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Please Help Build Homes For Our Troops

December 25th, 2012

Most people have a pet charity that they favor. You know, a charity that is your preferred cause that you place more importance on above all others. Well, we here at ASEDeals are no different. If you have followed us over the past 16 years, you would know that over the past 10 years or so, we have latched on to Homes For Our Troops.

Homes For Our Troops is near and dear to our hearts because they construct specially adapted houses for disabled American veterans coming home from Afghanistan and Iraq. Plus, it is rated as a four star charity from Charity Navigator. They rate charities based on various factors, such as what percentage of their funding goes toward the actual cause vs how much goes toward administrative and marketing causes.

We always ask our customers, readers and followers on Facebook and Linkdin to consider this very worthy cause when deciding on where to donate some funds that they may have available for charitable purposes. Home For Our Troops just recently completed seven new houses this month (December, 2012).

Check out the veterans they recently assisted below –

Earl Granville
Scott Township, PA

Michael Martinez
Purcellville, VA

Brian Schar
Elizabeth, CO 

Patrick Glavey
Brighton, CO

Paul Schaus
Noth Tonawanda, NY

Kenneth Harker
Evansville, IN

Justin McLoud
Festus, MO

Homes For Our Troops

Customer Wins Jump Starter In Drawing From ASEDeals

December 23rd, 2012

Check out this sweet ride on our BendPak XPR9 two post lift. This picture was send in to us by a customer.

The customer is Susan Ashborn from Bristol, CT. She purchased this lift from us recently and send in some photos to us to show off her lift and her beautiful car. This is what people do. They like to share images for their pet project cars along with one of our car lifts.

The XPR-9 two post lift is a floorplate style hoist. Every two post lift has equalizer cables as well as hydraulic lines that must run across from one column to the other. They need to place them in one of two locations, either along the floor, under a plate of steel, (hence the term “Floorplate”) or at the top. When they run at the top, they are called clear floor lifts.

Clear floor lifts typically stand  at about 12 feet tall, so you would need to have adequate ceiling height. If you don’t, you would need to get the floorplate model. The floor plate sysle lifts are made for shops with ceilings that are too low for the clear floor lifts. Most folks tend to prefer the clearfloor lifts provided they have enough ceiling height.  They prefer a clearfloor model because the floor plate acts like a speed bump. It make it difficult to roll items across the floor underneath the lift. Things like transmission jacks, tool carts, oil drains, etc. are difficult to get over the plate. It still can be done. The plate is only 1.5″ high in most cases, and it is ramped up on each end. But it is more difficult. Another key difference is that the clearfloor 2 post lift has a shut off bar at the top. The switch gets activated when the roof of the car hits it. Of course, a floor plate model does not have a shut off bar at the top, so the user must monitor the vehicle as it’s being raised to make sure it doesn’t go into the ceiling above.

After this brief two post lift tutorial, you hopefully have a better understanding of the two different styles. There are many other factors involved in choosing a twio post lift. You can find them in other past posts on this blog.


BendPak XPR9 Lift - Susan Ashborn

Pricing Increases Coming January 1st

December 16th, 2012

It’s that time of year. Yes, the Holidays bring on all kinds of sales as consumers are searching for bargains. That’s what they’ve been conditioned to do each year. Many shoppers simply refuse to purchase anything unless it is discounted 20 to 50 percent.

Well, the clothing industry may operate on 40 % margins, but we can assure you that the automotive equipment industry does not. Our margins are much slimmer. If any company is able to discount their products by 40 percent at any given time, then that means they were over charging you in the first place. Who wants to deal with a company that regularly overcharges you by 30 percent?

 Our prices are normally already steeply discounted, and our average margins are at about 10 %. That doesn’t mean we don’t offer discounts and sales. Each month, we have new promotions that offer discounts well below our normal pricing. These sales are meant to draw in new customers who have never purchased from us before. Once you have purchased from us, we find that you’ll keep coming back. This is because we offer some top level customer service, along with knowledge of the products and industry. Plus, we’re not going to try to up-sell you. We are going to fit you with the product that is right for your application, even if it costs less.

automotive equipment sale

But the main point of this post is to remind you, (or perhaps warn you) that some of our prices will be going up soon. Come January 1st, many manufacturers we carry increase their prices. This is typical of many manufacturers. This is typically the time of year when they adjust their prices due to market conditions. The increases won’t be major. And they won’t be across the board. But there will be some minor increases. Some sales are also set to end at that time as well, particularly on some auto lifts and tire changers.

So if you’ve been dawdling, now is the time to get going. There are only a couple of weeks remaining. Don’t miss out.

Year End Sale

Speed Week In Nassau Bahamas Was A Blast

December 8th, 2012

We had the opportunity to attend the Annual Speed Week in the Bahamas last week. This is a very popular race with classic cars that were in vogue back in the Le Mans and Sebring days. It took place November 24 through December 2nd and it did not disappoint.  These classic cars looked very cool racing through the streets of the capital in Nassau, New Providence.

To qualify to race, the automobiles had to be classic road cars from 1954 to 1980 and had to be in good, race-worthy condition. Vehicles included Astin Martins, Ferraris, Jaguars, Maserati and even a DeLorean. Participants came in from all over the globe, but particularly USA, England, and some local autos as well. Former guests from 2011 included Sir Stirling Moss and Sir Sean Connery.

It was extremely fun watching these glamorous vehicles racing down the narrow, winding streets of beautiful Nassau, Bahamas. If you get the opportunity to attend next year, you are certain to enjoy the hospitality and tropical scenery that makes the Bahamas so popular for travelers.

Speed Week Bahamas