Announces New Ranger Oil Filter Crusher

April 12th, 2010 new product announcement.

Ranger RP20FC Oil Filter Crusher

Check out the great features on this model;

It applies 10 tons of pressure to crush cans to 20% of their original size. Chamber is 8″ wide and 11″ tall, so it can handle some pretty good size oil filters.¬† Even the popular 8″ tall filters for Cummins and Power
stroke diesel-powered vehicles fold beneath the massive power of this crusher. Plus it removes 95% of the waste oil. An integrated collection chamber and collector downspout makes oil recovery a cinch. At the dramatically reduced size, cans and oil filters are much cheaper to dispose of, so the Ranger RP-20FC is good for the environment AND your wallet.

There is also a handy stand available as an optional accessory.

You can view this model on our web site along with a video shown below that will better show you all the working details.

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