BendPak HDSO-14AX Open Front Alignment Car Lift

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ALI Certified Automotive Lift

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BendPak HDSO-14AX Vehicle Hoist 14,000 Lb. Capacity / Alignment / Extended / Open Front / Includes Turnplates and Slip Plates  **BLUE**
The HDSO14AX is the sturdy beast you want as the backbone of your shop, especially if you specialize in servicing larger, low ground-clearance vehicles. Our alignment system features front turn plates and rear slip plates built right into the runways. The wheels always respond to your adjustments with no resistance or hassle. We call it “free-floating.” You’ll call it unbelievably easy. This model is available with optional drive-thru ramps, drip trays and rolling jacks.


BendPak is saying goodbye to their standard "blue" lifts and changing over to a new Gunmetal Gray allowing us to offer you an awesome buying opportunity!
While "supplies last" purchase the HDSO14AX BLUE and receive a RJ-7 Rolling Jack FREE!! (VALUE $1320) 

RJ-7 rolling jack

FREE!! BendPak Rolling Bridge Jack 7,000 Lb. Capacity RJ-7


BendPak HDSO-14AX Alignment Lift

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  • BendPak HDSO-14AX Alignment Lift
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BendPak's HDSO14AX Alignment Lift  - Open Front Design and 14,000 Lbs. of Might 

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The BendPak HDSO14AX is an open-front four post alignment lift that allows your technician easy and full access to the space between the runways by eliminating the front cross-member that supports them. Mechanics can easily and quickly walk between the runways without having to duck down. And with a 14,000 lb. capacity, you'll be able to handle everything from small passenger cars all the way up to full size pick ups. Leveling the runways is adjustable and easy. Radius turnplates are included, and can be positioned in multiple different pockets, depending on the length of the vehicle you are servicing. Rear slip plates are free-floating, to allow for smooth and easy alignments without problems. They are compatible with all major alignment systems, even 3D camera and laser alignment systems.

We engineered the HDSO14AX alignment lift without a front crossbar, so operators can easily enter and exit from beneath the vehicle. Now the process of front-end adjustment becomes quick and trouble-free. This is a must for busy alignment bays. Additionally, for precise front-lift leveling, nothing beats our patented adjustable front outrigger tubes. The infinitely adjustable pitch compensates for excessive loads and sloped floors. 

Features on HDSO14AX Alignment Lift Models

The BendPak HDS Series 4 post lifts are engineered by professionals, for professionals, and are made to meet the needs of even the most demanding automotive garage. Bend Pak designed the HDS four post lifts tough, with a wide range of innovative features to provide the serious auto shop owner with the best value for the money.

Patented adjustable front outrigger tubes - This exclusive feature allows for precise leveling of the runways with the ability to adjust to infinite positions. This allows for compensating for un-level floors, and also compensates for extreme loads that may be resting on the runways.

The competition will tell you there's no difference, or that their lift is just as good, but don't let them fool you. Others may tell you that the BendPak lift is overbuilt, and that you don't need to pay up for this type of construction. One look at the long list of features and components, and you'll be convinced that BendPak is the right choice for you. BendPak's engineers believe in doing things the right way. Look for BendPak lifts to offer maximum durability, longevity and greater performance - with every single lift. And they pay keen attention to detail. Rest easy with the confidence that you can improve your productivity and not worry about down time and safety. These four post lifts are true commercial grade hoists with all of the features and quality a professional could want - or demand. Professionals have been counting on them for over 45 years for all of their lifting needs.

Here are some of the more notable features of each 4 post lift -

 Dual hub cable sheaves  Extra large 10.5” diameter cable sheaves integrated in the runway and cross tube members along with extra large 2.25" diameter sheave axles reduce cable wear dramatically to help increase the longevity of all working components. This means less wear expenses and maintenance costs over the life of the lift. So even if that bargain brand lift cost you less money up front, it will cost you more in the long run.
BendPak HDS-14 Four Post Lift Sheaves

Heavy duty aircraft cable BendPak four post lifts include four ½” diameter 6 x 25 stainless steel premium grade lifting cables rated at 14,000 lbs. a piece. This specific grade of cable was chosen for this application because of it's ability to resist corrosion, fatigue and wear.

Lubrication Integrated in  Grease fittings are included throughout the lift and are located on every sheave axle to ensure that they are well lubricated and they will run smoothly over the life of the lift. Simply inspecting and lubricating at regular intervals ensures that the product will last and continue to perform over the course of many years.

Hydraulic Cylinder Hidden Don't worry, the 3.5" cylinder is conveniently located up underneath one of the runways, so as to not interfere with any operational aspects and functionality of the lift. It is constructed of premium grade steel tubing exceeding ASTM specifications to ensure durability. And because it's tucked underneath one of the runways, it also keeps it safe from exposure and potential damage. The cylinder piston is a pilot fitted, single piece machined piston with high durometer mechanically loaded rod seals. The cylinder seals and cups greatly reduce potential for leakage, and the chrome rod is precision machined and polished of C-1045/50 micro alloy steel with the ultimate plating process for maximum cylinder life. The materials and attention to detail in the manufacturing process assure you of the greatest possible longevity for your investment.
BendPak 4 Post Lift Cylinder Under Runway

Flow restrictor A hydraulic flow restrictor is integrated into the system to provide a precise and controlled descent in the very unlikely event that the hydraulic hose were to fail.
BendPak 4 Post Lift Cylinder Flow Restrictor

Durable Powder Coat Finish  can withstand the most harsh environments, chemicals and abuse. They perform the most comprehensive powder coat process available. First, parts are cleaned in 5 stages of phosphate bath tanks, and then immediately flash dried to prevent corrosion. All threaded holes and other surfaces are plugged and masked with high temperature tape and plugs and then wiped with thinner for purposes of removing any fingerprints and debris prior to final electrostatic conveyor line. After Parts are are coated with the spray gun, they are then moved along to the oven for curing, where they are baked at 400 degrees F. for 45 minutes. No other auto lift manufacturer pays so much attention to detail when fabricating their products.
BendPak Powder Coat

Large steel base plates are 10" x 12" and provide for a solid base for the four post lift.

Spring-loaded safety locks Engage automatically continuously during lifting process for maximum safety and the adjustable safety ladder locking system allows you to adjust or modify the locking position if your floor happens to be uneven.
BendPak Four Post Lift Spring Loaded Safety Locks

Push-button pneumatic lock release Allows you to release the safety locking mechanism quickly and easily and improves safety and reliability by greatly reducing the potenial for a lock getting stuck. 
BendPak 4 Post Lift Safety Release

Secondary locking system A secondary slack cable lock system is always ready to instantly engage in the highly unlikely event that a cable were to brake.
BendPak Four Post Lift Slack Cable Safety

Integrated design All working components are safely enclosed within the working structure of the auto lift - including cables, pulleys, airlines, safety latches and other working components.

Adjustable locking positions Each of the 4 columns has infinitely adjustable locking positions to help level out your lift if your floor is uneven.
BendPak 4 Post Lift Ladder Safety

Electric hydraulic power system  A Premium electric / hydraulic power system is maintenance free and assures ultimate reliability and minimizes downtime potential. All controls are easily within reach of operator.
BendPak Four Post Lift Power Unit

Non-skid runways allow for maximum traction , eliminating slippage even on wet or oily surface. Approach ramps are nice and long to minimize potential for bottoming out on low profile cars and feature rear wheel chocks that automatically engage when the lift is raised. 
Bend Pak Lift Non Skid Runways

Longer approach ramps  were designed to be a little longer than competitors aiding in getting lower profile automobiles to get up on the runways without bottoming out.

Flexible protective conduit All airlines and Hydraulic hose lines are routed through a flexible and protective conduit to minimize potential damage and down time.

Optional Rolling bridge jacks These 7,000-pound capacity rolling jacks (model RJ-7) are pneumatically controlled by shop air and transform your 4 post lift into a full service, fully functioning lift. They allow you to raise the front or rear axle, or both axles if you get 2 for tire rotations and wheel and brake service. the air bridge jacks feature adjustable arms to reach at a wide variety of vehicle jacking points. The frame contact pads feature a rubber slip on pad to protect vehicle underside, and the jack can roll up and down the length of the runways. Every rolling jack features 3 different locking height positions and stackable truck and van adapters / extensions to allow access to a wide variety of vehicle dimensions. Includes air / hydraulic pump that is heavy commercial grade quality and requires a max operating pressure of 125 PSI at 10 to 20 CFM
BendPak Rolling Jacks

Why Should you purchase a Bend Pak lift from ASEdeals?

1) Guaranteed Lowest Prices - Listen, we monitor our competition's prices. We know we usually have the lowest price on most of our equipment most of the time. In the unlikely event you find any of our automotive lifts advertised anywhere on the web for less, just tell us where you saw them, and we'll beat them. It's that simple. Our prices will not be beaten!

2) Largest BendPak distributor -This means that you enjoy the benefit of our size. Not only does this allow us to offer the best pricing available, If you have any warranty issues that you feel are not being addressed quickly enough, or to your satisfaction, we have the influence with the manufacturer to get your issue resolved right away.

3) Years of Experience - So many internet companies have popped up over the past few years, claiming to have all kinds of experience, and then when you dig a little deeper, you'll find out that they've only been around for a few years. We've been carrying Bend Pak equipment for over 17 years now. When you call and speak to us, you're not getting just an order taker that knows nothing about the product. We know these products better than most. Not only will get you answers to your questions, we will make sure that you get the proper lift for your application.

4) Reputation - Right along with the years of experience comes our reputation. Check out our reputation on all of the various car enthusiast forums out there, such as Garage Journal or Corvette Forum. You'll find countless satisfied customers, praising not only our prices, but also our integrity, honesty and ability to help you choose the right product for your application. And then, there's our hundreds of satisfied customer pictures and testimonials to back it up. We'll gladly put our reputation up against anybody's. You can view those testimonials here -  The only way you get this kind of feedback from customers is because they have been dealing with us for 20 years, and know that they can trust us to treat the customer right, and that we know what we’re doing. You can also take a look at customer reviews at - You’ll see we are a 5 star rated merchant with over 500 customer reviews. That is the highest rating you can get. These are reviews obtained from Shopper Approved. They are an independent 3rd party company, so we have no way of influencing these reviews in any way.
We'll put our reputation up against anybody's. 

Features & Specs

  • 14,000-lb. lifting capacity
  • CE Approved and Certified. Meets or exceeds the standards prescribed by European Standard EN-1493
  • Two runway lengths to choose
  • Heavy-duty turn plates and integrated rear slip-plates included
  • Multi-position turn plate pockets
  • Automatic leveling system
  • Multiple auto-leveling locking positions
  • Runways include rail-kit for optional accessories
  • Electric / hydraulic power system
  • Single hydraulic cylinder mounted underneath runway
  • Fully enclosed lifting cables, safety locks, and sheaves
  • Internal “Anti-Sway” UHMW slider blocks in each column
  • Features oversize sheaves and heavy-duty 1/2” aircraft cable
  • Rugged 1-3/8” roller axles and oversize self-lubricating cable sheaves
  • Multi-position safety locks in each column with push-button safety release
  • Runways adjust for different tread widths and feature non-skid surface
  • Optional 7,000-lb. capacity bridge jacks available (Model RJ-7) 14,000-lb. lifting capacity
  • Lifting capacity: 14,000 lbs. / 6,350 kg
  • Front axle max capacity: 7,000 lbs. / 3,175 kg
  • Rear axle min capacity: 7,000 lbs. / 3,175 kg
  • Overall width (front): 143" / 3,632 mm
  • Overall width (rear): 130" / 3,304 mm
  • Outside length: 215" / 5,472 mm
  • Overall length: 243" / 6,191 mm
  • Height of front columns: 105" / 2,664 mm
  • Height of rear columns: 103" / 2,613 mm
  • Height of safety lock ladder: 99” / 2,519 mm
  • Height of carriages: 30” / 760 mm
  • Runway min height: 7-5/8" / 192 mm
  • Max rise: 70" / 1,778 mm
  • Max lifting height: 77-5/8" / 1,970 mm
  • Width between posts: 120" / 3,048 mm
  • Runway width: 20-1/2" / 520 mm
  • Width between runways: 37-1/2" – 51" / 952 mm – 1295 mm
  • Length of runways: 199" / 5,054 mm
  • Min 4-wheel alignment: 89” / 2,261 mm
  • Max 4-wheel alignment: 156” / 3,962 mm
  • Max 2-wheel alignment: 182” / 4,623 mm
  • Min wheelbase @ rated capacity: 140" / 3,556 mm
  • Min wheelbase @ 75% capacity: 120" / 3,048 mm
  • Min wheelbase @ 50% capacity: 100" / 2,540 mm
  • Min wheelbase @ 25% capacity: 80" / 2,032 mm
  • Locking positions: 13
  • Lock spacing: every 4" / 102 mm
  • Lifting time: 60 sec
  • Motor: 220 VAC / 60 Hz / 1 Ph
  • Shipping weight: 3,102 lbs. / 1,407 kg
  • Shipping dimensions: 209" x 22" x 44" / 5,309 mm x 559 mm x 1,118 mm

Note: An air supply (minimum: 30 psi / 3 CFM) is required for the safety-lock mechanisms to disengage. It is solely the responsibility of the end-user to provide, install and maintain the air supply.

*Not all BendPak lift models meet the standards as prescribed by ANSI/ALI ALCTV-2006 or ANSI/UL 201. Consult for complete listing



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