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Our tire changers are designed to be amazingly speedy and efficient. Once you've made a purchase, you’ll be pleased to experience your quickest service times ever - making your job easier and more importantly - more profitable. All of our tire changers are constructed with hardened, forged and premium components designed to resist marring, grooving and wear and tear that you typically find with inferior products. Besides offering economy models, we also offer touchless tire changers for those expensive, low profile and run-flat tires too. Our goal is to make your shop more profitable, more productive, and capable of handling any tire changing job that you receive. All while offering you the lowest possible price.

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  • Ranger RX3040 NEXTGEN RimGuard 30" Tire Changer

    Ranger Tire Changer 30" Capacity Touchless RX3040

    The Ranger RX3040 provides your shop with the most advanced tire changing capabilities on the planet. The Ranger RX3040 is a durable day-to-day performer with the flexibility to service a wide variety ...



    Out of stock

  • Ranger Tire Changer R80DTXF

    Ranger Leverless Tire Changer R80DTXF

    Ranger R80DTXF NEXTGEN Leverless Tire ChangerThis model is the same as the popular R26DT that we've sold for years, but upgraded and packed full of features and improvments, including a ...



  • Ranger Tire Changer Truck R26FLT

    Ranger Tire Changer Super Duty Truck R26FLT

    The Ranger R26FLT is a super-duty tire changer that handles the truck, bus and commercial van tires with ease. Comes with joy stick control.



  • Corghi A9220TI-1500 Tire Changer

    Corghi Tire Changer A9220TI-1500

    Corghi A9220TI-1500 Passenger Tire Changer | PU1500 Power Assist Unit Model A9220TI-1500 features a built-in table inflator with jets in the jaws and a unique mount/demount head that does not touch the ...



  • Ranger Tire Changer R26DT 28"Capacity Tilt-Back

    Ranger Tire Changer Dual Tower Assist R26DT

    Ranger Tire Changer NEXTGEN™ RimGuard™ 28” Capacity Tilt-Back Dual Tower Assist R26DTThe R26DT Ranger tire changer is a professional‐grade, high capacity, double tilt ...


    Out of stock

  • Workhorse TC-700-T Tire Changer

    Workhorse Tire Changer TC-770-T

    Workhorse TC-700-T Heavy-Duty Truck Tire ChangerPerfectly suited for handling tires with tubeless rims or lock rings. Optimal use for agricultural equipment, trucks and tractors.  



  • Corghi A9220TI Tire Changer

    Corghi Tire Changer A9220TI

    Corghi A9220TI Passenger Tire ChangerHeavy-duty turntable rotates forward and reverse features a stainless steel, rebuildable cylinder.



  • Ranger R26AT NEXTGEN 28" Captacity Tilt-Back Tire Changer

    Ranger Tire Changer NEXTGEN™ Tilt-Back R26AT

    Ranger Tire Changer NEXTGEN™ RimGuard™ 28” Capacity Tilt-Back Single Power Assist R26ATThe R26AT Ranger tire changer is a professional‐grade, high capacity, tilt tower changer ...


    Out of stock

  • Workhorse Large Tire Changer

    Workhorse Tire Changer Low Profile TC-980MR

    Workhorse model TC980MR tire changer. This is an automatic, "hands-free" tire changing machine. Made for busy high volume tire shops to grind out tire after tire, day after day. It can handle most of ...



  • Ranger R76-ATR Tire Changer

    Ranger Tilt-Back Tire Changer R76-ATRF

    The Ranger R76ATRF tire changer is an advanced tilt-tower tire service machine that performs masterfully on a wide variety of wheels including virtually all OEM and performance tire and wheel ...



  • Ranger Tire Changer R30XLT NextGen RimGuard

    Ranger Tire Changer Swing Arm R30XLT

    R30XLT Ranger Tire Changer NEXTGEN™ RimGuard™ 33" Capacity Swimg Arm Single Tower Assist Ranger’s new R30XLT combines traditional swing arm tire changer elements with advanced power ...



  • TC-960 Workhorse Tire Changer

    Workhorse Tire Changer TC-960

    Workhorse TC-960 Tire Changer | High Performance, Fully AutomaticPerfect for low-profile tires.Close-Out Sale - Limited Quantities - While Supplies Last! 



    Out of stock

  • Ranger R76-ATR Tire Changer

    Ranger Tilt-Back Tire Changer R76-ATR

    LIMITED TIME OFFER! SPECIAL OVERSTOCK SALE!Sale price will expire without warning at any time.The Ranger R76ATR  tire changer is an advanced tilt-tower tire service machine that performs ...



  • R980ATF Tire Changer

    Ranger Tire Changer R980ATF

    R980ATF Ranger Tire Changer 50" Capacity Swing-Arm & Single Power Assist The Ranger R980ATF is variable high speed model, perform flawlessly on a wide variety of wheels, ...



  • Ranger R980NXT Swing-Arm Tire Changer

    Ranger Tire Changer Single Tower Assist R980NXT

    R980NXT Ranger Tire Changer NEXTGEN™ Swing-Arm 28" Capacity Single Tower Assist The Ranger R980NXT tire changer is built to last and is well-suited for high-volume tire shops and repair centers ...



  • TC-1300 Tire Changer

    Workhorse Tire Changer TC-1300

    Workhorse TC-1300 Leverless Tire Changer Preserve your costly rims with this new economical leverless tire changer.



  • Ranger Tire Changer 24" Capacity Tilt Back r

    Ranger Tire Changer NEXTGEN™ Tilt Back R23AT

    R23AT Ranger Tire Changer NEXTGEN™ RimGuard™ 24" Capacity Tilt-Back Single Power AssistA 23" wheel capacity tire machine with a single assist tower, the R23AT makes the once tedious ...


    Out of stock

  • Corghi USA Service Pro 122 Tire Changer

    Corghi Tire Changer Service Pro 122

    Corghi USA Service Pro-122 Tire Changer The Service Pro Model 122 rim clamp tire machine has a manually translating swinging arm and incorporated tubeless tire inflation system .



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Automotive Tire Changers

You don't have to overpay to get a high quality tire changer built to withstand the rigors of every day use that a high volume tire shop can dish out. We carry a wide variety of tire machines from many of the leading tire machine manufacturers including Ranger, Corghi and Workhorse. We offer entry level tire machines for start up auto shops, along with machines with top of the line features for low profile tires, as well as run flat tires. And for the toughest wheels, we even carry touchless models as well. Don't worry about those stubborn, hard to change wheels. You can put away your tire irons. You won't need them. We have advanced tire changers that will even lift the wheel for the technician. So you can avoid the back breaking work of lifting heavy wheels too. And when you purchase from ASEdeals, you get our unequalled product knowledge, customer support, and reputation. Not sure which tire changer to choose? That's what we're here for. Just give us a call.

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