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Summer Sale On Dannmar Two Post Lifts

June 29th, 2011

We are pleased to announce a new sale on our Dannmar two post lifts. It’s a great time to jump in and get a lift if you’ve been waiting for a good deal.

For the month of July only, you will get a free rolling oil drain along with a frame cradle adapter kit. This, on top of the already low sale prices which average over $100 below the regular prices. The oil drain and frame cradle adapter kit combined is valued at over $250. The oil drain is an 8 gallon rolling reservoir on wheels that has a long neck and funnel at the top. It makes for efficient oil changes so you don’t have to hold a bucket over your head. The frame cradle pad adapter kit allows you to grab the frame of the vehicle so that it won’t slip off the lift. These can come in handy when you have rounded jacking points that might be slick with grease.

Another application would be some larger trucks that have frames that turn up at an angle toward the rear of the frame. The trucks would be more likely to slip off the standard flat pads which have a rubber slip on pad over it. These are two popular accessories that not only make your life more convenient and efficient, but also safer.

Remember, this car lift sale only lasts until the end of July, so don’t delay!

Dannmar Two Post Lift Has Joined The Hub Garage

June 22nd, 2011

Automotive enthusiasts and gear-heads should already be familiar with the They are an on-line community of home hobbyists, professional mechanics, garage and other types of automotive industry related business owners and pretty much anybody interested in cars. If you’re reading this blog, your probably already a member.

We decided it was about to join one of the most popular auto industry online communities. It’s a great vehicle for us to share news with the community about our products and services, industry related news, press releases and news bulletins, and videos.

It’s also a great way to get feedback from customers and to see what you are up to. You can share your thoughts about what we are doing, good or bad, we want to hear about it. It just helps us serve you better. Or maybe you just want to share your photos of your car on the car lift.

If you’re not a member, we encourage you to join as soon as possible. It’s  a great resource. So go ahead and dip your toe in the water and join us at the Hub Garage.

Win A Free BendPak Lift

June 20th, 2011

The headline should be enough to get your interest. Who wouldn’t want a free four post car lift for their home garage? You could use it for all kinds of services for your cars, and you can also use it to store one car over another to help you save on your garage floor space. It’s amazing to us how many people purchase our car lifts for their own use in their home garages.

Well now you don’t have to purchase one. Now you can win one for free! BendPak is giving away a chance to win a free car lift just for posting a comment on their Facebook page or Twitter account. Each weekday, Bend Pak will post an article and all you have to do is respond with a funny, or witty comment. If BendPak chooses your comment for that day, you are entered for a chance to win.

Then, on September 30th, they will have a drawing and choose a winner. That’s 86 chances to win. Winning lift options include the BendPak MD6XP Mid rise scissor lift, one of the BendPak XPR10 two post lifts, or one of the BendPak lifts. It’s that simple.

So get going. You’ve got a couple of months to post a comment that gets chosen bringing you closer to obtaining your very own automotive lift.

BendPak Contest

Father’s Day Jump Starter Sale

June 19th, 2011

Fathers Day is a great time to give your dad a gift that he can really use. Sick of giving away ties and socks? Give him something that he really needs. Everybody needs a handheld jump starter box, whether they realize it or not.

If you’ve ever been stuck somewhere out in the cold with a dead battery, you know what we mean. If you haven’t, odds are, you will be sometime in the future. Many times, your car battery can die without any warning. You start it up fine one day, and the next, it doesn’t start. Modern car batteries usually last from 5 to 7 years depending on various factors. Even if you car battery is strong and healthy, all it takes is one time of forgetting that you left an overhead light on in the cab. Then you go to start it, and …. nothing.

That’s why we thought it was a perfect time to have a sale on Fathers Day for this type of product. It’s something every dad can use. For this week only, from 6/25 through July 2nd, take an additional $10 off any of our Jump N Carry hand held jump starters. They are already on sale at the lowest prices on the web. But we took it just a little further – For DAD!

These are the absolute best jump start units on the market today. They are commercial quality, packed with features and made to last with the most durable case in the industry. They also have the most comprehensive warranty in the industry.

Don’t wait. Contact us today.

Engine Hoist Choices

June 15th, 2011

An engine hoist is a vital piece of equipment for any auto shop. Of course, it is essential for lifting motors, but that’s not it’s only use. It can be used anytime you need to move any heavy item in your shop, or in your parking lot even.

Choosing an engine hoist can be complex. There are many considerations. The most important consideration is capacity. How much weight do you want it to raise? Most auto shop owners choose one with a lifting capacity of 2 tons. When a manufacturer rates the capacity of their shop crane, the capacity usually is rated when the boom is fully retracted. The capacity diminishes the further out the boom is extended.

Most engine hoists have swivel casters that allow you to roll them around, making them completely portable. A popular accessory for this product would be an engine tilter, which makes positioning of the engine easier.

Most shop owners purchase an engine lift that can be folded up. This allows them to store it away in the corner of the shop so it’s out of the way when it’s not being used. Typically, these folding cranes will not have quite as much reach as one that does not fold up, so there is still a strong following for non-folding models for this reason.

Engine Hoist

Selecting a Tire Changer Just Got Easier

June 12th, 2011

Too many customers call us in a confused state. They claim there are so many different types of tire changers and so many different manufacturers that it’s difficult for the typical technician to know what to get. Don’t worry. That’s why we’re here. Our job is to help you understand the variety of options available to you and to help you make sense of it all.

We’ve created a primer on all things tire changer. This article has appeared on one of the premier informational article web sites – Hub Pages. It explains all of the differences between the different types of tire machines available today and what factors to consider when making a purchase.

It’s a must-read for any technician or auto shop owner. Check it out by clicking on the link below and get back to us with any question.

Tire Changer

A Car Lift Is Not Car Jack

June 11th, 2011

We often receive calls from customers who need to raise their car to perform service on it and they will sometimes interchange the terms Car Lift and Car Jack. They mistakenly believe the two term mean the same thing. They do not mean the same thing.

A car lift raises the entire vehicle off the ground, meaning all four tires or wheels will be propped up off the ground. Car jacks raise the automobile one wheel at a time, or one axle at a time. If all four wheels are off the ground at the same time, there are greater service capabilities. Servicing the auto will also be much quicker as well on an auto lift. Jacks are more cumbersome to work with, and you won’t be able to raise the car as high as you would with a lift. Generally, the maximum lifting height for most floor jacks is in the range of 19 to 24  inches.

You will need to get on your back while working on a vehicle while using a floor jack. Using a creeper will make it easier, but not nearly as easy as when working on a car that is placed on a full rise auto lift. Some lifts only raise the vehicle 26 or 48 inches. These would primarily be used for wheel and brake work, and body work. Full rise lifts, like a two post lift, raise the car to a comfortable working height so that you can actually stand under it.

Reminder – You would always need to use jack stands when using a floor jack. Using a floor jack without a set of jack stands is taking a big risk for no reason. The amount of time it takes to set up a pair of jack stands is nothing compared with the potential hazard if not used.

Car Lift

New Jet Blast Tank By Cyclone For Bead Seating Tires

June 8th, 2011

Did you ever have a hard time seating the bead of a tire on your Tire Changer? Many modern rim clamp tire changers have an air tank in the back of the unit, and hoses that lead from the air tank to the jaws that clamp onto the rims of the wheel. Once you’ve mounted the tire to the rim, the next procedure is to step on a pedal to shoot a rapid blast of air into the tire to seat the bead of the tire while it is on the turntable.

Problem is, sometimes this can be a difficult process for various reasons. Many rims are shaped and contoured in such a way that the direction the air jets on the jaws are configured, much of the air blast ends up shooting out the other side of the tire. Sometimes the air tank on the tire changer just isn’t large enough to handle full size truck tires.

In these cases, many customers get a jet blast tank to assist. These jet blast tire bead seating tanks are stand alone air tanks that have a nozzle on them to assist in seating the bead of the tire.  We carry the new Cyclone Tire Bead Seating Tank made by the same folks who invented the popular Cheetah valve tanks. This five gallon tank has a proprietary butterfly valve that assures rapid and complete air exchange. Air gauge and easy to adjust nozzle make operating this thing a breeze. And don’t worry, this thing works on tires up to 24.5″.
And the best part? – It’s Made in the USA.

Cyclone Tire Bead Seater Tank

Choosing An Automotive Lift Just Got Easier

June 4th, 2011

The title of this post says it all. Choosing an Automotive Lift  just got easier. If you click on that link embedded in the previous phrase “Automotive Lift” you’ll find a captivating article about the facts to use to choose between a two post lift or a four post lift.

The article appears on the Squidoo network, which is a well known network of articles that are placed by all kinds of different authors about a myriad of different subject categories. The automotive lift article we placed there is appropriately placed in the Automotive category.

It goes into great detail about the many considerations required for making the proper choice on your lift. It is a must read for anybody on the market for an Automotive Lift.

Take a look at it, and give us your feedback.

Automotive Lift

The Importance Of Your Auto Shop Equipment Warranty

June 3rd, 2011

Many customers who call us never stop to ask us about the warranty of the product they are interested in. They will ask us about the features and specifications along with other factors. Of course the number one question as always is price. Some customers don’t seem to care if their Car Lift is made out of popsicle sticks as long as it’s cheap. We don’t understand that mentality. Especially if you’re the one standing under it.
In our eyes, one question that should near the top of the list is, “What’s the warranty”? There are many different types of warranties for many different types of automotive equipment. A typical floor jack should have a one year warranty at a minimum. Hopefully, the manufacturer is a reputable one and has service centers across the country and has a vast supply of parts. Many floor jacks these days are not rebuildable. As a rule, we carry only commercial quality products that are rebuildable. When your floor jack starts leaking hydraulic oil, you don’t want to have to throw it away when a simple set of $20 seals would make it good as new.
Air Compressors can have warranties that Range from one to five years. Read the warranty carefully. Many times it’s five years on the tank, and only one year on all the other components. Some of the larger manufacturers will have service centers nationwide so you can be assured that problems can be taken care of quickly.
Automotive Lifts can have a wide range of differing warranties. A lift warranty can run anywhere from 5 years (limited) to 1 year. Buyers should pay careful attention to the warranty. Does it include on-site service, (parts and labor) or parts only? Also, we’ve seen some manufacturers and distributors who’s warranty requires the customer to pay for shipping charges on any parts that need to be sent out during the warranty period. Who ever heard of such a thing?
The advice to any prospective customers – Ask questions.

Floor Jack