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New ASE Deals Catalog is Ready

October 30th, 2011

It’s here! The new 64 page full color catalog from ASEDeals. People have been clamoring for our latest, most up to date catalog. We publish a new one every year. We distribute 10,000 each year. This one has more products than any previous catalog. It’s chock full of the latest car lifts, tire changers battery chargers, tool boxes and so many other products from many of the leading manufacturers. It contains auto lifts by BendPak, Dannmar and Challenger. It contains tire changers from Corghi, Ranger and CEMB. Tool boxes from Waterloo and Ranger. Floor jacks from Hein Werner, AFF, Omega, and Zinko. Air compressors from BelAire, BendPak and CAS. If you can think of a type of automotive shop equipment, odds are, it’s in there. So just give us a call, or email us to request a copy, or you can view a copy of it here. Then, just let us know if you have any questions on any of the products, and we will get you the information you need to make an informed decision on your purchase.


Winner Announced For October Jump Starter Contest

October 23rd, 2011

We told you in a previous post about am on-going contest we are having each month. Basically, we will give away a free prize to customers who have purchased a lift and submitted a picture or two of that lift. This month, the prize is a BoosterPac ES5000  jump starter. This is one of our most popular products, valued at $159. This unit offers a powerful 1700 peak amps and is a handy, durable and reliable unit that has been getting the job done for our loyal customers for over 15 years.
The winner is Scott Gouza out of Fredonia, WI, who submitted some really cool pics of his BendPak Four Post Lift. He purchased the HD9XW lift to store his vehicles in his garage.

“Thanks for the great service. I have been planning on building a new garage/shop for the past 10+ years. This past spring it became reality. Needing a lift because of having 1967 Chevelle and 1996 Fatboy myself, didn’t justify it. But with my girlfriend owning the 1967 Cougar, 1991 Firebird convertible and 2005 Sportster it made it an easy decision. When I drew up the plans for the garage, it was based on fitting the HD9XW. The lift for us, will provide extra room for storage and the ease of working on our classics”.
Scott Gouza
                                Custom Tool & Engineering
                                Fredonia, WI

BendPak HD9XW Four Post Lift

Congress Passes 3 New Trade Agreements

October 15th, 2011

Congress recently passed three trade agreements that were sitting on a shelf because the Obama administration had previously indicated they would not sign them. The deals were approved with Columbia, Panama and South Korea. The president’s change of heart can most likely be attributed to the ongoing general malaise in the economy and the continued disappointing jobs figures.
These trade deals are estimated to add over 100,000 jobs to the US workforce. The largest deal is with South Korea, which accounts for 70,000 of the new jobs. This South Korea deal is the largest trade deal since the NAFTA deal.
These agreements would lower or eliminate tariffs that US exporters face when exporting to these countries. Many of the hurdles that these trade agreements faced related to big labor. Labor unions tend to be against most trade agreements because they complain that it sends high paying jobs overseas. In particular, the US auto industry was concerned about barriers to entry for US auto sales in Korea. Some concessions were made to help stifle those complaints.
Some GM parts are built in South Korea. Labor unions still assert that this deal will cost US jobs, but overall, industry experts believe it to be a net plus for the US job market. They contend that under the current system, for every 52 South Korean automobiles sold in the US, there is only one US manufactured car sold in Korea. This deal should lift trade barriers enough to change that.
What do you think? Are trade deals like these good for the US labor market?


New Customer Tuxedo Four Post Lift Pictures

October 9th, 2011

Our Tuxedo FP8K-DS four post lift is an terrific value for the home / hobbyist customer looking for a car lift for storing one vehicle over another or for servicing your cars. It has many features that are usually found on more expensive lifts like dual safeties. Not only do you get a mechanical safety that is common on most four post lifts, but you will also get a slack cable safety as well. Add to that the better laddered safety system, which allows you to adjust the locking height positions to allow you to level out the runways so that all four safety locks are even, and you’ll soon see that this lift is superior to the common four post lift. Take a look at what Ron Kelly from Browns Valley, California had to say about his recent purchase. –

“Here are some pictures of the lift installed and in use, constructed, moved and I’ve placed the lift in use.
It took me and my sons about 5 hours to construct.
I have wanted to have something that I can work on vehicles in a raised  position and store a project vehicle for years and this lift is great for  those uses. Thanks Again for all your help.”

Contact us today and we’ll fit you into a lift that’s right for you.

Workhorse FP8K Four Post Lift