AFF Transmission Jack Hydrraulic 1100 Lb. Capacity 3190B

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American Forge & Foundry Transmission Jack Model 3190B
This popular model has an 1100 pound capacity for handling most automobiles and light truck transmissions.
The hydraulic cylinder has two stages for maximum reach and a lower low height.


AFF 3190B Transmission Jack.

Two stages means your jack goes down lower and raises higher. The popular AFF hydraulic cylinder operation means it functions smoothly and quickly, without interuption. This is a rugged, professional quality jack that won't let you down six months after the warranty expires. This is all the jack most auto shops will ever need.

  • Saddle is completely universal
  • Saddle tilts forward, backward, as well as side to side.
  • Saddle also has spring loaded brackets in each corner and can be adjusted with minimal effort and hands free as well.
  • Optional fuel tank adapter model 3198 will aid you in changing out fuel tanks on automobiles. (sold separately)

Features and Specs


  • Capacity   1100 lbs.
  • Base Diameter   38" x 38"
  • Saddle Length   9" - 20"
  • Saddle Width     7" - 22"
  • Right Tilt   12°
  • Left Tilt     12°
  • Rear Tilt   46°
  • Forward Tilt   42°
  • High Height   73.5"
  • Low Height    38"
  • Ram Stages   2
  • Ship Weight 203 Lbs.


More Information

More Information

Made in China to conform to ANSI standards.

AFF has over 200 service centers nationwide and is headquartered in NY.

Warranty is one year.