Ed Shiflett - Homestead, FL

"Hey Guys, Look at what I've got! It's my new Bend Pak XPR9 two post lift. Now I can work on my antique Chevy, along with my other cars without having to get on a creeper. Take a look at these pics."

The XPR-9 is perfect for people who have a low ceiling height. It was made specifically for those situations where you don't have enough room for the traditional clear-floor model. At 113" it will fit under most typical home garages, yet still provides a full lifting height of 73" with the shortest adapters and 79 inches with the tallest adapters. Then, if that's not enough, you can even stack the 3" adapters on top of the 6" adapters to provide a full 9" of extension. This should allow you to get around any running boards or frame members that might get in the way. Also comes complete with the standard steel pads with rubber slip on pads over it. These are the new Tuff Pads that hold up much better and wear much more slowly.


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BendPak: Good Choice

"I spent months trying to decide on the correct lift, the side by side comparison convinced me the Bend Pak was the right choice. Assembly was accomplished with nothing more than basic hand tools, a few dollies, an engine hoist, and 20 minutes of a friend's time. I had the lift assembled and running in 2 days, this includes running power to it. When I had an issue, you resolved it right away. Purchasing the lift from ASE Deals was easy and the lift arrived 10 days after placing the order."

We find that the folks who deliberate the most are the ones who most often choose ASEdeals and BendPak. Just comparing our 17 year reputation to others on the various car enthusiast forums, and other on-line sources should give you a good clue as to our reputation. Along with that, BendPak's reputation is up there at the apex of all lift manufacturers as well with over 45 years in the industry.

Chris Collucci
Kenvil, NJ