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New Customer Car Lift Pictures And New Winner

February 11th, 2013

Check out these pics below. Any gearhead would appreciate viewing these pictures. The first image is of our Dannmar D7 four post lift. This customer purchased 5 of these lifts from us.  As you can see, it is being used to store one car over another. That is a typical use for this lift. It is extremely popular with our home hobby customers, or anybody looking to free up some valuable garage floor space. But it’s not just a storage lift. It is also a great service lift.  We love any pictures we get with racing cars.

The picture below that is the same customer showing off his BendPak HDSO-14LSX open front, four post alignment lift. This customer has a thriving commercial auto shop and one of the many lifts they purchased from us is this beauty. They also purchased a BendPak two post lift, along with another Bend Pak four post lift.  What makes this HDSO-14LSX alignment lift so special? It is a full featured alignment lift by one of the premier lift manufacturers in the business. It offers great features like an open front, meaning there is no cross member, so when the technician wants to get in between the runways to perform work, he won’t need to duck to get there. This means no bumps on the head, as well as a speedier job. We all know this formula – Time = Money.

This customer won a car battery jump starter by Booster Pac just for simply submitting his photos. You can too. We run a drawing of all the photos submitted. All you need to do is email the pictures along with your order number, and perhaps a few comments if you like. You need to have purchased the lift within the last year. You will get one entry per each lift. There is no other criteria. It’s that simple.

Here’s what Leonard Vahsholtz said to us when he submitted his pictures –

“We have Purchased many lifts from ASE, and have been extremely satisfied not only with the quality of the
lifts, but also with the service. On top of that, I know I will always get the best deal”.  

                                                                                        Leonard Vahsholtz
                                                                                     Vahsholtz Automotive
                                                                                     Woodland Park, CO

Dannmar D7 Four Post Lift - Vahsholtz Automotive


BendPak HDS-14LSX Alignment Lift - Vahsholtz Automotive



Customer Car Lift Pictures Win Drawing

November 11th, 2012

Hey folks – Here we go again. We’ve got some really cool new pictures for you to take a gander at.  If you like classic cars, then these pictures are for you. We’re partial to the old Ford pickup ourselves. These pictures were submitted by a customer by the name of Stan Misraji out of Burbank, CA. He ordered a Bend Pak HD9STX four post lift. This model is a 9,000 lb. capacity auto lift that features an extra 1 foot of lifting height, along with an extra 2 feet of runway length. These dimensions can be important when you want to park a taller vehicle underneath, as show in the image with the Ford truck underneath. It can also be important for you if you need to park a longer vehicle up top. He won a Clore Automotive JNC4000 Jump N Carry jump starter just for simply submitting these pictures to us. Not a bad deal for him. And not a bad deal for you. We will have another drawing next month. We choose a winner randomly from among the many customers who submit images of their recently purchased car lifts. That’s all you have to do. Purchase a lift, send us a picture or two, along with your order number, and then wait to see if you win.

Here’s what Stan Misraji said –
ASEDeals –
“You were very helpful and made the experience easy. I was greatly impressed with the lift, delivery time as well as  the installation. Your installers were extremely professional and accomplished the installation in a fast time frame.  Thank you again.”

Stan Misraje garage Lift

Stan Misraje HD9STX Four Post Lift

New Customer Bend-Pak Four Post Lift Picture

September 1st, 2012

We love receiving pictures from our customers. No, not pictures of themselves or their dogs or cats or pet birds. Although we did receive a picture of a customer’s dog once. What we really like to receive is pictures of their garage after they’ve installed their new car lifts.

This latest picture was submitted by Kevin Moak from Potomac, MD. He purchased a BendPak HD9 Four Post Lift. He also purchased the optional RJ45 rolling jacks, which are a great addition for servicing your car. They allow you raise the vehicle by the frame while it is on the lift, so you can gain access to the wheels for brake work, and tire rotations. So you see, these lifts are not only great for storing cars, they’re also great for servicing them as well! He also purchased the optional Aluminum approach ramps. These are an upgrade from the steel ramps. They are about half the weight of the steel ramps, so they are much easier to remove and re-mount.

So after you purchase your new car lift and you’ve installed it into your garage, go ahead and email us over a picture or two. And while you’re at it, go ahead and include a few words about it. We appreciate the feedback, and you’ll enjoy the bragging rights.

BendPak Four Post Lift - Kevin Moak

Winner Announced For December Contest

December 17th, 2011

A winner has been announced for our drawing for the December jump starter contest.
The winner is Steve Smith out of Manchester, MD. He purchased a BendPak HD-7P four post lift. This is a specially engineered lift. It is designed to provide extra lifting height, but not the extra length that typically comes along with it. Normal four post lift engineering requires an extra two feet of runway length for every one foot of lifting height. Sometimes customers want the extra lifting height, but not the extra length that comes with it. That’s where the HD7P lift comes in. It has become a popular recent addition to the BendPak line-up of 4 post lifts.
BendPak isn’t the kind of company that rests on their laurels. That would be easy to do, given their position in the market and their wide variety of car lifts. They are always on the front line creating new, innovative and highly useful products.
Steve said, “I have attached a picture of the lift with one of my cars on it. I am sure I will love it!! I am sure that I will do more business with you.    Thanks again for all of your help”.
Check out his very cool picture below. Very nice garage Steve.

BendPak HD7P Four Post Lift - Steve Smith

Winner Announced For October Jump Starter Contest

October 23rd, 2011

We told you in a previous post about am on-going contest we are having each month. Basically, we will give away a free prize to customers who have purchased a lift and submitted a picture or two of that lift. This month, the prize is a BoosterPac ES5000  jump starter. This is one of our most popular products, valued at $159. This unit offers a powerful 1700 peak amps and is a handy, durable and reliable unit that has been getting the job done for our loyal customers for over 15 years.
The winner is Scott Gouza out of Fredonia, WI, who submitted some really cool pics of his BendPak Four Post Lift. He purchased the HD9XW lift to store his vehicles in his garage.

“Thanks for the great service. I have been planning on building a new garage/shop for the past 10+ years. This past spring it became reality. Needing a lift because of having 1967 Chevelle and 1996 Fatboy myself, didn’t justify it. But with my girlfriend owning the 1967 Cougar, 1991 Firebird convertible and 2005 Sportster it made it an easy decision. When I drew up the plans for the garage, it was based on fitting the HD9XW. The lift for us, will provide extra room for storage and the ease of working on our classics”.
Scott Gouza
                                Custom Tool & Engineering
                                Fredonia, WI

BendPak HD9XW Four Post Lift

New Customer Tuxedo Four Post Lift Pictures

October 9th, 2011

Our Tuxedo FP8K-DS four post lift is an terrific value for the home / hobbyist customer looking for a car lift for storing one vehicle over another or for servicing your cars. It has many features that are usually found on more expensive lifts like dual safeties. Not only do you get a mechanical safety that is common on most four post lifts, but you will also get a slack cable safety as well. Add to that the better laddered safety system, which allows you to adjust the locking height positions to allow you to level out the runways so that all four safety locks are even, and you’ll soon see that this lift is superior to the common four post lift. Take a look at what Ron Kelly from Browns Valley, California had to say about his recent purchase. –

“Here are some pictures of the lift installed and in use, constructed, moved and I’ve placed the lift in use.
It took me and my sons about 5 hours to construct.
I have wanted to have something that I can work on vehicles in a raised  position and store a project vehicle for years and this lift is great for  those uses. Thanks Again for all your help.”

Contact us today and we’ll fit you into a lift that’s right for you.

Workhorse FP8K Four Post Lift

Closeout Sale On BendPak Four Post Lifts

August 21st, 2011

The folks at BendPak never rest on their laurels. They are constantly improving their products. Always innovating. Always redesigning. Always coming out with new and better products.

So when they recently came out with the new HDS series of four post lift, we thought, how could they improve on their old HD models? They already had some of the best features like extra heavy duty 1/2 inch aircraft cables, direct pull hydraulic cylinders that work under a much lower pressure, and a single push button pnuenmatic safety release mechanism. So we thought, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

They didn’t reinvent the wheel here. Just a very smart improvement designed to increase the longevity of the lifts working parts.  So what new features are on the new BendPak four post lift? A modest little change that helps you save money over the life of the lift. They made the pulleys twice the diameter. Having these oversized pulleys means your cables will now last twice as long. It’s a smart idea that means less headaches for you in the long run. And as always, these lifts are ALI Certified, so you know it’s top quality and meets all the minimum safety standards.

Now here is where the savings come in – We still have a few of the old HD series lifts available. And you can get in on one of these at a substantial discount. For a limited time, you can get the HD-14 lift for only $3136 and the extra long HD-14X for only $3696. As always, shipping is free. But don’t wait too long. There is a very limited supply and once these are gone, they’re gone.

BendPak four post lift

Choosing An Automotive Lift Just Got Easier

June 4th, 2011

The title of this post says it all. Choosing an Automotive Lift  just got easier. If you click on that link embedded in the previous phrase “Automotive Lift” you’ll find a captivating article about the facts to use to choose between a two post lift or a four post lift.

The article appears on the Squidoo network, which is a well known network of articles that are placed by all kinds of different authors about a myriad of different subject categories. The automotive lift article we placed there is appropriately placed in the Automotive category.

It goes into great detail about the many considerations required for making the proper choice on your lift. It is a must read for anybody on the market for an Automotive Lift.

Take a look at it, and give us your feedback.

Automotive Lift

New Customer Car Lift Pictures

March 25th, 2011

Here is yet another in a long line of happy ASE customers who felt compelled to share their experience with others by submitting some pictures of their new car lift along with a testimonial. You can’t blame them for wanting to show off a little. We all wish we could have a large garage with ample floor space and ceiling height to allow us to place a four post lift to store one vehicle over another. He purchased a BendPak HD9XW Four Post Lift. This is a 9,000 lb. capacity lift that is extra wide, extra high lifting and extra long, giving him the greatest versatility.
Here’s what he had to say –
“I recommended you to a few of my buddies – you should throw me a commission. Anyway started Saturday morning putting the lift together and by Saturday evening the lift was in operation. I pretty much did it myself and the help of an engine hoist. Everything fit together perfect with no problems. I mounted the power unit on the front of the post…. seems to be working just fine. It seemingly took longer to get the stuff at Home Depot to wire in my 230V outlet and dump 3 gallons of Dextron 3 into that tiny hole in the reservoir. I got a little touch up painting to do when the weather warms up a bit from some shipping scrapes but all in all a very pleasant experience. My buddies who were not around to help….. (go figure) really like to see me demonstrate the lift and drink my beer after all of the hard work was done… and of course I volunteered to help them if they buy. Thanks to you, I chose the right lift and It sure is heavy duty and appears to be a great value. Here are a couple pics”.
                                                Greg Gfeller     
                                                Post Falls, ID

HD9XW Four Post Lift

BendPak HD9 Four Post Lift – Motor Options

March 6th, 2011

This is probably the most common question when customers purchase our BendPak HD-9 Four Post Lift. Should I get a 220 Volt motor, or a 120 volt motor? What’s the difference?
Well, to begin with, the price is the same, so don’t worry about price. With price not being a consideration, the next factor to be concerned about is availability of power. What is currently available to you in your garage? If you have typical 120 volt AC household current available to you, then go with it. The 120 v option works just fine for the typical home / hobbyist garage.
If it won’t be a huge hassle or expense for you to run a new 220 volt circuit, or if you already have 220v available to you, then go with the 220v motor. First, it is more powerful. Expect it to raise about 20% quicker than the 120v option. Figure on about a 45 second lifting time for the 220v option, and about 55 seconds for the 120v option.
The 220v motor will also be more energy efficient, so if you are using it frequently, you will notice that you are saving electricity. But in a typical home / hobby application, you may only raise the car lift once or twice a week. In that situation, the savings in energy, or time is not a factor. In a commercial setting, where you are up and down, all day, every day, then go with the  220 volt option. You will save time, energy, and you would expect greater longevity out of the automotive lift. However, In a typical home hobby world, either motor should last you for decades, so don’t fret.
These motors on the HD9 BendPak Lifts are not the convertible type of motor, where you can just alter the wiring around inside and change the voltage, so you need to make your decision at the time you place your order.
Just give us a call with any questions.

BendPak Four Post Lift