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Huge Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale 2018

November 11th, 2018

This was our Sale for 2018. To view our 2019 Specials, CLICK HERE.


It’s our annual Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale!
You’ve been patiently waiting for this all year. This has become our biggest event every year. You can expect our best deals of the year on some of our most popular products.
And as always, there’s FREE SHIPPING on most orders.
Call us today to place your order. These deals are only here for a limited time (until Tuesday 11/27/18). Or while supplies last.
Just scroll down to view the amazing sale prices, orYou can view all of these special deals and more here.

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale



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Our first special is a killer deal you don’t want to miss out on.
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$100 Off Coupon



Blow-Out Special – MaxJax Two Post Lift – $1699
This is our lowest price ever! This unique lift is truly one of a kind. Nobody has anything like it. It’s perfect for the home / hobbyist who wants all the features of a two post lift, but doesn’t have adequate ceiling height, or wants a portable option.
While Supplies Last.

MaxJax Lift

Click Here to view the MaxJax car lift




The New MaxJax M-6 ALI Certified Lift – $2099
This is a new variation of the original and still popular MaxJax lift shown above. What’s the difference? – Well, the main differences are that this model is ALI certified, and boasts safety locks that automatically engage.
While supplies last.

MaxJax MX-6 car lift

MaxJax M-6 Lift

Click here to view Dannmar MX-6 auto Lift




Challenger SX-14 Open Front Scissor Alignment Lifts

This alignment lift features an open front, allowing the technician to walk directly in between the runways without having to first duck down to get under the front cross tube. This feature speeds up service times, but also might save you from getting a headache if you know what we mean. These are sold as a complete package, including rolling jacks, turnplates, slip plates and air line kit. Three different lengths to choose from.

Right now, Get $500 OFF!
Click here to view the three models





AFF Heavy Duty Shop Presses – On sale now, with free gift
The AFF  super duty ton shop press offers all the top features you would find on a premium shop press. These are serious presses for serious shop owners. They’ve got several different models to choose from, ranging from 50 Ton up to 100 Ton.  And not only are they on sale at the lowest prices of the year, but you’ll also  get a heavy duty steel hydraulic table / cart FREE with your purchase!

AFF heavy duty shop press



Tire Changer / Wheel Balancer Combos

Click here to view Tire changer / Wheel Balancer combo deals

We paired up our most popular tire changer and wheel balancing machines to give you some combo deals that are tough to beat. Choose from top brands such as Corghi, CEMB, Ranger,  and Dannmar.
Get them together now and save BIG!

Ranger R980XR tire changer DST2420 wheel balancer combo



Click here to view AFF 3180A Heavy truck transmission jack
This is one of our most popular products. This transmission jack is so heavy duty, we call it The Beast. It will handle almost any job you can throw at it. And now we’re selling it for only $1252, plus, were offering the optional 3181 adapter kit at Half price..

AFF transmission jack 3180




Click here to view AFF 202T floor jack
AFF is one our favorite manufacturers. And they make some of the finest hydraulic floor jacks on the planet. And the 202T is one of our most popular. It has a low saddle height and the jack frame stays at a low profile for more than half the length of the jack, so you can get under all those low ground clearance sports cars. it’s on sale now for only $300.

AFF 202T Floor Jack

You can view our video for this jack below –




Click here to view AFF 3700 Clutch Jack

This jack is a steal at the current sale price of only $706  there’s no reason not to jump at this offer.

AFF 3700 Clutch jack


CR-3000 Auto Twirler / Rotisserie

This car rotisserie has become an extremely popular item for body shop owners as well as car buffs who are in to restoring their own classic cars. And we’ve got it on sale now for only $999 with free shipping.
Check it out here 


CR-3000 auto rotisserie



Dannmar Two Post Lift Sale

Dannmar two post lifts are ALI Certified and are available in symmetric, asymmetric models. Plus, you can get them for less now than they’ve been all year! These are the most affordable ALI Certified lifts we are aware of.
PLus, now we’re also including an 8 gallon oil drain FREE!

  • D10ACX – $2499
  • D10CX – $2499

Dannmar two post Lifts

Click here to view Dannmar two post lifts

We recently set up popular You Tube personality Tommy Farrell from Tommy Fyeah Garage with one of our Dannmar two post lifts.
Check out our video for the Dannmar two post lifts below.





Hand-Held Car Battery Jump Starter Sale
Our prices are always super low here at But when we throw in free stuff, people really love it. Well that’s what we’re doing. For a limited time, purchase the hugely popular JNC1224 and JNC950 commercial quality jump starters, and get the handy ESA30 Memory Saver Cord FREE!
Plus, get a FREE ASEdeals tee shirt with your purchase.

This is a $39 Value!
This cord allows you to save vehicle presets and codes so you can disconnect the car’s battery to service it. Never lose your preset radio stations again!
These are the finest commercial quality battery booster packs on the market.

Jump N Carry hand held car battery jump starters



Check out the JNC770R car battery jump starter
This one has it all. It’s not just a car jump starter.
It’s got an LED task light, USB port, master on/off switch, extra long 68″ cables, and premium grade clamps that won’t let go.
Plus, it’s got the Clore Pro-Former battery technology. Plus it’s got the Clore Service For Life coupon. So you’ve got peace of mind that if it ever breaks down, they’ll fix it.

Jump N Carry 770R jump starter



And don’t forget to take a look at the popular Booster Pac line of automotive jump starting units.
These battery booster packs have been around for decades, and are the choice of professionals.
Right now, we’ve got amazing deals on the powerful ES6000 and the versatile ES1224.
Check out the Booster Pac jump starters here 

Booster Pac Jump starters

Check out our video for the Jump N Carry automotive battery booster packs below


Don’t Wait. These deals won’t last long.

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ASEdeals Attends 2017 SEMA Automotive Industry Show in Las Vegas

December 3rd, 2017

The 51st annual SEMA ( Specialty Equipment Market Association ) automotive trade show took place from November 1st thru November 4th  at the Las Vegas Convention Center and we were there to review all of the activities. If you’ve never attended it before, you’re missing a lot. Especially if you’re a car enthusiast, car collector, technician or related to the automotive industry in any way. Heck – if you just like looking at cool cars, this is the place to be every year. You simply will not find more equipment, cars and products on display, period.

Attendees measure in the hundreds of thousands every year and vendors and exhibitors number in the tens of thousands. There are many automotive industry celebrity appearances, along with events and shows for every age group, including battle of the builders, and drifting experiences. All the major auto manufacturers are there to show you the latest hot models coming down the pike, and if you’re an auto shop equipment vendor like us, there is a myriad of new product manufacturers for you to view, to provide you with new product ideas to offer.

Scroll down below to view some of the events and vendors we found to be interesting.

SEMA auto show Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Convention Center consists of numerous buildings of various sizes that can house hundreds of exhibitor booths in each. Plus, there is plenty of outside space where there were many events as well as seen below.

SEMA automotive trade show 2018

There were all kinds of sports and exotic cars if that’s what you like. More than you would find at any other automotive show nationwide.

SEMA Auto Show 2018 - sports and exotic cars

There were plenty of classic cars as well, if you like your autos a little older.

SEMA car show 2018 - Classic Cars

And there were even some unique vehicles, such as the hugely popular monster truck – Grave Digger.

SEMA Auto Show 2017 Grave Digger Monster Truck

This 1951 modified Rolls Royce that was at the Optima Battery booth appeared on Jay Leno’s Garage.

SEMA show 2017 - 1951 Rolls Royce

Barrett Jackson auto auction was there displaying numerous old muscle cars, including this classic Chevelle.

2017 SEMA show - Barrett Jackson Booth

The Wet Sounds booth features several pimped out autos, including this 1950 Cadillac named “Nightmare”.

SEMA Auto Show 2017 - Wet Sounds Booth

We took the opportunity to say hi to some of the friendly people at the various display booths, including the Maxxis Wheels booth.

SEMA Automotive Show - Maxxis wheels booth

And of course, the main reason we were there was to preview some of our top manufacturer’s products. We carry dozens of different auto shop equipment manufacturers, and most of them were exhibiting at booths throughout the compound.  And don’t forget, you can find all of these products on our web site. Here are some below –

Tuxedo Distributors is one of our favorite manufacturers. We’ve been carrying their equipment for over 12 years. They manufacturer great equipment lines including LaunchTech USA lifts, iDeal Automotive Products and Tuxedo Products. Plus, they’re some of the finest people in the industry.
Check out this short video clip showing their popular iDeal MSC6K-LP portable single post car lift

Challenger Lifts is one of the premium names in garage lifts, so it should be no surprise that they would have one of the larger booths at the SEMA trade show in Las Vegas. They had many different lifts on display. We chose to highlight the LE10 two post lift, which is their mid-grade model. And just check out the new turf equipment arm option. If you want to raise tractors,  ATV’s and other non-traditional vehicles, this optional attachment is a must have for you. Of course, the LE10 is ALI Certified, and boasts the Versymmetric feature, which allows you to position the auto symmetric or asymmetric. The best of both worlds!

Forward Lifts is another great lift manufacturer that is known throughout the world as a leader in quality. Yet they are surprisingly affordable. They offer 2 post and four post lifts, and most models are ALI Certified. Check out some of the two post models in our video below, including the I10 and F10 lifts.

CEMB USA is a major leader in wheel service equipment, including tire changers, wheel balancers and alignment machines. Most models are made proudly in Italy and are known for their premium features and capabilities. Check out the video below for one of their most popular CEMB tire changers, the model SM915.

Check this amazing product out. It’s the ESCO Mini Lift & Move. It offers features and capabilities you won’t find on any other car lift out there. It’s very cool. Plus, it’s manufactured in Europe, for ultimate quality and safety. It’s totally portable,has a 5,000 lb. capacity, is very quick and easy to use, and provides access to a strong majority of most automobiles.

Check out this sneak peak at a brand new 2 post portable lift by MAHA USA .  This thing is totally unique. There’s nothing else out there like it on the market. It’s made in Germany and they call it the Finkbeiner lift. It is rated at 6500 lb. capacity and is powered by 12 volts DC, and it includes a 110V AC battery charger. It was made for those auto shops where you can’t, or don’t want to install a permanently mounted car hoist, but you still want the complete under-car access that a two post lift offers. We will have this model up on our web site very soon, so stay tuned.

This next statement is not hype – This is the absolute finest tire changer on the market today – Period. We realize this is a bold statement. But we’re confident it’s true. The Corghi Artiglio Master Code is a leverless, and truly touchless tire changer. Got some really stubborn run-flat tires? No problem. What about those expensive alloy rims with the low profile tires? No problem.  Engineered and manufactured in Italy to the finest standards. Check it out below.

Check out the new line of welding helmets from SavePhace below. They have all kinds of different styles and features to choose from, and will add a dash of personality to your welding operations. View them on our web site here.

Save Phace Welding Helmets

The Bone automotive garage creepers and rolling work seats are extremely well made and unique and popular and you can view them on our web site here.

The Bone Creepers and work shop seats

The Hein Werner HW93852 and HW93642 are made in USA and are the premium brand of automotive hydraulic jacks on the market, and you can view them here.

Hein Werner Floor Jacks

The Pro-Lift line of Lawn Mower and utility lifts is perfect for folks who don’t want to get down on the ground to service their equipment. And you can view them on our web site here.

Pro-Lift lawnmower and utility lifts

All in all, it was another banner year at the 2017 SEMA automotive industry trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada. There were many great events and plenty of cool and unique products to view. We hope you enjoyed this post and maybe found a product or two that you are interested in. Remember, we sell, service and install nationwide.

Aluminum Frame Truck VS Steel Frame Auto

August 9th, 2015

Ford has made quite a stir recently with their new aluminum frame F150 pick-up truck. And why not? It’s an innovative idea that has origins in sound logic. Aluminum is much lighter than steel. It’s actually about half the weight of an equivalent quantity of steel. So if an automobile is manufactured with an aluminum frame, instead of steel, you should see much greater fuel efficiency. While the benefits to an aluminum frame vehicle are quite obvious, many people wonder what are the possible drawbacks.
One company interested in the drawbacks to an aluminum frame vehicle is General Motors. In fact, they recently introduced several commercials that are airing on-line and other locations that delve into the downside of aluminum vs their traditional steel frame Chevrolet Silverado trucks. GM’s argument is that while steel weighs more, it is more durable, tugged and reliable.
Their new commercials featuring former NFL great, and current broadcaster Howie Long points to a study that was conducted showing that when a low speed crash occurs, the time frame and costs involved are exponentially greater on the Ford aluminum body truck. GM hired an independent firm to perform the tests. GM says that repairs took 34 days longer and cost $1700 more because of the complexity of servicing aluminum frame vehicles vs steel.  Their argument is that because aluminum repairs require specialized tools and equipment, most auto body shops are not qualified to service aluminum body autos. This leaves you with only one option, the dealership. And then once you do get those repairs done, it is significantly more costly because of the expense of this specialized equipment, materials, along with the training required of the technician, as well as the complexity of these repairs. when you factor in that a typical contractor needs his truck fast, these extra 34 days could cost him much more than $1700 if he’s out of his valued truck for a month. They also mention that it could possibly increase the costs to insure these trucks, because of the higher repair costs.
This debate is sure to go on from here, as technicians from all over are weighing in on this matter. We also hear that GM is actually planning on coming out with an aluminum body truck as well, so if there are so many problems with it, why would they come out with one as well. Perhaps, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em? As the government mandates more strict fuel efficiency standards every year, there may be no choice at some point. Yet another example of well intentioned government regulations costing tax payers more dollars.
Another more humorous video shows GM unleashing a Grizzly bear in a room with people, and they have to choose which cage they want to escape to, a steel frame cage, or an aluminum cage. Guess which cage they chose?

Check out one of the videos below –

New Robocop Movie Has ASEDeals Connection

January 26th, 2014

We informed you right here in this Blog back in September of 2012 that ASE was chosen once again by the movie industry to supply products  to the set to help support their filming. In this case, we supplied a Hein Werner transmission jack to the set to aid them in servicing the vehicles that would take part in the film.

The Sony Pictures film is set to premier on February 12, 2014.  You may have already seen ads for it on TV. It stars Michael Keaton, Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman and Samuel L. Jackson. If it’s anything like the SciFi original, which was shot back in the 1980’s starring Peter Weller, it will be a great film.

You may remember we helped provide products and equipment to many major Hollywood films in the past, including –

Give us some feedback on the movie whether you like it or not. Just let us know how it is.


Robocop 2014

New ALI Auto Lift Certification Program

January 26th, 2013

Automotive big wigs gather every year for one of the biggest events in industry. Yes the SEMA show in Las Vegas. It takes place at the end of October into the first few days of November every year. On display are all kinds of cool new concept cars, automotive related products as well as informational booths.

One such informational feature was The Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) Lift inspector Certification program. This program aims to teach industry technicians and other professionals the points of inspecting automotive lifts. Auto lifts are required to be inspected at least once a year according to ANSI lift standards. This is the first program of it’s kind that addresses this need. Prior to this, there was no program to reference as a standard. Of course, there could be no better candidate to choose to run a program of this nature, since ALI is the authority on all things pertaining to vehicle lifts.

The program goes through critical aspects of lift inspection, including operational functions, maintenance, as well as repair. It will go over all types of features relating to lifts, like electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, structural and mechanical features.  There has been a lack of certified lift inspectors, so this could not have come at a better time. Most inspections have been performed by technicians who may not be qualified to assess the condition of the lift. This program assures that technicians will be qualified in the future to inspect any vehicle lift. ALI will also issue a directory which will list all of the certified technicians.

If you haven’t been inspecting your lifts on a frequent basis, now is the time to start. Check in with ALI to locate a qualified inspector near you.

ALI Logo

Are Electric Cars Too Quiet

January 20th, 2013

Have you ever heard an electric car driving down the street? Chances are you haven’t. And that’s the problem. They’re just too darn quiet. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has determined these vehicles to be too quiet, and therefore a hazard to pedestrians. The theory is, if you are walking down the street, and you step off of the sidewalk to cross the road, you won’t hear this thing coming, because they are so super quiet. While we agree these electric and hybrid vehicles are too quiet, we question why pedestrians can’t use their eyes before crossing the road.

The NHTSA wants these vehicles to meet minimum sound standards so that pedestrians can hear them approaching on them. Of particular concern is the visually impaired pedestrians. Many hybrids do utilize carbon burning fuel powered engines at least some of the time, but when they are running on electric only, the same concerns apply.

Lawmakers and regulators are mainly concerned about noise at low speeds. Their concern is for when the automobiles are traveling at low speeds, perhaps 20 MPH or less. The thought is that on busy city streets is where most pedestrian vs car accidents occur. You typically don’t see pedestrians get hit by autos on major highways. Plus, these vehicle begin to make sufficient noise at higher speeds.

If a pedestrian can sense the presence of an auto, they will be better able to detect, and avoid them. Just how these sounds would be produced, and what kind of sound has yet to be determined. But we suspect auto manufacturers will come up with some innovative ideas.

Personally, we would love to hear a car make the roar of a lion. That would be cool. How ’bout you? What kind of noise would you like to hear a car make?



Ethanol Requirements Are Harmful To Your Engine

January 5th, 2013

In an effort to go green, and to help ween American drivers off of middle east oil, Government regulators have required many areas of the country to supply 10 percent ethanol in fuel for several years now. In the early years, this caused problems in engines because they were not manufactured to withstand this fuel. Gaskets and seals could not hold up to the chemical characteristics of it. The treatment forms acids that corrodes rubber, plastics and some metals. Particularly in older vehicles and in small engines that are typically found on lawn mowers, motor boat engines, chain saws, generators and other home yard maintenance appliances. Manufactures of these engines have adapted their engines over the years to allow them to hold up better. Still, performance and reliability has suffered because of this fuel additive.

More recently, the feds in the EPA decided it was a good idea to increase the percent of Ethanol to gasoline mixture to 15%. Some argue this idea may seem wise to government bureaucrats, however it is not practical in the real world application. The EPA itself acknowledges that the fuel will be harmful to engines. Given this acknowledgement, it perplexes many in the industry that they would proceed with this mandate.

Many industry leaders including organisations such as SEMA and others are sponsoring efforts to halt this harmful requirement. They claim that not only are there economic side effects from this change, but there are negative environmental effects as well. Their hopes are that lawmakers will reconsider this new RFS (“Renewable Fuel Standard”). These critics argue that while these Biofuels may be a good idea in theory the marketplace dictates otherwise. This fuel would ruin millions of automobile and small engines. As it stands right now, the only requirement the EPA has come up with is to mandate labeling at the pumps indicating that this fuel will be harmful to many engines. We will keep you posted.


Gas Caddy


Please Help Build Homes For Our Troops

December 25th, 2012

Most people have a pet charity that they favor. You know, a charity that is your preferred cause that you place more importance on above all others. Well, we here at ASEDeals are no different. If you have followed us over the past 16 years, you would know that over the past 10 years or so, we have latched on to Homes For Our Troops.

Homes For Our Troops is near and dear to our hearts because they construct specially adapted houses for disabled American veterans coming home from Afghanistan and Iraq. Plus, it is rated as a four star charity from Charity Navigator. They rate charities based on various factors, such as what percentage of their funding goes toward the actual cause vs how much goes toward administrative and marketing causes.

We always ask our customers, readers and followers on Facebook and Linkdin to consider this very worthy cause when deciding on where to donate some funds that they may have available for charitable purposes. Home For Our Troops just recently completed seven new houses this month (December, 2012).

Check out the veterans they recently assisted below –

Earl Granville
Scott Township, PA

Michael Martinez
Purcellville, VA

Brian Schar
Elizabeth, CO 

Patrick Glavey
Brighton, CO

Paul Schaus
Noth Tonawanda, NY

Kenneth Harker
Evansville, IN

Justin McLoud
Festus, MO

Homes For Our Troops

Auto Makers Forced To Sell Cars that Lose Money

November 24th, 2012

Why would an auto maker manufacture a car that they know will never be profitable? Because the state of California is forcing them to. In an effort to have cleaner air and burn less fuel, California lawmakers have had laws in place that require car manufacturers to create vehicles that produce little or no emissions.  With prompting from global warming alarmists, these same lawmakers have passed recent legislation that will be even more strict come next year. Every automaker that wants to be able to sell vehicles in California must offer one of these types of autos. The current law in place allowed manufacturers to get by with just offering high mileage vehicles, such as hybrids. But the newly passed legislation goes a significant step further, by requiring them to offer electric vehicles with no emissions. It matters not to legislators that there is little demand for these types of cars. Manufacturers must offer them, or lose the right to sell cars to most populated state in the union. And auto makers don’t want to be shut out of a state that boasts 10% of overall car sales in the USA.

Chrysler has estimated that it’s brand new electric car will lose approximately $9000 on each one it sells. Sounds crazy? Basically, all gas powered car owners are subsidizing a government enforced vehicle for everyone else. Some argue that this is what happens when government buerocrats get involved in dictating what consumers should buy and what manufacturers can make. Capitalists and free market advocates argue that market forces should dictate what is bought and sold, not politicians. But when it comes to the state of California, it is anything but a capitalist market.



Massachusetts Right to Repair Bill Becomes Law

November 18th, 2012

 According to the  Massachusettes Right To Repair Coalition, the voters have spoken. And the result is – They overwhelmingly approve of the right to Repair law voted on by referendum on Question 1 on last Tuesday’s election.

The reason this historic legislation is so significant is that Massachusetts is the first state to pass such legislation. It effectively allows car owners to take their car anywhere for service. Prior to this, auto manufacturers were able to withhold important repair and diagnostic information vital to troubleshooting and repairing vehicle troubles. The law makes it illegal for manufacturers to withold this info. Previously, manufacturers only allowed their dealers to have access to this information.

Obviously, there is another beneficiary besides car owners, that is independent auto repair shops. For years, they have lobbied through their coalitions to gain access to this vital information. Our best guess is that this trend will snowball further on down through all the other states, and soon we will see this type of legislation becoming the law of the land throughout the USA. There are efforts underway currently on the national level, as new legislation has been introduced for consideration this next session.

Consumers will be happy because they can expect significant decrease in the costs for repairs, as well as the added convenience to be able to bring their vehicle to the nearest repair shop of their choice.

Auto Repair Shop