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Zinko is well known for their traditional floor jacks as well as their aluminum racing jacks. But this handy little scissor jack is a surprisingly popular item. It's perfect for special situations when a traditional jack won't do because it's too big or for other reasons. It's available alone or in a plastic carry case. Sometimes you just want a compact little jack that will get the job done, but won't take up a lot of space. The Zinko scissor jack is perfect for those situations. Throw it in your car trunk and keep it for emergencies. It's also popular with our customers who get our home / hobbyist 4 post lifts along with the popular accessory called a jack plate. The jack plate crosses over from one runway to the next one, and this jack is perfect for placing on the jack plate so that you can raise the car by the frame to get the tires off the runways so you can service brakes or perform wheel work. Many typical automotive jacks are too big to fit on the jack plates while this scissor jack fits perfectly on it. It's also helpful in countless other applications as well, such as servicing lawn tractors, ATV's and other equipment.

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  • Zinko Scossors Jack with Case

    Zinko Scissors Jack ZPJ-850C

    Zinko Scissors Jack for Racing Car ZPJ-850C This jack will quickly raise a vehicle with a very minimal effort. Includes carrying/storage case



  • Zinko Scissors Jack

    Zinko Automotive Scissors Jack ZPJ-800

    Specialty scissors Jack for racing cars, compact cars and small specialty situations.  This jack will raise automobile swiftly and with a minimum of effort.



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Zinko makes many great products for the professional automotive garage. Their car scissor jack is a great example of everything they do right. One look at it, and you'll see the quality in engineering as well as the premium components. Then, after owning it over the course of many years, you'll come to understand why professionals choose Zinko for all of their automotive jack needs.

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