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Few pieces of automotive equipment can improve your shop or garage like a wireless wheel alignment machine. Thanks to this advanced—and integrated—car alignment system comprised of 8-CCD cameras, infrared light sources, precision weights and a powerful software suite, it brings both ease of use and accuracy to shops. And, it truly is a total wheel alignment solution. When paired up with a premium alignment rack, you've got a combo paired up to make your garage new revenue.
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  • Ranger 3DP4100 Target 3DPro Wheel Aligner

    Ranger Wheel Alignment System 3DP4100 Target 3DPro

    Ranger 3DP4100 Target 3DPro Wheel Alignment Machine Includes On-Site Training & Set-Up The Target 3DPro is perfect for wheel service repair shops handling a high volume of wheel alignments who are ...



  • Ranger Alignment Machine CRT380R

    Ranger Alignment Machine Wireless CRT380R

    The Ranger CRT380R Wheel Alignment System is a highly accurate, 4-wheel, wireless wheel alignment system for domestic and imported cars and trucks. FREE ON-SITE WHEEL ALIGNER TRAINING WITH PURCHASE



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  • iDEAL IWA-60-1500-K 3D Image Wheel Alignment Machine

    iDEAL IWA-60-1500-K 3D Image Wheel Aligner

    iDEAL 3D Imaging Wheel Alignment System IWA-60-1500-K Introducing the iDEAL 3D Imaging Wheel Alignment System IWA-60-1500-K, providing one of the most advanced & economical imaging alignment systems ...




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Increase Bottom Line with Alignment Machine

Our auto alignment machines allow you to increase your auto shop's bottom line by performing a very lucrative service - wheel alignments. Initial investment is significant, but well worth the cost. By offering computer four wheel alignment service to your customer base, you can increase reveneues significantly enough to pay for the investrment in a very reasonable time frame. We can provide all of the step by step training and set-up for your technicians.

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