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Thermadyne / Firepower Price Increase Coming June 1st

May 27th, 2012

Customers who have been following over the past 15 years know that we have been carrying Thermadyne and Thermal Dynamics products almost from the beginning. They manufacture some of the finest welders and plasma cutters the industry has ever seen.

They manufacture the Thermal Dynamics Plasma Cutters, which are reliable, durable, and packed with features that make them state of the art. Such as the inverter technology they utilize instead of transformers. This allows them to be smaller, more energy efficient, and run less hot, and have greater power.

Then, there’s the Thermal Arc Mig Welders. A great value with features that we would put up against any of the major name brands out there. They are priced affordably as well. You’ll get all of the features and quality of the top brand names, but a more pleasing price.

You only have a few days left to enjoy the current prices, because the manufacturer has a price increase scheduled for June 1st. So don’t wait. If you’ve been considering making a purchase of a top quality but affordable welder or plasma cutter, now is the time to jump.

Thermadyne welders and plasma cuttersThermal Dynamics Welders

Thermal Dynamics plasma cutters

Auto Shop Equipment Essentials – Part 7

April 26th, 2011

Welders and plasma cutters are vital for any auto body shop. You’ll need a good welder and plasma cutter from a quality manufacturer if you want to be able to handle all the jobs you’ll need to be able to handle. There are many fine manufacturers out there, We carry two of the biggest, Lincoln and Thermal Dynamics. You can’t go wrong with names like these.
So then it comes down to what type of welder to purchase. That will depend on the type of work you’re doing. For thicker material like frames, an affordable Arc Welder will get the job done just fine. It handles this type of work well, it is easy to master and can be quite affordable. For those more precise jobs where you need to handle thinner material, fine body work and such, you’ll want to use a Mig Welder. Mig welders are best for handling the thinner sheet metal jobs because they will cause less distortion, and you’ll get a cleaner weld. You have more control and precision giving you an end product that can be perfect once you’ve mastered the art.
Mig welding can be done with, or without shielding gas. If done with gas, you tend to get the finest results. When done without gas, you’ll need to get flux core welding wire, which provides the important ingredients to accomplish the proper weld. The end weld will be just as strong, but maybe not quite as pretty.

Lincoln Mig WWelder
We bundle Plasma Cutters in with welders because they go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you’re performing body work, and fabricating, you’ll need a Plasma Cutter. Sure, the Oxy / Acetylene torch is fine for frame cuts, but for the thinner material, and where precision is required, nothing beats a good plasma cutter.  Plasma cutters will provide you with the most perfect cuts, for when nothing else will suffice. We recommend a plasma cutter with an inverter instead of a transformer. The older transformer technology was fine in it’s day, but modern plasma cutters with state-of-the-art inverter technology offers better performance. It will run less hot, which means longer duty cycle, and greater longevity. It allows for a much smaller, lighter machine too, making it more portable.

Thermal Dynamics Plasma Cutter

Inverter vs Transformer Technology For Plasma Cutters

January 5th, 2011

Thermal Dynamics has a new line of plasma cutters that need to be seen to be believed.
You should know Thermal Dynamics for their welders and Plasma Cutters and other similar type equipment. They are also a well known industrial company who has been a recognized leader in the industry for decades. Their products are top of the line.
So when they came out with their new line of plasma cutters, utilizing the latest state-of-the-art inverter technology, we knew they hit a home run.
Why are the  Thermal Dynamics plasma cutters so special? Let’s put aside the rugged roll cage construction that will defend your plasma cutter from the worst abuse you can dish out.
And we won’t dwell on the Pilot arc drag torch system that will allow you to cut painted and rusted surfaces without surface preparation.
We won’t mention the stop start feature allows you to cut grates  or chain link without having to restart. And it has an auto pilot restart which will make your job much quicker.
Those are just side features compared to the main selling point. Inverter technology. No one feature carries more importance than inverter technology. What does having an inverter in your plasma cutter mean? Well, first it’s much smaller and lighter, meaning your plasma cutter will be significantly smaller and lighter. It will also run less hot. This means you could expect greater longevity out of it. You get a better duty cycle with longer running times. You would also be able to expect better quality cutting and significantly less distortion.
They have three different models to choose from for a wide range of cutting needs, from sheet metal all the way up to 1.5 inches.
Contact us today with any questions.

Thermal Dynamics Plasma Cutter

Lincoln Electric Is Sponsor For New American Chopper Show

September 5th, 2010

We have been carrying Lincoln Electric welders for many years now, and everybody who knows anything about welders knows that Lincoln is one of the premier names in the welding industry. They have top quality components, the best features, a huge selection of models, and many different types of welders, including Mig Welders, Arc Welders, Tig Welders and Plasma Cutters.

TLC’s new show, American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior, which stars Paul Teutul Jr. of Paul Jr. Designs, will feature Lincoln welders. Lincoln Electric issponsor and exclusive welding partner of the new custom chopper shop of Paul Jr. (formerly of Orange County Choppers). They will be stocking the 7200 square foot shop in Newburgh, NY with brand new top-of-the-line welding equipment.

Plus, Lincoln Electric just launched a new website dedicated to Paul Jr. Designs – The site will have weekly updates on the Lincoln/Paul Jr. Designs partnership, the new show and other related news.

Lincoln Mig Welder

Mig Welders by Lincoln Electric

May 18th, 2010

There is no disputing that a top name in the welding industry is Lincoln Electric. These guys are one of the premier names in the industry. They were actually founded in the 19th century. How many companies can claim that? And the beauty of it is that they still manufacture many items here in the USA. This is getting more and more scarce these days. They have state of the art manufacturing facilities and are one of the most reliable and innovative manufacturers that we carry. They also have service centers nationwide. A comforting thought to customers who have grown used to the unfortunate rise of the modern “throw-away” mentality of most companies today. You may also be interested to know that they even have some welding robots strategically placed in the new Iron Man 2 Movie.
While we don’t carry any welding robots, we do carry a wide variety of their Mig Welders. They have models ranging from small, lightweight 115 amp wire feed models for light duty work, all the way up to the heavy duty 255 amp model for thicker material. You can weld aluminum with the optional spool gun and with all the models packed with features, there’s virtually no job that you won’t be able to handle. We will cover more details in future posts about specific models and their features, so keep an eye out.

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