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Flying Car Cleared For Takeoff

July 25th, 2011

We mentioned the Terrafugia flying car in a previous post. At that time, they had completed research and development and were seeking approval for use in the USA. News just came out that the flying car has been approved for use in the USA.

Just in time too. Traffic is increasing every year. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has cleared the car for production, and the Terrafugia should begin production soon, and should begin distributing them in 2012.

This is also great news for the local economy in Massachusetts, where the plant that manufactures them is located. The hybrid road / aircraft has stipulations set forth by the NHTSA.  This aircraft is the first of it’s kind in many ways. It meets many requirements that no other has when it comes to highway / air travel. Most notable are the requirements that require tires that are suitable for highway speeds and a windshield that is shatterproof to prevent catastrophe from potentially flying through a flock of birds.

The wings fold up in about a minute when you’re ready for road travel. It has airbags for driver and passenger airbags, which might come in handy in road travel, but may not be quite as helpful when traveling by air.

Initial estimates for pricing by the manufacturer indicate that they expect this to hit the market at about $250,000. Obviously, budget is not the only reason most consumers will not be placing an order for one anytime soon. You’ll need a valid pilot’s license as well. We’re also not quite sure how you’ll fit one on a car lift when it needs to be serviced.

Flying Car

ASEDeals Supplies TTech Machine to Two Guys Garage TV Show

July 16th, 2011

Fans of gearhead television shows like Two Guys Garage, seen regularly on the Speed Channel have an opportunity to check out an episode that we played a small role in this weekend.

Arthur Irwin, producer for Two Guys Garage, contacted us several months ago, asking us to provide a TTech transmission fluid service machine that would be featured on the show. How could we refuse? We sent them a TTech transmission fluid exchanger, that they used to illustrate the benefits of servicing your transmission in this most recent episode. This show features two experts in the field who go over a wide variety of services that are aimed at  instructing you on the best techniques for servicing autos.

This episode is scheduled to air beginning 7/16 and  air several times throughout the week. Once it airs, we will be able to bring you a copy on this blog so you can view the episode as it appeared.  But if you don’t want to wait, just check out the Speed Channel for their schedule.

TTech Transmission Flusher

Free ASE Deals T Shirt & Prizes For Customers Who Send Us Pics

July 13th, 2011

ASE Deals has a new policy we just implemented this month. Customers who email us a picture of their recent purchase along with a testimonial / comments will get a free ASEDeals.com T shirt. We thought it would be a great way open dialog with our customers and to see how they are applying their products to their everyday situations. Did you purchase a car lift from us? Email us a picture of your favorite car on it that you just restored. It will give you bragging rights when you see it up on our web site for the world to see. And here’s the kicker – Each month, we’ll have a drawing to choose one of the lucky customers who submitted a picture to receive a prize valued at over $100. You might win a jump starter, battery charger or perhaps a floor jack. You will need to give us your order number so we can confirm you were an actual customer of course. We wouldn’t want somebody taking a prize away from a loyal customer.
So you can just submit your comments and pics to us via email at contact@asedeals.com and we’ll send you out your ASEdeals T shirt and enter you in the monthly drawing.

Good Luck!

Customer Motorcycle Lift Pictures

July 9th, 2011

Here is another posting of customer pictures. This time, it’s of our Ranger RML750HD Motorcycle Lift. This is our most popular motorcycle lift of all the different models we carry. And why not? It’s got the best features, the greatest lifting capacity (1650 lbs) and the highest lifting height (43 inches). Plus it has retractable casters so you can roll it around, even when your bike is loaded on it!

You’ll find that most motorcycle / ATV lifts lift only to a height of about 36 inches or so, and have a lifting capacity of only 1000 lbs. The typical ATV lift design has wheels that roll along the floor, but this Ranger motorcycle lift scissors up inside it’s own frame, which allows for the portability, along with a more stable footprint and a heavier lifting capacity.

It comes bundled with the side extensions, rear support poles, the two approach ramps and the power unit can be powered by air, or when your compressor is not available, you can manually pump it to raise and lower it.

The picture shown below is provided by Jeff Holt from American Motorcycle Group out of Anaheim, CA. When they needed a bike lift, they came to us because they knew we would hook them up with the best product for their application.

Here’s what Jeff said – “Our Ranger RML750HD motorcycle lift has seen heavy use since the day it was delivered. We have been playing
with it and we all like using it with all the different options installed. I have included a picture of it in use without the sides on it. This Lift is definitely one of the nicest I’ve ever used, plus I really like the locking mechanism. With this lift now in our Tech Center, we’ve been able to increase our tech shoots ten times. Now our only problem is we all have
to fight over who gets to use it.”

Call us at 800-229-6218 to learn more about this great lift, or visit our web site at ASEDeals.
Ranger Motorcycle Lift

Portable Evaporative Shop Cooling Fans

July 3rd, 2011

It’s that time of year again! Summer is here. Auto shop owners across the nation are doing everything they can to help keep their technicians cool on these hot, steamy dog days of summer. But traditional methods just aren’t practical. Air conditioning cant cool off large open spaces that well, and it can get very expensive.

Enter portable evaporative cooling fans by Coolspace. You’ve seen these fans all over the place. On the sidelines at sporting events, at trade shows and fairs, at farms and so many other applications, for one simple reason – They Work!

They don’t just blow air like a traditional fan does. They cool the air that goes through it by running the air flow through a pad that has absorbed cool water. This process, (called evaporative cooling) is a very effective way to cool the air, much like the way our bodies cool themselves off by perspiring.

Coolspace has a wide selection of models to choose from to meet almost any application. Including a large 48 inch fan that can effectively cool off a space of up to 4000 square feet. And they are remarkably affordable.

Now is the time to act. if you wait too long, summer will be over. Call us today at 800-229-6218. Remember, the more comfortable your technician is, the more productive he will be.

Portable Evaporative Shop Cooling Fan

Auto Makers Post Continued Growth

July 2nd, 2011

The latest sales figures from most of the major car manufacturers are very encouraging. Car makers  report growth in many segments, especially smaller, energy efficient cars, but more recently, also reporting that truck sales have picked up. One possible reason for the increase in truck sales is the fact that gasoline prices have begun to come down, yet they are maintaining a sufficient level to still encourage many consumers to continue to look for energy efficient options. Overall industry reports are for over 13 percent growth for the month of June.

US manufactures Chrysler, Ford and GM posted heathy figures overall, with strength in smaller cars and light trucks. Chrysler was the leader of US manufacturers, with nearly a 30% gain. Ford was up over 13 percent, while GM was up over 10 percent.

Among foreign car makers, Hyundai reported over 15% increase in sales, While Volkswagen posted very healthy growth of over 35 percent. Kia reported it’s best sales ever over 41 %.

Not all the Japanese manufacturers joined the party. While Nissan did have reasonbly heathly gains of over 11%, Honda and Toyota actually lost market share. Much of the losses were attributed to the earthquake / tsunami disaster, which has left the manufacturers with supply chain and production delays. The thought is that they should be back up to full capacity by the end of the year.