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Schumacher DSR Professional Wheeled Battery Chargers

August 31st, 2010

Professionals looking for some of the best Battery Chargers on the market need to take a look at the Schumacher DSR Chargers. These guys have thought of everything. These machines are truly made by professionals, for professionals. It’s namesake, Don Schumacher says, ” “When I was racing, I depended on the best team and equipment to make me a champion. Today, I run my company in the same way.  I insist on top-notch teams, the highest quality and the latest technology in everything we make.  I never settle for anything less than the best and neither should you.”

They have many different models to choose from for any situation. And they’re packed with features. Models range from 300 cranking amps all the way down to a 2 amp trickle charge rate. Cases and housing is made of durable steel construction that will hold up to the typical type of abuse that you would expect out of a busy auto shop.
They have a non-conductive bar built into the handle which is a convenient place to clip your battery terminal clamps onto when you’re rolling it around. Wide track wheels and extra long AC cord for better reach. Extra heavy duty clamps with thick gauge, extra flexible welding cable give you the power and reliability you need. There are manual and automatic models. They have a generous three year warranty.
Contact us today for more information.

DSR Battery Chargers

Recent Customers – Car Lifts and More

August 27th, 2010

People are interested in notable customers who purchase products from us. It’s an indication of the reach of our advertising efforts along with illustrating our reputation amongst industry professionals.
Here is a brief list of just a tiny portion of our more recent customers, taken from a sample of purchases within the last month, (August).

The US Coast Guard out of Mobile, AL just purchased a  Dannmar D-10ACX Two Post Lift. This an asymmetric, 10,000 lb. clearfloor lift by one of our more notable car lift manufacturers, Dannmar.

Olympic National Park, out of Port Angeles, WA purchased a quantity of 25 of our Jump N Carry 4000 hand-held jump starters.

US Navy out of Japan just purchased a quantity of four of our Solar PL-2216 Battery chargers.

Continental Airlines purchased a BendPak Exhaust Pipe Bender for their facilities in Newark, New Jersey.

Kern County Schools out of Kernville, CA purchased an IDEAL MSC-6K portable Car Lift from us in August.

Montebello Unified School District purchased several items, including a set of 12″ Auto Dollies, a Ranger transmission jack, and a Jump N Carry Jump Starter.

One Stop Garden Shop out of Barbados purchased a Kleen Tec KT 1435 Parts washer. This is an aqueous, (water based) parts washer.

Tennessee Air Guard purchased a John Dow JDI-LP4 low profile oil drain, along with the optional air evacuation, drain kit.

Belmont County Board of Developmental Disabilities out of St. Clairsville, OH purchased  a BendPak HD14X Four Post Lift. This is their extra long model. They also purchased some of the more popular accessories, including the air bridge jack.

US Air Force out of Scott Air Force Base out of IL purchased our KleenTec KT2200SS Paint Gun Cleaner.

Manatee County Schools out of Bradenton, FL purchased our AFF 8890 Oil Drain.

This is just a small sample of our more recent customers. As you can see, the list spans across a wide range of different types of customers, from individuals, the government agencies, to large corporations.

Contact us today to see if we can set you up with some of the best equipment on the planet.

Dannmar Two Post Lift

BendPak Lift Summer Sale At

August 26th, 2010

ASEDeals is currently having a sale on select models. Our BendPak two post 10,000 lb lifts and our 9,000 lb. four post lifts are currently on sale at the lowest prices for the season. If you’re on the market for a quality two post lift, now is the time.

BendPak’s latest models are chocked full O’ features and quality that you just won’t find on your typical car lift. The XPR-10ACX asymmetric lift has the ability to position it’s arms symmetrically in the event that you have a vehicle that has more of it’s weight in the rear and therefore would not balance out well in the asymmetric position. They are nice and stout, with taller lift carriages (53 inches tall), that leads to less stress on the posts. The most popular feature is the 3 stage arms in the front which means greater ability to reach at various vehicles jacking points that might be difficult to reach with the traditional two stage arms found on most car lifts.

Plus, when you purchase a BendPak Lift, you can buy with confidence that your getting one of the best lifts in the industry, at a very reasonable price. Bend Pak will always have parts for their lifts, even the old, discontinued models. Try getting parts for a discontinued model from one of those bargain car lift manufacturers out there.
And let’s not forget about ALI Certification. It means so much for a lift to be ALI Certified. But most importantly, it means you know you’ve got a lift that meets very strict safety and quality standards, and that it has a ALI, “Gold Seal” of approval.
Finally, there’s BendPak’s 5 year limited warranty that includes one year of on-site service.

As they say, timing is everything. And right now, with our summer sale on our BendPak Lifts winding down, the time is right for a great deal on a Two Post Lift. Don’t miss out.

XPR-10AC Two Post Lift

Transmission Flushers And Fluid Exchangers

August 26th, 2010

Performing a transmission fluid exchange service can be lucrative for your auto shop. This fact is a large reason why many automotive repair facilities are purchasing a Transmission Flusher, or transmission fluid exchanger.
Once you explain to customers the benefits of this service, it’s an easy sell. The purchase of one of these machines will pay for itself within a very reasonable time frame comparatively speaking, when compared to other major pieces of shop equipment.
Once the decision to purchase a transmission machine has been made, then the more difficult decision is ahead of you. With all the machines out there, which one should you get?
We carry several models by two different manufacturers. Both manufacturers are top notch with machines that are state of the art an include great warranties and parts availability. The best news is, they’re all made in the USA.
TTech has two different machines. First the TT400, which is powered by 12 volts DC. This unit has 23 fittings and has quick connects to the cooler line quickly and easily. It exchanges 100 % of the ATF in a proportional, even exchange.
The TT500 has the same features as the TT400, but also includes some additional features. It has a backlit fluid cylinder, so you can see the fluid level easier. It also includes point-of-sale literature to help you explain the benefits of the exchange. This model includes a more comprehensive supply of 34 fittings. This model also operates off of 110 volts AC.
We also carry machines by RTI. They have the most technologically advanced machines with fully automatic operation. They have Fluid Flow Direction Indication – Automatically indicates if you are hooked up to the vehicle correctly. Audible alert and light signal technician to reverse hoses if necessary. They also have a comprehensive color coded adapter selection with reference chart. They even have a model that allows you to stick a probe down the dipstick tube for the fastest service around.
RTI also offers an optional add-on feature – a Power Steering fluid exchanger. Yet another revenue producing service.
Give us a call and we’ll go over all the details with you so you get the machine that’s right for you.

TTech Transmission Fluid ExchangerRTI Transmission Flusher

New Extra High Lifting Four Post Automotive Lift

August 25th, 2010

Home Hobbyist four post lift customers have had the choice of an extra high lifting model for several years now. They typically desire the extra lifting height because they want to park a taller vehicle underneath and another car on top. If you’ve got a taller automobile, like an SUV or truck, and you need to park it underneath the automotive lift, you can’t get by with the standard height models. You need an extra high lifter. We carry three different manufacturers, and all three offer an extra high lifting 4 post lift. But all of these lifts are made for home / hobby applications. Nobody really offered a commercial four post lift that has the extra high lifting feature. Until now.
Bend Pak has recently come out with their HD-14TL extra high lifting four post lift that is a 14,000 lb. capacity lift that lifts an extra foot higher than the standard model. There are certain customers who desire this feature in commercial auto shops, and then again, there are also some home car enthusiasts who need the extra heavy capacity, or the larger dimensions for the heavy duty capacity for their full size, long bed or crew cab trucks. It’s got the same dimensions as the standard HD-14 four post lift, except for the column height, and the lifting height. The columns are 100 inches tall and the height to the underside of the runways when the lift is raised all the way to maximum lifting height is 82 inches. One factor you should realize when reviewing that particular specification is that the top locking position is actually four inches lower than the maximum lift height. So the actual clearance underneath the runways when at the top locking position is 78 inches.
BendPak is always innovating and is a leader in manufacturing Automotive Lifts. If there’s a need out there, they are sure to fill it.

HD14TL Automotive Lifts

More 4 Post Lift Accessories

August 23rd, 2010

In our previous post, we spoke about our most popular accessories for our home / hobbyist 4 post lifts. This time, we’re talking about some of the more obscure accessories.
When using the lift for servicing your vehicles, there are several accessories that are available. If you have the Air Bridge Jack spoken about in our previous post, The AK14 Air Line Kit would be used to clean up your lift area and keep it free from air hoses that you would need to run to the Jack. It integrates the air hoses into the structure of the car lift.
The Air Electric Work Station mounts to one of the columns and has an air lubricator, filter and regulator for your air tools so you have clean air running through your air tools. It also has a GFCI protected outlet so that you have power right there at your work station.
Additional accessories for storing your vehicles include the Steel Deck option. If you want to store something other than cars on top, this is what you will need. It’s perfect if you want to store a Snowmobile, ATV, motorcycle, or lawnmower up top.
If you want to remove your approach ramps when you raise the lift, the Aluminum approach ramps are nice because they weigh about half of the steel approach ramps. They’ll save you some back pain perhaps.
BendPak has an approach ramp lock kit that will make your approach ramps stick straight out when you raise the car lift so that they won’t flop down. This means you won’t need to remove the approach ramps when you raise the lift. This is very convenient.
There are many accessories to consider when purchasing a 4 Post Lift. Contact us today with any questions about any of them.

4 Post Lift

Four Post Lift Accessories

August 22nd, 2010

If you’re a home / hobbyist looking for a Four Post Lift for storing one vehicle over another, or just for servicing your vehicles, you’ve got many choices out there. We carry three different manufacturers. Most lift manufacturers will have similar options when it comes to accessories.

Four Post Lift

When it comes to servicing your vehicles, the popular accessories would be the jack plate, air bridge jack and oil drain. The jack plate would stretch across from one runway to the other, and you would place a couple of bottle jacks, or scissor jacks on it, to correspond with the vehicle’s jacking points, so that you can access the vehicle’s wheels for brake work, etc…

An alternative to the jack plate is the air bridge jack. This would serve the same purpose as the jack plate, but integrates an air jack into it, making it much easier and more convenient to work with than the jack plate. It is truly a professional accessory.

If you’re using your car lift for servicing your car, then odds are, you’re going to be changing your oil from time to time. So an oil drain is almost a must-have item in this case. After all, you don’t want to have to hold a bucket over your head. There are many different oil drain options available. Some roll on the ground and have a long neck and a funnel on the top. Others roll up and down the length of the runways and remain mounted to the lift.

Oil Drain

Accessories that come in handy for your four post lift when using it for storing your cars would be the drip trays and caster kit.

The drip trays would rest in between the runways and are sold in sets of three. They are there to protect the car underneath from getting drips on them.

Since most home / hobby four post lifts are free standing, the optional caster kit would be used to roll the lift around your shop, or perhaps even out your Garage Door if it will fit. This makes your four post lift a truly portable lift. This is a handy feature that makes your lift more versatile.

These are just some of the more popular four post lift options. We will delve deeper into some more options in a future post.

Yet Another Hollywood Tire Changer Connection

August 21st, 2010

The Green Hornet is latest Columbia Pictures film that has played a very small part in. This is a new Seth Rogan comedy scheduled for release in  early 2011. This classic television retro super hero flick is being brought out for a big screen debut in January. They purchased a Ranger RX950 Tire Changer along with a Ranger DST1200 Wheel Balancer for servicing their exotic and extensive fleet of vehicles that are featured in the movie. Said Bill Maxwell from Columbia Pictures, “We needed a quality tire changer and wheel balancer to service our fleet, including the impressive car of the Green Hornet – The Black Beauty. These Ranger machines get the job done at a very reasonable price.” This comes after a long list of feature films that ASEDeals has supplied auto shop equipment to, including, The Other Guys, The Taking of Pelham 123, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and more. We’ll keep you posted on future posts for updates.

Automotive Service Equipment Financing Methods

August 17th, 2010

Our previous post touched on the suject of order payment methods. But what If you don’t want to pay by credit card, check or wire transfer?
Many customers that don’t want to lay out all of their available capital on a few pieces of equipment may opt to finance their auto shop equipment purchase. Of course you can obtain financing on your own through a local funding source. We also offer financing through a partner of our’s – Lease Process. We have been partnered with Lease Process for over ten years now. They are a reliable funding source that has many tools at their disposal. Richard Wilmarth the financing expert at Lease Process has the experience and knowledge to get even the most difficult credit risks  approved.
Of course, interest will apply and your rate will vary, depending on various factors such as how long you’ve been in business, your credit history and other factors, like how long a time frame you wish to finance it over. You can lease to own with a dollar buyout at the end of the term. That is the most popular program.
Leasing offers certain tax advantages over just financing outright as the purchase is tax deductible. Rich can go over these details in more depth with you.
You can access the application on our web site at the very bottom of any page. You’ll find a link there that says, ” Need Financing, Click Here“. Once you click on that link and the application comes up, simply fill it out to the best of your ability and hit the submit button. That will send it over to Lease Process. Somebody there will go over your application, and get back to you shortly afterward to go over your options.
Once you have been approved and have come to an agreement on terms, the financing representative will forward some documents to sign. Once the paperwork has been completed, and they’ve confirmed all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed, you can get your car lift or Tire Changer, or whatever piece or pieces you desire. Then, it’s time for you to make some money with that equipment so you can pay for it!
You can call Chad Schaffner at Lease Station with any questions at 800-800-770-8107 (x223)

Tire Changer

Automotive Service Equipment Accepted Payment Methods

August 16th, 2010

Customers frequently want to know what payment methods we accept.
There is a wide variety of payment methods that are available to customers. We accept any major credit cards; American Express, Visa, Mastercard and even Discover.
We accept personal checks, business checks, bank checks, certified checks and money orders. We even can do a check by phone. We would just need your checking account information to process it. This information includes your account number, routing number and name and address on the checking account. It must be a standard checking account to be able to process a check by phone. It cannot be a check from a credit card issuer, or one of those temporary checks that the bank gives you until your official personalized checks get manufactured.
You can also wire the funds directly into our account from yopur bank account. You would need our checking account information for this. We also offer financing. Interest would apply. Financing is typically sought out by customers who are starting out  opening a new auto shop and they may be purchasing large quantities of equipment, or maybe several pieces, like a Car Lift, a tire changer and wheel balancer, or and expensive piece like an alignment machine.
The quickest way to get your equipment shipped out to you is to process your order by credit card, or wire transfer. We can ship the product right away given these methods of payment. Checks by mail and by phone require us to wait for the check to clear, which could add a few days to your order, so factor that into your time horizon.
The slowest way to make payment would be to finance your purchase. Financing adds up to a week to the time frame because there is detailed paperwork that must be completed. We’ll go into more details about the financing angle in future posts.
Give us a call with any questions regarding the method regarding payyment. Whatever method you choose, It will be well worth it.

Car Lift