the automobile's wheel wells in the engine compartment to ...



  • Workhorse CR-3000-UDB Universal Door Bar

    Workhorse Universal Door Bar CR-3000-UDB

    Workhorse CR-3000-UDB Universal Door Bar. Accessory for CR-3000 Car Rotisserie. Price shown is when purchased and shipped with CR-3000 twirler. Please call for pricing if shipping separately.



  • Heavy Duty Creeper 3908 AFF

    AFF Heavy Duty Creeper 3908

    AFF Model 3908 Heavy Duty Mechanics Creeper Extended width and length for added comfort  



  • 3907 Creeper Seat AFF

    AFF Creeper Seat 3907

    AFF Model 3907 Air Piston Creeper Seat Air piston for efficient seat height adjustment.



  • Ranger RST-1C Rolling Creeper

    Ranger Rolling Creeper RST-1C

    The Ranger RST-1C automotive shop Rolling Creeper sports a cushion and headrest running up the full length of the unit, to help keep your back comfortable and productive.



    Out of stock

  • JohnDow Transmission Drain Pan JD-2436

    JohnDow Big Mouth Transmission Drain Pan JD-2436

    JohnDow Big Mouth Transmission Drain Pan Model JD-2436, Designed for use with large transmissions drain pans



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Auto Shop Equipment for the Serious Professional Repair Shop

You want your auto shop equipment built to last. You want it to stand up to serious shop abuse. You know how technicians are. You know they're going to beat these things up. That's why we carry only the finest auto service equipment made to withstand the rigors of commercial auto shop use.


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