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ASEDeals Supplies Car Lifts To New Hollywood Film

December 31st, 2011

You may be aware that we have supplied automotive equipment to all kinds of top auto shops, major corporations, and government agencies over the course of the past 15 years. But you may not be aware that ASEDeals has supplied car lifts, tire changers and many other products to aid the production sets of some major Hollywood films over the past decade. For instance, we previously supplied products to the following motion picture productions –
The Taking of Pelham 123

The Green Hornet

The Other Guys

The Sorceror’s Apprentice

The latest production that we supplied products for is the third installment in the Men In Black series of films – Men In Black 3. It stars Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith along with a larger cast that includes Josh Brolin.
They needed a quantity of 3 two post lifts to support their production. So we set them up with our very best lifts – our BendPak XPR-10CX two post lifts. BendPak is the best name in the business.
The production set was headquartered in Brooklyn, NY and was shot beginning in September 2010. They wrapped up shooting several months ago and have just come out with the first trailer for the popular movie series.
You can get a sneak preview of the trailer by clicking on the link below. We’re proud to help play a small role in helping to bring this production to conclusion. Based on the previous two movies, we’re sure this latest episode will be a hit.

Give To Home For Our Troops – A Worthy Cause

December 24th, 2011

No auto lifts in this post. This is the time of year for giving. And anybody who’s followed us for the past few years knows that our pet cause is the very worthy charity called Homes For Our Troops. We have been supporting them for over 5 years now. What better way to show your appreciation for our wounded veterans who make selfless sacrifices out on the combat theatre every year?
This charity fabricates specially adapted homes for soldiers who have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan with debilitating injuries. Homes that will cater to their specific injury so that they can lead as normal a life as possible.
So far, they have built over 100 homes and their ambition has only increased. They plan on building hundreds more with the help of good Americans like yourself.
Now we don’t just choose any charity to support without investigating it thoroughly. These guys are rated highly by all the charity rating services with very high ranks when it comes to the percentage of funds it forwards to the actual cause vs fundraising and administration.
Every holiday season, we ask you, our followers to make a small donation to this cause because it’s the right thing to do, and the right time of year to do it. Please give generously and may God bless you during this Christmas season.

Homes For Our Troops

Click Here To Donate

Winner Announced For December Contest

December 17th, 2011

A winner has been announced for our drawing for the December jump starter contest.
The winner is Steve Smith out of Manchester, MD. He purchased a BendPak HD-7P four post lift. This is a specially engineered lift. It is designed to provide extra lifting height, but not the extra length that typically comes along with it. Normal four post lift engineering requires an extra two feet of runway length for every one foot of lifting height. Sometimes customers want the extra lifting height, but not the extra length that comes with it. That’s where the HD7P lift comes in. It has become a popular recent addition to the BendPak line-up of 4 post lifts.
BendPak isn’t the kind of company that rests on their laurels. That would be easy to do, given their position in the market and their wide variety of car lifts. They are always on the front line creating new, innovative and highly useful products.
Steve said, “I have attached a picture of the lift with one of my cars on it. I am sure I will love it!! I am sure that I will do more business with you.    Thanks again for all of your help”.
Check out his very cool picture below. Very nice garage Steve.

BendPak HD7P Four Post Lift - Steve Smith

New Customer BendPak P-6 Pit Lift Pictures

December 10th, 2011

We have been selling the BendPak P-6 Pit Lift for 15 years. And in that time frame, we’ve sold quite a few of them. Most customers who purchase this model are lube shops who have a pit that the technician would go down into and then change the oil from below and perform other service work as well. This is the primary use intended for this lift.
However we do get plenty of home / hobby customers who install these car lifts in their home garages because it is a great lift for servicing vehicles and gaining complete access to the underside of the car. It leaves you with an open center, so there are no obstructions to get in your way. Now you will  have to roll around on a creeper in order to do this because this is a low rise lift with only 26 inches of lifting height, bust it is a viable option for folks who want complete access to the entire automobile.
The latest pictures are provided by one of our customers in Wisconsin who writes –
“Here are a couple of pics for the P6 Pit Lift we purchased. It is perfect for our application and is obviously well constructed. Thank you again for all your help”.
James Weis
Fast Track
Cedarburg, WI

As you can see, this is the perfect application for this type of pad lift as it straddles the pit on either side and takes up very little shop space. And of course, because it’s made by BendPak, you know it’s the ultimate in quality and features and will last for years.

BendPak P-6 Pit Lift

New CompaC Floor Jacks Are The Best

December 5th, 2011

Garage mechanics and home hobbyists who are looking for a top quality floor jack don’t need to look any further as we now carry the popular CompaC jacks. These jacks are truly top of the line. One look at them and you will see the obvious quality and attention to detail.
Now we already carry some fine hydraulic jacks from several different manufacturers such as AFF, Ranger, Zinko, Omega and Hein Werner, but in our opinion, these could be the very best we carry. They are manufactured in Denmark by a company that is known for quality.  Europe has known their fine products for over 60 years, and now they are finally brought over to our shores so that USA customers can see for themselves the proven products that they offer.
Quick lift pedals, low profile saddles and U Joint release mechanisms are standard on most models. There’s a safety to prevent overloading, they have a high quality powder coat finish, and a comprehensive 3 year warranty.
These jacks have a very precise lowering mechanism, which assures it won’t come crashing down when you are lowering the car. Beyond that, they have models that are great for low profile sports cars, as well as extra high lifting, long frame jacks.
Plus, we are starting them out at some very low, introductory sale prices.
Check them out if you are an aficionado of only the best products.

CompaC Floor Jack