Viper manufactures premium grade auto shop equipment including their ever-popular coolant flushing machine. This machine is capable of flushing the cooling system of standard automobiles including cars and light trucks. Twin tanks allow you to change them out depending on the coolant that you are using. One tank will store the new coolant, and the other will fill with the waste antifreeze. Purchase extra tanks to service the many different types of antifreeze. Viper also manufactures an antifreeze recycling machine that hooks directly up to the vehicle's cooling system, to flush the cooling system and recycle the automobile's own antifreeze back into it's own system. Innovation is a trademark of Viper, and best of all, their products are still made here in the USA.

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Viper is a division of Clore Automotive, one of the largest automotive equipment manufacturers on the planet. And their Viper division is one of the most recognizable names in the field of fluid service machines. The Viper coolant system flusher is legendary for it's effectiveness is cleaning automotive coolant systems. No other coolant flushing machine performs this task as well. It doesn't just exchange the old waste antifreeze, it flushes the entire cooling system out with an agitated flush that removes harmful particulates and rust. Made in USA.

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