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Any auto garage that peforms the most basic services like oil changes and transmission fluid exchanges needs an oil drain of some kind. We carry a huge selection of oil drains, from small, 5 gallon models for the home / hobbyist garage, up to large 20 gallon air evacuation models for high volume automotive shops. We even carry models that have dipstick probes, that can go down the dipstick tube, sucking up the waste oil from the vehicle when the unit is pressurized with shop air. Check out our choices below.
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  • AFF Waste Oil Drain | Evacuator Model 8888

    AFF Waste Oil Drain | Evacuator Model 8888

    AFF Model 8888 Cantilever Waste Oil Drain / Evacuator Constructed for capturing or expelling waste oil from almost any size truck, bus, tractor, passenger vehicle, or aircraft.



  • JohnDow Low Profile Oil Drain JDI-LP5

    JohnDow Low Profile Oil Drain 25 Gallon JDI-LP5

    JohnDow JDI-LP5 Low Profile Portable Oil Drain with Electric Evacuation Pump. Includes electrically powered evacuation pump to drain waste oil quickly and easily. Low profile frame alllows it ...



  • JohnDow Fluid Evacuator Oil Drain JDI-20COMBO-B

    JohnDow Fluid Evacuator | Oil Drain 20 Gallon JDI-20COMBO-B

    JohnDow Model JDI-20COMBO-B 20 Gallon Fluid / Oil Evacuator | Oil Drain This is Two Oil Drains in One  THis is the exact same unit as the JDI-20Combo, except that it also includes the ...



  • AFF Waste Oil Drain 8890

    AFF Waste Oil Drain | Pressurized Evacuation 8890

    AFF Model 8890 Waste Oil Drain tank with Pressurized Air Evacuation. Sports a Large steel storage tank that can hold up to 24 gallons and has a 6 foot drain hose.



  • AFF Waste Oil Drain 8895

    AFF Waste Oil Drain | Evacuator 8895

    AFF Model 8895 Waste Oil Drain with evacuator and dipstick probe kit Popular model features everything a professional auto shop needs. Includes air evacuation, large 16" collecting funnel, ...



  • JohnDow Oil Drain Low Profile JDI-LP4

    JohnDow Oil Drain Low Profile 17 Gallon JDI-LP4

    JohnDow JDI-LP4 Low Profile Portable Oil Drain This low profile steel oil drain holds up to 17 gallons Optional self evacuation kit is available.



  • Oil Drain 24G-SE-Drain

    Workhorse Oil Drain 24G-SE-Drain

    Workhorse 24G-SE-Drain Oil Drain Self-Extracting | 24 Gallon



  • Ranger RD-20SE Portable Oil Drain

    Ranger Oil Drain Portable Air-Evac 20-Gallon RD-20SE

    The 20-gallon RD-20SE air-evacuation oil drain and fluid dispenser is the rolling upright that'll never let you down. It sports a rugged steel construction, tamperproof air regulator, quick-release ...



  • AFF 8877 Oil Drain

    AFF Oil Drain Model 8877

    AFF Model 8877 15 GAL LOW PROFILE STEEL OIL DRAIN  15 Gallon tank with combined baffle captures oil and eliminates spillage during transport



  • 8878 Oil Drain

    AFF Oil Drain 18 Gallon Model 8878

    AFF Model 8878 Oil Drain  18 Gallon Low Profile Waste Drain w/Rotary Pump Perfect for oil draining trucks where a pit or hoist is not available



  • JohnDow Oil Drain Portable JDI-16DC-E

    JohnDow Portable Oil Drain JDI-16DC-E

    JohnDow JDI-16DC-E Portable Oil Drain, 16-gallon heavy duty steel tank with funnel.



  • 8893 Waste Oil Receiver AFF

    AFF Waste Oil Receiver 8893

    AFF Model 8893 18 Gallon Waste Oil Receiver 18 Gallon steel recovery tank | Tank mounted oil level sight gauge  



  • Ranger RD-15 Portable Oil Drain (15 Gallon)

    Ranger Oil Drain Portable 15-Gallon RD-15

    Ranger made The RD-15 oil drain for working under trucks. It is perfect for changing out the oil on larger trucks on jack stands. This is a durable steel low profile oil drain that can be emtied with an ...



  • JohnDow Pump Kit Optional JDI-17PK

    JohnDow Oil Drain Pump Kit JDI-17PK

    JohnDow JDI-17PK Optional Pump Kit, Optional electrical Pump Kit for JohnDow Model JDI-17PLP



  • Ranger RD-18G Portable Oil Drain (18 Gallon)

    Ranger Oil Drain Portable 18-Gallon RD-18G

    This upright 18-gallon capacity oil drain features a stable wide body made out heavy-duty translucent polyethylene for years of worry-free use. Comes with convenient hand pump.



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A common problem faced nearly everyday in the automotive service industry is what to do with waste fluid products - Whether is be storing or transporting - we're sure we have found you convenient and safe solutions. We offer a wide variety of oil drain tanks and waste fluid equipment to help with drops, drips and spills and in a variety of sizes.


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