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New Ranger Tire Changer Model R30XLT

September 28th, 2011

Check out the new R30XLT tire changer by Ranger folks! It’s here and it’s now in stock and ready for shipping. This new tire machine has all kinds of cool features, but the thing we like best is it’s range. This machine can handle all the way from 10 inch rims all the way up to 33 inch rim diameter. That’s a pretty wide range. It has a power assist arm to help you change those fancy and expensive low profile wheels. It has a powerful 2 horse power motor. It has the new Ranger “NextGen” jet blast bead seating system with the large air storage tank so you’ll be able to seat the beads of pretty much any tire that can fit on this machine. And there’s so much more, such as the rugged forged steel foot pedals instead of those cheesy cast steel pedals you typically find on most machines out there. It has all of the quality you’ve come to expect from the Ranger name, along with the reasonable price you’ve come to expect. Now just what do you think you would have to pay for a tire changer packed with all these features? $5000? Maybe $4000? Forget about it. How ’bout only $2985 with free shipping? That’s right. Nowhere will you find such a great bargain as this. We cannot guarantee this price for long. Just give us a call for more details or visit our web site. You’ll be glad you did.

Ranger R30XLT tire changer

BendPak Holds The Line On Prices for Q4

September 20th, 2011

BendPak / Ranger, one of our largest manufacturers, announced on Monday that they plan on holding their prices at their current levels for the next two quarters. BendPak / Ranger is a manufacturer of such essential auto shop products as auto lifts, tire changers, exhaust tube benders, floor jacks, air compressors and much more. They have been manufacturing these types of products for over 40 years and are known throughout the industry as a leader in their field.
This announcement is significant as many of our manufacturers of automotive service equipment have recently increased their prices or have indicated they will be increasing prices in the near future. It’s no secret that commodity costs have increased dramatically over the past year which has had a noticeable impact on products that require steel, rubber, plastic and other raw materials. On top of that, labor costs have also risen in China and other countries. This has raised costs for many manufacturers who moved much of their production over to Asia in an effort to reduce costs and remain competitive.
BendPak’s decision shows that it is possible to hold the line on costs and remain competitive. They have shown true leadership on this and many other issues over the past 15 years that we have been carrying their products. That is one of the many reasons we are proud to carry their product line.

BendPak Logo

911 Anniversary A Time To Reflect And To Give

September 11th, 2011

The events of 9/11/01  still are prominent in the memories of all Americans who witnessed what transpired that horrific day.  Those events led to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Those wars led to many veterans obtaining debilitating injuries that required much rehab along with a permanent change in their way of life.  
That inspired founder John Gonsalves to create a fantastic charity that still thrives today – Homes For Our Troops. This top notch charity helps create specially adapted homes made specifically to meet the needs of individual veterans who need these modifications to allow them to be self sufficient.
We quickly jumped on board early in supporting them. We felt it was about as worthy a cause that there could be.
At this historic anniversary, what better time could there be to make a pledge to help support these wounded veterans and say thank you in the best way possible. We hope you’ll give generously.

Homes For Our Troops

Please Give Generously

New ASEDeals Ad In Collector Car Market Review Magazine

September 11th, 2011

We advertise in many prominent trade publications. You may have seen our ads in such recognizable magazines as, Professional Tool & Equipment News, Motor Magazine, TechShop Magazine, Hemmings Motor News, Deals On Wheels, Old Cars Weekly and many, many others. One recent publication that approached us was Collector Car Market Review. They heard about the recent change at Deals on Wheels magazine. Deals on Wheels changed over to sa strictly on-line format. No more paper magazine. So CCMR smartly decided to approach all of the recent past advertisers of Deals On Wheels to entice them into a place to go to get back into the trade magazine ad business. We had heard of them and knew their reputation was solid, so we figured we’d give it a shot. You can view our most recent ad in their magazine by clicking on the link below –


By the way, we’re also still doing quite a bit with the folks at Deals On Wheels. You can view our banner ads all over their web site as well.

Let us know what you think of both ads.


New Customer Two Post Lift Pictures 2

September 5th, 2011

Here is another post showing our customer Two Post Lift pictures. The latest set of pictures is provided by Sean Martinez from two locations, Tucson, AZ and McKinney, TX. He needed a two post lift to perform work on his 1966 Chevelle. He wanted a lift that was reliable, from a manufacturer with a good reputation and with certain key features. He also demanded a lift that was ALI Certified and one that has a solid, comprehensive warranty. With his requirements for quality, features and safety, we had only one lift in mind. We recommended the BendPak XPR10AC two post lift. It has top of the line features, like direct drive hydraulic cylinders, 53 inch tall lift carriages, triple telescoping arms in the front, along with the famous BendPak 5/2/1 warranty. It has the rugged construction that Bend Pak is known for and the best powder coating system in the business. Plus, even though it is an asymmetric lift, it has the ability to position the car symmetrically as well. Thanks for the pictures Sean.

BendPak Two Post Lift