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We probably don't have to explain Mahle to you. After all, they're one of the largest manufacturers of auto shop equipment in the world. They were founded in 1920 and are headquartered in Germany, and they have been innovating ever since. They've also been growing ever since. They are constantly aquiring smaller automotive industry related companies, including recently the popular line of products by RTI Technologies. Popular products in their line-up include AC service equipment, coolant system flushing and exchange machines, transmission fluid service machines, power steering and brake fluid machines, exhaust vent systems and even nitrogen tire inflation systems. They are known for their quality and reliability. You'd have a very hard time finding somebody who had anything negative to say about the quality of their products. They are known throughout the automotive industry for their quality and reliability. Contact us today for the best deals and latest machines on sale.

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  • Mahle EV-1 Exhaust Ventilation System

    MAHLE Exhaust Ventilation System EV-1

    MAHLE Model EV-1 Automotive Exhaust Ventilation System Adds safety and professionalism to any auto shop. Keep your garage free of harmful exhaust fumes and prevent lawsuits and fines as well. Made ...



  • Mahle Power Steering Fluid Exchanger PSX-3

    MAHLE Power Steering Fluid Exchanger PSX-3

    MAHLE Model PSX-3 Multiple Power Steering Fluid Capacity Will get the job done in 5-15 minutes!



  • MAHLE NitroPro Hose Reel 50FT

    MAHLE NitroPro Hose Reel

    MAHLE NitroPro 50 ft. Spring Rewind Hose Reel Part # 355 80049 00  



  • Mahle Nitrogen Purity Tester

    MAHLE Nitrogen Purity Tester

    MAHLE NitroPro Nitrogen Purity Tester Model 355 80022 00



  • MAHLE Transmission Fluid Exchanger Adapter Kit 518105

    MAHLE Transmission Fluid Exchanger Adapter Kit 518105

    Extended adapter kit for MAHLE transmission fluid exchangers, ATX-2 and ATX-2PS. Price when purchased with machine. Please call for pricing if purchased separately from machine. Made in USA.



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    MAHLE Dual Exhaust Kit 313011

    Dual Exhaust Kit For use with MAHLE Exhaust Ventilation System EV-1. Shipping Free when purchased with EV-1. Call for pricing when shipped separately from machine.



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MAHLE develops and manufactures automotive maintenance equipment including air conditioning service, fluid exchange and nitrogen tire inflation systems into the repair shot equipment sector of the automotive aftermarket.

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