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Closeout Sale On Our BendPak Scissor Alignment Rack

January 30th, 2012

Customers who are on the market for an alignment lift should take a look at our XR12AE Scissor Alignment Lift by BendPak. If you want more than just a typical four post alignment lift, then you should check out this great deal we’ve got going on right now.

The regular price for this lift is $11,920. The sale price is $10,528. That’s a $1392 discount. The reason for this discount? The XR12AE is being replaced by a new model lift, the XR12000A.  The new lift is similar to the old model, but has a few new cool features, like the fact that is it raises straight up as it scissors up, while the XR12AE lurches forward slightly as it raises. The new model has slightly longer runways as well, allowing you to align extended cab full size trucks.

But the XR12AE is still a great car lift, and at this close-out price, you can’t go wrong. But there is a limited supply of them. So don’t wait, because once they’re gone, they’re gone.

BendPak XR12AE Scissor Alignment Lift

Roadside Assistance Now Available For Electric Cars

January 22nd, 2012

If you’ve been pondering the purchase of an electric car, but were hesitant due to the lack of infrastructure to charge them and service them, you may be one step closer to getting the proper coverage you need. AAA is now starting to offer roadside assistance for these vehicles. They now have numerous service trucks that will be able to charge these increasingly popular vehicles. They have fast chargers that will be able to charge these cars in a rapid time frame. For now, they are just deploying these trucks in some major metropolitan areas across the country. Pending the popularity of this new pilot program, they may plan to increase  the range in which they offer this service. The service  trucks contain a lithium Ion battery capable of charging  most of these automobiles. Charge times will range from 10 to 15 minutes, which should allow the driver to get up to 15 additional miles to reach home, or a charging station.
What about you? Would this news help convince you to finally give in and get an electric car?


New ASEDeals.com Bahamas Connection

January 15th, 2012

We’ve shown you our various customer locations from all over globe in previous posts. But one location that we seem to get a lot of customers is the beautiful islands of the Bahamas. We’ve sold auto lifts and other products to many customers from the many islands of the Bahamas, such as Freeport, but the most popular destination is the island of Nassau. We’ve sold many products to many customers there. It is a fantastic destination with many attractions and a healthy economy. We recommend checking in at Paradise Island Resort.
If you are a citizen in Nassau, then stop by Muffler World, owned by Mike Pinder. He purchased a BendPak exhaust tube bender from us several years ago for one of his two locations on Nassau on Mackey st, and he just recently purchased another for his other location on Robinson Rd. He’s been in business for many years and has a strong following on the island. We were lucky enough to get a chance to say hello to him recently. His shop has numerous bays all decked out with the latest equipment. We recommend you check him out if you’re on the island.
BendPak is one of the biggest names in the exhaust tuber bender industry. You might be more familiar with their lifts, but they started out making benders as their name implies.

Muffler World Exhaust Pipe Bender Mike Pinder

Muffler World Tube Bender Mike Pinder

R134A Refrigerant Contamination Warning

January 5th, 2012

The Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) has issued an urgent warning regarding R134A supplies.
The warning pertains to the possible contamination of R134 refrigerant cylinders. They recommend testing all cylinders with a reliable tester that are expected to be pure R134 to confirm that it is. According to several reputable sources, many cylinders have been found to be contaminated with and have counterfeit labeling.
This can be more serious than just a case of the refrigerant not working. There have been fatalities reported due to this issue. Most reports of contamination come from refrigerants coming from overseas. The most frequent contaminant has been found to be R-40 (Methyl Chloride). This is the worst possible contaminant. This compound is very flammable,  toxic, and highly reactive when it is combined with aluminum. This is where the safety concern occurs. Any system that contains aluminum could lead to catastrophic consequences.
Some 30 lb. R134A containers have also been found to contain some R-12 and R-22 as well. All cylinders must read 100% on any approved refrigerant tester. Some contaminated cylinders were found to contain up to 40% of non R134A contaminants.

RTI Refrigerant Service Center