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New Easy Way Truck Tire Demount Tool

April 29th, 2012

Shops that service trucks  have used many various different methods over the years to dismount and mount tires to these big, heavy rims. But most options are still either difficult and cumbersome or very expensive.

Enter the Easy-Way truck tire demount tool. It was made specifically for dismounting these difficult tires. It has a truly innovative tool design that allows for a quick, painless, and as the name describes, easy way of dismounting these wheels.

Sure, you could purchase a big, expensive automatic truck tire changer. Heck, we carry several of those, and if you want to purchase one, we would be glad to sell one to you. But if you want to save a boat load of money, and still get the job done, you cannot go wrong with this handy little piece of equipment.

The best part is that it really work. Check out the video link below and see for yourself why it’s a no-brainer to get this tool.

New Ranger Tire Changer Model R30XLT

September 28th, 2011

Check out the new R30XLT tire changer by Ranger folks! It’s here and it’s now in stock and ready for shipping. This new tire machine has all kinds of cool features, but the thing we like best is it’s range. This machine can handle all the way from 10 inch rims all the way up to 33 inch rim diameter. That’s a pretty wide range. It has a power assist arm to help you change those fancy and expensive low profile wheels. It has a powerful 2 horse power motor. It has the new Ranger “NextGen” jet blast bead seating system with the large air storage tank so you’ll be able to seat the beads of pretty much any tire that can fit on this machine. And there’s so much more, such as the rugged forged steel foot pedals instead of those cheesy cast steel pedals you typically find on most machines out there. It has all of the quality you’ve come to expect from the Ranger name, along with the reasonable price you’ve come to expect. Now just what do you think you would have to pay for a tire changer packed with all these features? $5000? Maybe $4000? Forget about it. How ’bout only $2985 with free shipping? That’s right. Nowhere will you find such a great bargain as this. We cannot guarantee this price for long. Just give us a call for more details or visit our web site. You’ll be glad you did.

Ranger R30XLT tire changer

Selecting a Tire Changer Just Got Easier

June 12th, 2011

Too many customers call us in a confused state. They claim there are so many different types of tire changers and so many different manufacturers that it’s difficult for the typical technician to know what to get. Don’t worry. That’s why we’re here. Our job is to help you understand the variety of options available to you and to help you make sense of it all.

We’ve created a primer on all things tire changer. This article has appeared on one of the premier informational article web sites – Hub Pages. It explains all of the differences between the different types of tire machines available today and what factors to consider when making a purchase.

It’s a must-read for any technician or auto shop owner. Check it out by clicking on the link below and get back to us with any question.

Tire Changer

New Ranger Tire Changer Jet Blast System

May 23rd, 2011

The new Ranger Next Generation Tire Changers have many features you would find on a premium machine. We could tell you about the powerful two horsepower motor, significantly larger than most machines on the market today, which typically have a 1.5 HP motor. We could tell you about the forged steel foot pedals, which are less likely to break under rough shop use than the typical tire changer, which usually has cast steel foot pedals. We could tell you about the wide range that the machines have when it comes to rim diameter capabilities. There are so many reasons to purchase a Ranger Tire Changer now. But this post is not about those features. It’s about the powerful Jet Blast system that these tire machines have. The innovative design delivers a rapid blast of air where you need it, when you need it. You will be able to seat the bead of pretty much any wheel that fits on the tire changer. And it’s quick. Just pull the hose / nozzle assembly over to your wheel while it’s on the turntable, position the nozzle into the tire, and let the machine do the rest. It takes just seconds and gets the job done right the first time.
Check out the short video below and see just how simple it is. Then get back to us with any questions.

Ranger Tire Changer

Car Buyer Trends That Will Increase Your Profits

April 18th, 2011

The jokes about people deciding on which car to purchase based on how many cup holders it has aren’t that far off after all.
According to a recent study, these accessories factor in to the consumer’s decision making process more than you would realize. Recent research from Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) shows that options offered account for increasing sales at auto dealerships.
Some of the more popular accessories that are influencing consumers were sunroofs, high end sound systems (Now you know why the guy in front of you can’t hear you when you’re honking your horn) and Navigation systems (we need to know where we’re going).  Probably the  most popular is specialty tires and wheels. The craze is sweeping the nation. You’ve seen them out there. They seem to be everywhere. The huge, aggressive flashy rims with the skinny low profile tires are most popular in many urban areas. In many cases, the rims and tires you see on the streets are more expensive than the car itself! It’s all about making a statement we guess.
These accessories can help the auto shop owner increase his profits. All these specialty tires require a new fancy high performance Tire Changer and wheel balancer.
These trends are custom made for shop owners to raise revenues in an increasingly difficult business atmosphere. Garage owners who don’t take advantage of these situations when they arise are destined to fall behind the competition.

High Performance Tire Changer

Tire Mounting Concerns

April 16th, 2011

Many consumers may not be aware that there are three different types of tires; directional, symmetric and asymmetric. It is important that the technician changing the tires know the implications of each.
When a consumer brings their car into the local tire shop for a tire rotation, or for changing tires on a Tire Changer, the technician must frequently pay careful attention to which tire goes where. They can no longer assume that they can just mount any tire anywhere on the automobile.
While some tires, like symmetric can be mounted anywhere on the vehicle, others cannot. If mounted wrong, it could have a serious impact not only on drivability, but safety as well.
Directional wheels can be mounted on the same side of the vehicle, but would have to be dismounted and re-mounted to the rims to assure they are pointed in the proper rotational direction in the event you were to change the side of the vehicle they are installed on. Directional tires can be asymmetric as well.
When it comes to asymmetric tires, you must keep one wall on the outside, since the inner half of the tread is not the same as the outer half. Technicians must pay attention to which side stays on the outside as there are indicators on the tire for rotation direction, as well as instructions on which side should be on the outside and which should be inside.
Some asymmetric tires can be directional as well, meaning that they must rotate in the proper designated direction.
The next time you go into to the shop to rotate your tires, you make want to take a closer look when you leave, to make sure that they were mounted properly.

Tire Changer

Auto Shop Equipment Essentials Wish List – Part 2

March 28th, 2011

Part 2

This post continues the theme of auto shop essentials. Part 1 went over the many different types of car lifts available on the market today. Here are some more pieces of garage equipment that are vital to any auto shop –

Tire Changers and Wheel Balancers –
If you want to be able to change tires, you’re going to need these pieces. There’s lots of money to be made in changing tires. Especially with the growing popularity of the low profile and high performance tires. Many auto shops don’t have the capability of handling these kinds of wheels, and that means more profits for those shops that do. And these are customers who are willing to spend their money. The main concern with a tire changer is you want to get a machine that will not damage the expensive alloy wheels. If you want to handle expensive low profile wheels and high performance tires, you need a mounting helper arm, or you’ll end up spending that extra money on replacing your customers rims that you damaged.
Get a good reliable Tire Changer with a mounting helper arm for low profile tires and pair it up with an accurate  dependable wheel balancer. Accuracy is paramount when it comes to a wheel balancer. You don’t have to get one with all the bells and whistles, but make sure to get one that is accurate and reliable.

Ranger Tire Changer

Floor Jacks –
Every shop needs a Floor Jack. There are going to be times when your lift is being utilized for another job, and you need to raise a vehicle to service it. Or you have a disabled vehicle out in the lot and you can’t bring it in to your lift. Or maybe your car lift is being serviced or is down. Tips on obtaining the proper jack would include making sure the jack has sufficient capacity to fit a wide variety of automobiles. A 3 ton capacity jack is usually adequate for most vehicles. If you need to lift a full size pick up, you don’t want a light duty jack made for sports cars. By the same token, if you are servicing sports cars exclusively, you better have a low profile floor jack. One that can reach under a low profile sports car. Make sure your jack is able to raise the vehicle high enough as well. Some customers get a jack that only raises 19 inches and are disappointed to find out that a truck they need to lift must be raised 21 inches in order to get high enough to get the wheels off the ground. Also, make sure it is a commercial quality jack that is rebuild-able. If you can’t get new seals for a leaky hydraulic cylinder, it’s just a throw – away. Unfortunately, more and more jacks these days are throw-aways.

Ranger Floor Jack

Sale On ESCO Cyclone Tubeless Tire Bead Seater

March 13th, 2011

After you have finished changing a tire on your Tire Machine, you sometimes may find that the jet blast system on the tire changer cannot seat the bead of the tire on the rim. There’s just not enough air.
That’s where the ESCO Cyclone tubeless tire bead seater comes in. It supplements the existing jet blast delivery system on your tire changer.
It’s a common complaint among wheel service technicians when it comes to particularly large wheels. The jet blast just doesn’t supply enough air for the tire to inflate rapidly enough to seat the bead.
When this occurs, you need a supplemental air tank that has an effective jet blast delivery system that will shoot a large and rapid blast of air into those hard to inflate tires. The ESCO Cyclone tire bead seater is the perfect addition to any tire shop. It is balanced perfectly, lightweight and easy to handle. It has a 5 gallon ASME tank and a gauge that’s easy to read. It’s nozzle is designed perfectly to deliver the maximum amount of air, where you want it, when you need it. The specially designed butterfly valve opens up faster than a traditional ball valve.
Now there’s no tire that’s too tough for your shop.

Cyclone Tire Bead Seater

Tire Changer Selection Is Vital – Part 2

February 10th, 2011

If you have a high volume tire shop, then you may be a candidate for a high end touch-less Tire Machine. These make your technician’s life a breeze. Many even feature a a wheel lift built in so your tech doesn’t need to lift the wheel onto the turntable. These machines are essential for PAX and Run Flat tires. If your technicians don’t have to lift heavy wheels all day, this could pay dividends in the way of reduced injuries and workers comp. claims.
Features that some techs may have a preference for would be tilt tower instead of the swing arm style tower. The swing arm swings to the side when you are placing the wheel onto the turntable, while the tilt tower tilts back out of the way allowing you greater room to place the larger rims onto the turntable. While this is a desired feature, there is a drawback to it. Because it tilts back, it requires you to pull it further away from the wall, meaning that you’ll need to dedicate more floor space for it. If your garage has limited floor space, this may be a feature you can do without.
Another choice is air electric, or air only. The trend is tilting strongly toward air / electric because an air only model limits your ability to reverse the turntable if it gets jammed during operation.
Jet blast delivery systems for seating the bead are also a reason for decisions. Many modern machines integrate the air jets into the jaws that clamp onto the rims on the turntable. We’ve seen a new trend recently that appears to be more reliable. It involves having the air tank feed a single large nozzle through a hose allowing the technician to deliver the air blast with more precision, assuring more of the air is delivered where you want it. The fully automatic Tire Changers have advanced features like joysticks to control functions, and CCD cameras to view operations underneath the wheel. We’ve sure come a long way!
These features may seem complex and they do scare away some shop owners who think they’re too difficult to master quickly, but we’ve found they aren’t that difficult to comprehend in a reasonable time frame. They always come with a detailed owner’s manual, phone support, and some even come with an instructional video.
There is a myriad of models and manufacturers to choose from. Factors to help you choose which manufacturer would center on price, warranty and service, along with parts availability. Some manufacturers have not been around as long and may prove to be difficult to obtain parts from five years from now. Another consideration is service. Does the warranty cover parts only, or labor as well?
This post gives you food for though if you are currently on the market for a new tire changer. Hopefully, it has shed some light on what features to look for when making your decision.

Tire Changers

Tire Changer Selection Is Vital – Part 1

February 9th, 2011

Almost every auto shop has a Tire Changer. There are many different types of tire changers with differing features. It can be as simple as a manual tire changer, or as complex as a high end full featured automatic touch-less tire changer. And there’s everything in between. Your choice will be determined by your budget and volume of tires that you are changing, along with the types of wheels that you typically encounter. Some auto shops may never see a low profile tire, while others may specialize in them. The number of tires you typically change in a week is vital information to determine which tire machine to get. You certainly aren’t going to get an expensive full featured model if you only change a few tires a week. It would take a decade to justify the expense.
Most garage owners will purchase a standard rim clamp tire changer. It gets the job done in an efficient  and effective way and does so at a reasonable price. The old center post tire machines were good in their day, but are not recommended for today’s modern wheels. If you don’t want to damage expensive alloy wheels, you had better get a rim clamp model. Very few manufacturers even make a center post model anymore, although there are a few holdouts, because there are still some old-timers out there that are reluctant to change.
The next decision is whether to get a model with a mounting helper arm. If you see low profile tires with any frequency whatsoever, it would be well worth it to get one of these models with this feature. If you don’t, and you damage one set of expensive alloy rims, you just lost more money than the mounting helper arm would have cost you. By the same token, why turn away the business? If you can bring in new business by handling jobs that other shops in your area cannot, you just brought in a new revenue stream that can be a gold mine. It seems every kid with a $200 pair of sneakers these days also has to have flashy expensive wheels with low profile tires. And some auto makers are also offering more options as well. These machines will have plastic duckheads and rim clamp covers to protect the expensive rims also.

Next Post – Part 2

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