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  • Truck Ramps 3420ASD

    AFF Truck Ramps 3420ASD

    AFF 3420ASD Truck Ramps 20 Ton - Wide Suitable for large truck tires up to 16" maximum width



  • AFF Transmission Jack 3192B

    AFF Air Transmission Jack 3192B

    American Forge & Foundry 3192B Transmission Jack For use under full rise lift. This transmission jack can be operated with air or manually with the foot pump.



  • 3342SD Truck Jack Stand

    AFF Truck Jack Stand 3342SD

    AFF Model 3342SD Truck Stand (High) 15,000 lb. Capacity / Adjustable height range from 57" to 82"



  • AFF 536 Axle Jack

    AFF Air Axle Jack 536

    American Forge & Foundry Model 536  Air Hydraulic Axle Jack 35 Ton Air | Hydraulic Axle Jack with 3 Piece Extension Kit



  • AFF Transmission Jack 1100 Lb. Capacity 3190B

    AFF Transmission Jack Hydrraulic 1100 Lb. Capacity 3190B

    American Forge & Foundry Transmission Jack Model 3190B This popular model has an 1100 pound capacity for handling most automobiles and light truck transmissions. The hydraulic cylinder has two ...



  • AFF 3125 Air Hydraulic Floor Jack

    AFF Air Hydraulic Floor Jack 3125

    AFF Model 3125 Air Hydraulic Long Chassis Service Jack 5 Ton Capacity | Designed for heavy-duty lifting applications requiring access to very low hard-to-reach areas.



  • AFF Shop Press Heavy Duty

    AFF Shop Press Heavy Duty 30 Ton Capacity 832A

    The AFF 832A Heavy Duty Shop Press is a commercial quality product engineered for use in the automotive garage or in light commercial or industrial applications. 



  • AFF Waste Oil Drain | Evacuator Model 8888

    AFF Waste Oil Drain | Evacuator Model 8888

    AFF Model 8888 Cantilever Waste Oil Drain / Evacuator Constructed for capturing or expelling waste oil from almost any size truck, bus, tractor, passenger vehicle, or aircraft.



  • AFF Engine Hoist

    AFF Engine Hoist 3584

    AFF 3584 Heavy-Duty Truck Engine Crane Most engine hoists are only rated up to 2 tons. AFF made this engine hoist for heavy truck engines all the way up to 3 tons. It's perfect for commercial auto ...



  • AFF 5 Tone Long Frame Automotive Floor Jack

    AFF Automotive Floor Jack 3120

    AFF Model 3120 5 Ton Long Frame Floor Jack This heavy duty jack was made for those situations where you don't want to take a chance on one of those cheap, bargain jacks. With a sturdy steel frame ...



  • Truck Jack Stand 3344SD

    AFF Truck Jack Stand 3344SD

    AFF 3344SD Truck Stand - Short 15,000 lb. Capacity Jack Stand - Adjustable height range from 36" to 54



  • 535A Air Hydraulic Axle Jack

    AFF Air Axle Jack 535A

    AFF Model 535A Air / Hydraulic Axle Jack 35 TON / With Extension Screw Made for heavy duty lifting of trucks, buses, trailers or other large equipment vehicles.



  • AFF Shop Press Heavy Duty 820A

    AFF Shop Press Heavy Duty 20 Ton 820A

    AFF Heavy Duty Shop Press 820A is designed for automotive shop and lighter industrial applications. 20 Ton Capacity.



  • Table Cart 3904 AFF

    AFF Table Cart 3904

    AFF Hydraulic Table Cart Model 3904 1100 lb. Capacity | Foot pedal-operated



  • AFF Clutch Jack for Heavy Duty Trucks

    AFF Clutch Jack 3700

    AFF Model 3700 Clutch Jack Truly unique design that offers you with the capability to install, remove and transport heavy duty truck clutches easily and quickly. LIMITED TIME ...



  • Jack Model 3172

    AFF Transmission Jack 2200 Lb. Capacity 3172

    American Forge & Foundry Transmission Jack Model 3172. Low Profile model for cars and trucks that are up on jack stands or low rise lifts. Saddle is fully adjustable with safety chains ...



  • AFF Waste Oil Drain 8890

    AFF Waste Oil Drain | Pressurized Evacuation 8890

    AFF Model 8890 Waste Oil Drain tank with Pressurized Air Evacuation. Sports a Large steel storage tank that can hold up to 24 gallons and has a 6 foot drain hose.



  • AFF Forklift Scissor Lift

    AFF Forklift Jack 7-Ton 3917

    AFF Model 3917 - 7 Ton Forklift Jack This floor jack utilizes a scissor jack style design and has a low enough jack saddle to gain access to most popular forklift models.



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American Forge & Foundry Inc. has made quite a name for themselves over the years. Formed in 1963, they have grown into a specialist in providing top quality auto shop equipment while maintaining very competitive prices. AFF has over 300 service centers throughout the nation and maintains a complete supply of replacement parts that ensure that your product is not just another throw-away like so many others.

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