Wheel Balancers

From one-bay shops to high-volume tire stores, our wheel balancers are built for the job. They will automatically calculate the exact weight needed to achieve an optimal balance for almost every tire and wheel configuration. Our entry-level DST64T delivers some of the fastest floor-to-floor times in the industry and features the industry’s best balancing technology. Our Ranger DST2420 wheel balancer can handle wheels up to 30” diameter.  And, our RB24T wheel balancer can deliver a fast start-up and real fast braking speeds while handling tires up to 50 inches in diameter and 20 inches wide. Our wheel balancing machines are always on sale here at ASE deals.
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  • Ranger Wheel Balancer Truck Super Duty RB24T

    Ranger Wheel Balancer Super Duty Truck RB24T

    RB24T Ranger Wheel Balancer Super Duty Truck Drive‐Check™ Technology The Ranger RB24T truck wheel balancer is a heavyweight wheel balancer suited especially for high‐volume commercial tire dealers ...



  • Workhorse Wheel Balancer Heavy-Duty

    Workhorse Truck Wheel Balancer WB-448

    Workhorse Heavy Duty Truck Wheel BalancerHigh performing spin balancing machine comes standard with a pneumatic wheel lift. (Hood is optional)This one was made for heavy truck wheels. At a very ...



  • Ranger Wheel Balancer Digital Datawand Entry DST64T

    Ranger Wheel Balancer DST64T

    DST64T Ranger Wheel Balancer Digital DataWand™ Entry The Ranger DST64T is a premium spin balancer that delivers the fastest floor-to-floor times in the industry and features the ...



  • Ranger-Wheel-Balancer-DST-2420

    Ranger Wheel Balancer DST-2420

    The highly accurate Ranger DST-2420 Dynamic Spin Balancer dependably ensures an accurate result within hundredths of an ounce, technicians will achieve a vibration-free wheel balance every ...



  • Workhorse Wheel Balancer Semi-Automatic Parameter Entry

    Workhorse Wheel Balancer WB-1120

    Workhorse WB-1120 Wheel Balancer This professional quality model offers Semi-Automatic parameter entry to help increase productivity in your auto shop. This affordable computer spin balancer ...



    Out of stock

  • Workhorse Wheel Balancer with Hood

    Workhorse Wheel Balancer WB-953

    Workhorse model WB-953 Computer Wheel Balancer  Professional auto shop performance in an affordable package. (Hood comes standard)



  • Workhorse Wheel Balancer with Hood

    Workhorse Wheel Balancer WB-1090

    Workhorse WB1090 Wheel Balancer Affordable, yet reliable and capable. (Hood comes standard)



  • Dannmar B-100 Wheel Balancer

    Dannmar Wheel Balancer B-100

    Dannmar Model B-100 Wheel Balancer Quick, reliable and accurate this wheel balancer is ideal for cars, trucks and motorcycle tire service.



  • Workhorse Wheel Balancer

    Workhorse Wheel Balancer WB-1030

    Workhorse model WB-1030 Spin Wheel Balancer - the epitome of quality and affordability (Shown with optional hood, sold separately)



  • Workhorse Flange Plate Kit

    Workhorse Flange Plate Kit

    Flange Plate Kit An essential for precise balancing.A popular accessory for those specialty shops that want precise balancing.



  • Workhorse Flange Plate Kit Without Stand

    Workhorse Flange Plate Kit Without Stand

    Workhorse wheel balancer Flange Plate Kit, for extreme precise wheel balancing.Without Storage System

  • Workhorse Wheel Weight Kit Deluxe

    Workhorse Wheel Weight Kit Deluxe

    Workhorse Deluxe Wheel Weight Kit This is a great starter kit for any auto shop looking to outfit themselves with all of the popular styles and sizes you'll ever need. A very comprehensive ...



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    Workhorse Motorcycle WB-953-Adapter-S

    Workhorse Wheel Balancer Motorcycle Adapter KitFree shipping when ships with Wheel Balancer. Please contact us for pricing when shipped separately.

  • Ranger Bubble Wheel Balancer RWS-1B

    Ranger Bubble Wheel Balancer RWS-1B

    The Ranger RWS-1B bubble wheel balancer provides accuracy and precision for balancing automotive and light truck wheels, whether you're in a busy auto shop or out in the field.



  • Ranger Adhesive Wheel Weights

    Ranger Adhesive Steel Wheel Weights | Combo

    Ranger Combo .25 OZ Adhesive Steel Wheel Weights – SILVER and BLACKOur COMBO PACK is perfect if you're looking for both BLACK and SILVER steel wheel weights packaged together in a convenient quick ...



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Find the Perfect Wheel Balancer

Consider our computerized wheel balancers if you are thinking about purchasing a tire machine. Because the full impact of truly accurate wheel balance work on vehicle performance and customer satisfaction should never be overstated. As a wheel balancer, our computerized balancers can dependably assure accurate results to within hundredths of an ounce. Besides being extremely accurate, they offer reliable vibration free results, and built with durable toughness that continues to produce perfectly balanced wheels every single day. Choose from Ranger, Corghi and Workhorse computer spin balancing machines.

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