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  • AFF Flo-Thru Cleaner Brush PWBRUSH

    AFF Flo-Thru Parts Washer Brush PWBRUSH

    AFF Model PWBRUSH Flow-Thru Parts Washer Brush Fits all American Forge & Foundry parts washers | Optional Accessory Price is when purchased with parts cleaner. Call for pricing when purchased ...



  • 3907 Creeper Seat AFF

    AFF Creeper Seat 3907

    AFF Model 3907 Air Piston Creeper Seat Air piston for efficient seat height adjustment.



  • AFF Engine Lift

    AFF Engine Lift 2200 lb Capacity 582

    Engine Tilter 2200 lb. Capacity With a 23-1/2” wide support brace  This model attaches quickly and easily to most automotive engines for lifting stability and security

  • 3590A Truck Wheel Dolly AFF

    AFF Truck Wheel Dolly 3590A

    AFF 3590A Truck Wheel Dolly 300 lb. Capacity | Steel Construction This wheel dolly is perfect for road service applications and is specifically made with single technician operation in mind.



  • Heavy Duty Creeper 3908 AFF

    AFF Heavy Duty Creeper 3908

    AFF Model 3908 Heavy Duty Mechanics Creeper Extended width and length for added comfort



  • AFF Floor Jack Crossbeam Adapter

    AFF Floor Jack Cross Beam Adapter 3167

    Cross Beam Adapter for AFF models 350GT and 350SS floor jacks Suitable for use with any AFF or Viking floor jacks with a 1/1-8" diameter saddle stud for lifting entire rear or front ...



  • AFF Driveshaft Adapter for Clutch Jack

    AFF Clutch Jack Driveshaft Adapter 3754

    Driveshaft Removal Adapter for Clutch Hound Clutch Jack Model 3700 Price shown includes free shipping when purchased with Clutch Jack 3700.  If purchased separately shipping charges will ...



  • 3591 Truck Wheel Dolly AFF

    AFF Truck Wheel Dolly 3591

    AFF 3591 Truck Wheel Dolly 450 lb. Capacity | Heavy Duty Steel This large capacity wheel dolly handles all those new super wide truck tires with ease.



  • AFF Splined Shaft for Clutch Jack

    AFF Clutch Jack Splined Shaft 3752

    Splined Shaft 1.75" DIA. x .983 Pilot for Clutch Jack 3700 Price shown includes free shipping when purchased  with Clutch Jack 3700.  If purchased seperately shipping charges will ...



  • AFF 31350 Bench Top Parts Washer

    AFF Bench Top Parts Washer 31350

    AFF Model 31350 Portable 7 Gallon Bench Top Parts Washer. Great choice for smaller auto shops or home do it your-selfer's. UL listed pump for assured safety. Water based detergent only.



  • AFF 7665 Air Impact Wrench

    AFF Air Impact Wrench 7665

    AFF Model 7665 1/2" Air Impact Wrench with 2" Extended Anvil for better reach  Housing manufactured of durable steel for maximum durability and longevity.



  • Air Ratchet AFF 7011

    AFF Air Ratchet 7011

    American Forge & Foundry 7011 Super Duty Air Ratchet  **NEW PRODUCT** 3/8” Drive Air Ratchet | 50 ft-lbs Max Torque



  • AFF 3181 Transmission Jack Adapter

    AFF Transmission Jack Adapter 3181

    AFF Model 3181 Transmission Jack Adapter - Designed for use with the AFF model 3180 heavy duty truck transmission jack. Allows you to upgrade the popular 3180 trans jack to make it more adaptable ...



  • Vise 3941 AFF

    AFF Vise 3941

    AFF Vise Model 3941 5" Bench Vise with swivel base



  • AFF Flywheel Adapter for Clutch Jack

    AFF Clutch Jack Flywheel Adapter 3751

    Accessory for the AFF Clutch Hound Clutch Jack Model 3700. This tool is specifically designed to aid in the removal and installation of heavy duty truck and bus flywheels. Price shown includes free ...



  • AFF Jack Stand 10 Ton Capacity

    AFF Jack Stand 3309A

    American Forge & Foundry Model 3309A Jack Stand Pin Type Style  | 10 Ton Capacity Sold Individually, NOT in pairs.



  • 7670 Air Impact Wrench

    AFF Impact Wrench7670

    American Forge & Foundry 7670 3/4" Air Impact Wrench 956 ft-lbs.of max torque & polished aluminum body



  • AFF Engine Stand

    AFF Engine Stand 1000 lb 571B

    AFF model 571B Engine Stand 1000 lb. capacity with a stable H base footprint with 4 points of contact with the floor.



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American Forge & Foundry Inc. has made quite a name for themselves over the years. Formed in 1963, they have grown into a specialist in providing top quality auto shop equipment while maintaining very competitive prices. AFF has over 300 service centers throughout the nation and maintains a complete supply of replacement parts that ensure that your product is not just another throw-away like so many others.

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