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Rochester Auto Museum – Classic Muscle Cars

August 11th, 2016

We recently had the opportunity to visit a true gem in upstate New York. The Rochester Auto Museum is located in downtown Rochester New York, and offers muscle car and classic car fans the ability to view some real classic American cars. We were fortunate enough to supply them with several of our BendPak HD-9XW 4 post car lifts for storage and for servicing their fine automobiles. The collection of vehicles is always changing, as they buy and sell cars frequently, but there is a common theme among all the autos in the collection – lots of one of a kind, or limited model muscle cars, with lots of Mopar autos sprinkled in.

We also had the great pleasure of meeting and becoming friends with Bob Bartosiewicz, the owner. He is an avid car collector, and has a passion for only the finest automobiles, concentrating mainly from the classic era of the late 60’s to early 1970’s. He was such a gracious and generous host, and took the time to inform us of all of the particulars about each vehicle. His passion comes through right away as he describes the features of all the great cars, and we were in awe of the collection. Let’s just say – He knows his stuff!

You can view Bob in our video that we shot from inside this incredible museum below –

Check out this old classic below. If it looks familiar, it should. It’s the red 1958 Plymouth Fury. One of only 12 that were used in the cult favorite Stephen King movie – Christine. This one was the actual Director’s car. So it is in pristine condition. That’s the owner Bob Bartosiewicz next to her.

1958 Plymouth Fury - Christine

1958 Plymouth Fury – The actual car from the movie Christine.

Another gem from this amazing collection is the 1971 convertible Plymouth Hemi Cuda dubbed Sno White. This is one of one, and is probably the most valuable automobile of the collection. He just purchased it earlier this year.

1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda Sno White

Convertible 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda Sno White

Below you can see several classic vehicles on car lifts. We supplied two BendPak HD-9XW four post lifts to the museum for them to use for both servicing their vehicles, as well as storing one car over another. No car collection like this would be complete without at least one of these vital pieces of shop equipment.

BendPak HD-9XW four post lift

BendPak HD-9XW four post lift

Below you can see a panoramic view of the garage. They have 3 beautiful SuperBirds with wings, numerous GTO’s and Cudas, Dodge Challengers and Chargers, Road Runners, Ford Mustangs and much more.

Rochester Auto Museum panoramic view

Rochester Auto Museum panoramic view

This collection must be seen to be believed. This museum is packed full with American muscle, perfect for anybody who appreciates bygone days of true passion for classic car design.

The Rochester Auto Museum is located at 140 East Main st. in Rochester, NY and we recommend you call them to schedule an appointment to visit. Phone number is 800-398-3029.

Update – 1/27/18 – The Rochester Auto Museum has moved. Check out our video that was shot at it’s original location on Rome St. back in 2016 below –

Barrett Jackson Auction at Mohegan Sun Arena – June 2016

July 3rd, 2016

The 2016 Barrett Jackson auction at Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, CT was a huge success. And our own ASE staff had an all access pass to this inaugural 3 day event. This was the first of at least 4 more auto auctions to come to the Mohegan Sun facilities, and based on the record crowds, there will surely be many more after that. It was a huge hit on TV, with record viewership on the Discovery and Velocity Channel.

Mohegan Sun Arena Prestaging Area

Backstage staging area at Barrett Jackson Auto Auction

Barrett Jackson dubs itself as the world’s greatest collector car auction, and is definitely one of the largest and most popular auto auctions in the industry. This event was a quick sellout, and boasted record attendance at over 90,000 patrons , which was more than any other event ever held at the Mohegan Sun facilities. There were also over 1,700 attendees bidding on automobiles, with a total purse of over 26 million for over 500 vehicles sold.

A nice by-product of this auction were the funds donated to charity, with over $600,000 going to various charitable causes. One of those cars was a Shelby GT-H prototype that went for $150,000, with the proceeds going toward the Carroll Shelby foundation.

If you’re in to classic cars,  exotic autos, or just unique vehicles, this was the place to be in the northeast from the 3 day range of June 23rd to 25th. Most any type of collectible car was there, from US made muscle cars , to European standards, and some amazing prototype and concept cars.

Some of the more notable sales were –

1970 Plymouth Hemi Superbird – $330,000

1969 Chevy Corvette – $624,000

1969 Ford Mustang Boss 439 Fastback $346,000

1969 Ferarri GT – $330,000

2005 Ford GT Custom Coupe – $253,000

1998 Lamborghini Diablo – $236,000

We were there for all the festivities and with our back stage passes, and we were able to obtain for you some exclusive footage that we are processing now. We are producing a video that will demonstrate the highlights, and show you some of the best footage on location from the VIP areas of the show.

But for now, we thought you would like to see some pictures from the show.

Stacy with Richard Rawlings

Our very own Stacy caught up with Richard Rawlings from Gas Monkey Garage backstage after he had just successfully auctioned off his 1989 Lamorghini Countach.


Brian Lockhart with Hemi Superbird

Owner of ASE, Brian Lockhart, with one of the more valuable cars at the show, the Plymouth Hemi Superbird.


Classic Car Prep Area at Barrett Jackson Mohegan Sun

Automobile prep area. This is where the cars were prepared before going on-stage.


Mohegan Sun Arena - Barrett Jackson Collector Car Auction

The Mohegan Sun Arena was sold out, and had a standing room only crowd.

UPDATE  – Check out our video of this event below –

Huge Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale 2015

November 25th, 2015

This post is for our 2015 Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale. To view our 2019 sale, click here.

We wanted to send out a huge Thank You and Merry Christmas to all our loyal repeat customers this holiday season. This is our annual Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale for all you holiday shoppers. You demanded it, so here it is. Most vendors actually wait until Black Friday for their sales and deals, but not us. We’re starting this sale effective immediately. The sale is good until the end of the month of November. Not all models are on sale, so when you click on the links below, look for the SALE in the upper right of any product box to see if it is on sale right now. And don’t forget, free shipping applies on most orders. Of course If you have any questions, email us, or give us a call.

This first offer is sure to be a hit. Get up to $200 Coupon with your purchase. Order any product, or combination of items that total $3000 and over, and get a $200 coupon toward a future purchase. Order $1500 to $2999, and get a $100 coupon toward a future purchase. If your order totals $1000 – $1499, get a $50 coupon. Order $600 – $999, get a $25 coupon. Order $300 – $599, get a $10 coupon. This offer not to be combined with any other offers or specials. Offer good until 11/30/15.

AFF Floor Jacks on sale now. Some of our most popular hydraulic floor jacks are on sale right now. Choose from 2 ton all the way up to 10 ton capacity. Some models include a set of free jack stands with your purchase.    As always, shipping is free.

AFF Floor Jacks

AFF Floor Jacks

AFF Aluminum Racing Jacks on sale now. The two most popular Models AFF aluminum jacks are true commercial quality jacks. You can definitely find cheaper aluminum jacks out there.  But these were made to last. Commercial grade billet aluminum construction with premium construction assures that this jack won’t fail you a few short months after the warranty. The two models that are on sale right now are model 208 and 210.

AFF Aluminum Jack

AFF Aluminum Jack

Ranger BL3500 QuickJack Car Lift. Only $840. The BL-3500 lift is a car enthusiast’s dream. It lifts 3500 pounds, It’s completely portable, and it is very quick and easy to use. Right now, it is $195 off it’s regular price. See why this quick and easy car lift is so popular with the home / hobby crowd. Don’t wait. It has NEVER been this low – ever! And Nobody’s got it for less.

Ranger Quick Jack Car Lift

Ranger Quick Jack Car Lift

ESCO Jack Stand Sale. Our ESCO jack stands are by far our most popular jack stands. They are the finest jack stands you will ever see. And we’ve got them lower than they’ve ever been right now. There are several varieties to choose from. Flat saddle, curved saddle, or get one with a flat AND the curved saddle included.

ESCO automotive jack stands

ESCO Jack Stands

The Auto Dolly by Merrick Machine Company. Made in USA. Durable 1/4 inch thick steel construction. Premium finish that won’t chip and peel off. Superior quality wheels with ball bearing casters. Plus, when you upgrade to the heavy duty caster option, they have ball bearings in the axle of the wheels, for the smoothest, easiest rolling wheel dolly on the market. Plus, they’ve never been cheaper than they are right now.

The Auto Dolly wheel dollies

The Auto Dolly

Free Impact Wrench with select AFF Air Jacks. AFF knows how to make professional quality air jacks that can hold up to years of abuse. Right now, we are offering a FREE heavy duty 1″ air impact wrench when you purchase any one of two different AFF air jack models. These models include the model 536, which has a 35 ton capacity, and the model 551, which has a 50 ton capacity. Or, get the Model 565E air jack, and get a FREE 3/4″ impact wrench. This is a killer deal!

AFF Truck Air Jacks

AFF Truck Air Jacks

Hand Held Car and Truck battery Jump starter sale. Our prices are always super low here at But when we throw in free stuff, people really love it. Well that’s what we’re doing. For a limited time, purchase the hugely popular JNC1224 and JNC950 commercial quality jump starters, and get the handy ESA30 Memory Saver Cord FREE! This is a $39 Value! This cord allows you to save vehicle presets and codes so you can disconnect the car’s battery to service it. Never lose your preset radio stations again!

Jump N Carry Car Battery Jump Starters

Jump N Carry Car Battery Jump Starters

AFF Heavy Truck Transmission Jack On Sale Now. On sale now at the Lowest price all year! The popular Extreme heavy duty truck transmission jack is on sale lower than it’s been in over a year at only $1093 with free shipping. This beast with handle almost any transmission out there with it’s robust 4400 lb capacity.

AFF 3180 Heavy Truck Transmission Jack

AFF 3180 Heavy Truck Transmission Jack

AFF 3700 Clutch Jack. The AFF 3700 Clutch jack is a versatile purpose-built jack. It’s not just for clutch work. Not if you get some of the many optional accessories that are available for it. There is an optional flywheel adapter, drive shaft adapter, differential adapter, and many more. One jack can handle it all! And it’s on sale right now for only $793 with free shipping.

AFF 3700 Clutch Jack

AFF 3700 Clutch Jack

Dannmar MaxJax 2 Post Car Lift only $2149, plus – free oil drain. This unique lift is truly one of a kind. Nobody has anything like it. It’s perfect for the home / hobbyist who wants all the features of a two post lift, but doesn’t have adequate ceiling height, or wants a portable option. And we’ve got it right now at the lowest price possible.

Dannmar MaxJax Two Post Car Hoist

Dannmar MaxJax Two Post Car Hoist

Dannmar Two Post Lift Sale. Dannmar 2 post lifts are true commercial quality lifts, and are ALI Certified. Right now, They are on sale lower than they have been all year. Also, we are offering a free set of the frame cradle pads with the purchase of any Dannmar 2 post lift. The frame pad kit normally sells for $140.

Dannmar two post lifts

Dannmar 2 Post Lifts

Dannmar 4 Post Lift Sale. Dannmar 4 post lifts are among a very select few lifts in the home / hobby market that are ALI Certified. Right now, we’re offering an additional $150 discount off our prices listed on our web site to monthly deals subscribers. But we don’t stop there. We are also throwing in an oil drain for free. The 8 gallon rolling oil drain is perfect for catching fluids that might otherwise splatter on your floor if you were using a less efficient method of catching them. You’ll have to call us to take advantage of the $150 discount.

Dannmar 4 Post lifts

Dannmar four post lifts

Select BendPak 2 Post Lifts On Sale at 18 month lows. Our BendPak 2 post lifts are some of the finest on the planet. And many models are on sale right now at some of the lowest prices in over 18 months. Models on sale including –

  • XPR-10A – $2860
  • XPR-10A-LP – $2895
  • XPR-10 – $2835
  • XPR-10-LP – $2870
BendPak 2 Post Lift

BendPak 2 Post Lift

BendPak HD9 and HD9XW Four Post Lifts On Sale Now. The sale isn’t limited to just 2 post lifts. Our BendPak 4 Post Lifts are also on sale right now. These are our most popular models for the Home Hobbyist customer, with safety features you won’t find on the typical lift. These prices also are the lowest they’ve been in 18 months.

Models on sale are –

  • HD-9 – $2795
  • HD-9XW – $2910
BendPak 4 Post Lift

BendPak 4 Post Lift

BendPak Open Front Alignment Lift Huge Blow Out Special. The open front alignment lift provides a bonus feature that the standard 4 post alignment lift does not. It eliminates the front cross member so you don’t have to duck every time you want to walk in between the runways. When you’re performing alignments, you have to frequently walk back and forth, and it can be a hassle to have to duck every time. Blow-Out sale Price is $6610.

BendPak HDSO-14LSX open front alignment lift

BendPak HDSO-14LSX Open Front Alignment Lift

Huge Ranger Tire Changer Sale. Ranger (a division of BendPak) is also having a blow-out sale on select models. For a limited time, you can get up to $175 off on some of their most popular models. Ranger tire changers are one of the best values on the market today. They pack them with all kinds of features and capabilities, but they don’t skimp on quality. All machines boast a powerful 2 HP motor, along with premium components made to last. Parts are always available, plus, the warranty includes on-site service for a year.

Sale Models include –
  • R76ATR – $3325
  • R980AT – $2820
  • R76LT – $1970
Ranger Tire Changers

Ranger Tire Changers

Don’t wait! Contact us now. These deals are only good until the end of November.

Aluminum Frame Truck VS Steel Frame Auto

August 9th, 2015

Ford has made quite a stir recently with their new aluminum frame F150 pick-up truck. And why not? It’s an innovative idea that has origins in sound logic. Aluminum is much lighter than steel. It’s actually about half the weight of an equivalent quantity of steel. So if an automobile is manufactured with an aluminum frame, instead of steel, you should see much greater fuel efficiency. While the benefits to an aluminum frame vehicle are quite obvious, many people wonder what are the possible drawbacks.
One company interested in the drawbacks to an aluminum frame vehicle is General Motors. In fact, they recently introduced several commercials that are airing on-line and other locations that delve into the downside of aluminum vs their traditional steel frame Chevrolet Silverado trucks. GM’s argument is that while steel weighs more, it is more durable, tugged and reliable.
Their new commercials featuring former NFL great, and current broadcaster Howie Long points to a study that was conducted showing that when a low speed crash occurs, the time frame and costs involved are exponentially greater on the Ford aluminum body truck. GM hired an independent firm to perform the tests. GM says that repairs took 34 days longer and cost $1700 more because of the complexity of servicing aluminum frame vehicles vs steel.  Their argument is that because aluminum repairs require specialized tools and equipment, most auto body shops are not qualified to service aluminum body autos. This leaves you with only one option, the dealership. And then once you do get those repairs done, it is significantly more costly because of the expense of this specialized equipment, materials, along with the training required of the technician, as well as the complexity of these repairs. when you factor in that a typical contractor needs his truck fast, these extra 34 days could cost him much more than $1700 if he’s out of his valued truck for a month. They also mention that it could possibly increase the costs to insure these trucks, because of the higher repair costs.
This debate is sure to go on from here, as technicians from all over are weighing in on this matter. We also hear that GM is actually planning on coming out with an aluminum body truck as well, so if there are so many problems with it, why would they come out with one as well. Perhaps, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em? As the government mandates more strict fuel efficiency standards every year, there may be no choice at some point. Yet another example of well intentioned government regulations costing tax payers more dollars.
Another more humorous video shows GM unleashing a Grizzly bear in a room with people, and they have to choose which cage they want to escape to, a steel frame cage, or an aluminum cage. Guess which cage they chose?

Check out one of the videos below –

Check Out Our Extreme Line of Tool Boxes

August 3rd, 2015

Brand New! We never stop searching for the best products from across the globe. Tool boxes, cabinets and chests are always a staple in any automotive garage. We already carry boxes from 3 premium brands, including Waterloo, SPG International, and Ranger. So when we were approached by the folks at Extreme Tools asking us to carry their tool boxes, we must admit, we didn’t feel a sense of urgency to get them up on our web site. But after doing further research on them, we found that they have a well deserved reputation for quality and durability. So it made perfect sense to add them to our already star-studded line-up.

If you’re not familiar with Extreme Tools tool boxes, you soon will be. They are growing by leaps and bounds in recent years. And why not? They have all the premium features you would find in a true professional quality tool cabinet, including a premium powder coated finish, ball bearing drawer slides, durable steel construction, and ball bearing caster wheels for smooth rolling across cluttered garage floors.

Extreme Tools Rolling Tool Box

Extreme Tools Rolling Tool Box – Pit box

We currently have only a few of their cabinets and tool chests on on web site, but will be adding more soon. The most popular boxes they manufacture are road boxes and pit box. The road boxes are true to the manufacturer’s name – made for extreme conditions. They will hold up to the constant daily abuse that a professional will dish out. And they won’t fail you. The pit box is a portable tool cabinet on wheels that offers an entirely mobile feature to one of the most rugged boxes on the market.

And of course, they offer the usual assortment of traditional auto shop tool boxes, both bottom and top boxes, made for the serious professional, who appreciates value, and quality. And sure, they’re also appropriate for the serious DIY customer who demands quality and reliability as well. The industrial quality models boast only the finest quality components, along with extreme load bearing capabilities, and a reliability factor that is second to none.

Extreme Tools Tool Boxes - Road Box

Extreme Tools Tool Boxes – Road Box

The high gloss powder coat finish will stand up to harsh automotive garage environments, and chemicals, and the beefy drawer capacities are 200 pounds per drawer on double glide drawers and 100 pounds per drawer on single glide drawers. Also featured are full width brushed aluminum drawer pulls. Available colors are traditional black and blue.

So check out our commercial quality tool boxes from Extreme tools now. Because you will be pleasantly surprised at the value they offer.

New Two Post Lift And Shop Equipment Customer In Bahamas

July 24th, 2015

Who wouldn’t want to have an automotive shop in the Bahamas? As long as there is air conditioning in the garage! We recently sold a laundry list of automotive shop  equipment to a customer in Nassau, in New Providence in the beautiful islands of the Bahamas.

This new customer purchased many different pieces of automotive equipment, including transmission jacks, bearing presses, car battery jump starters, floor jacks and many other items. Most notably, two pieces that any auto shop worth it’s salt could not do without – a couple of 2 post lifts and an air compressor.

Automotive Equipment - Automotechs Bahamas

Automotechs Parts and Service – Automotive Equipment and 2 Post Lifts

The two post lifts were an easy choice for the shop owner. They chose the BendPak XPR-10A automotive lift for it’s features, versatility, quality, and value. It is our most popular model. It offers a wide range of features, such as the ability to be set up at a wide, or a narrow configuration, and also has a rare ability to position the auto symmetrically, if it won’t balance out properly in an asymmetric setting.  Add the quality of construction, such as taller lift carriages, superior arm restraints, along with double diameter equalizer cable pulley sheaves, and you’ve got a premium car lift at a very reasonable price. All this, and it’s even certified by the highly respected Automotive Lift Institute.

You’re going to need an air compressor in any professional garage. and who better to supply your automotive shop air compressor than BelAire? These guys are the best at it, and that’s why we recommended the model 218V. This is a 5 HP compressor with an 80 gallon tank. It’s made in America while so many others aren’t. Plus, there is a 2 year warranty on every component. Along with that, they have over 350 service centers across the country.

The customer is a new auto shop that specializes in servicing European cars. European automobiles are very popular there. The shop is called Automotechs Parts & Service on Wulff Rd. The owner has a long and prosperous history of servicing the people of the Caribbean islands of the Bahamas. Here’s what the owner, Chris Lowe had to say about his experience with ASE Deals –

“I’ve known of Automotive Service Equipment for several years now as other places across Nassau have recommended you. When we needed to outfit our new shop, it was an easy decision as you offer most of what I needed and your reputation is outstanding. Everything arrived in a timely manner and at a reasonable price.”

Exciting Sale On Our Most Popular Auto Shop Equipment

December 7th, 2014
Just in time for Christmas! We’ve got some great deals on some of our most popular products. If you were looking for car lifts, motorcycle lifts, automotive jump starters, and other auto shop equipment, now is the time to act! But don’t wait. These deals are only good through December 30th.
And as always, there’s FREE SHIPPING! Don’t wait – Jump in Now!
Free Memory Saver Cord With Model JNC950 and JNC1224 Hand-Held Car Jump Starters!
Our prices are always super low here at But when we throw in free stuff, people really love it. Well that’s what we’re doing. For a limited time, purchase the hugely popular JNC1224 and JNC950 commercial quality jump starters, and get the handy ESA30 Memory Saver Cord FREE!
This is a $39 Value!
This cord allows you to save vehicle presets and codes so you can disconnect the car’s battery to service it. Never lose your radio stations again!
JNC1224 Battery Jump Satrter

ESA30 Memory Cord JNC1224 Battery Jump Starter

Purchase the ASEplatinum M-1000C Motorcycle Lift, and get the M-Jack Scissor Jack accessory FREE!
The M-1000C Motorcycle Lift by ASEplatinum is extremely popular. It has all of the typical features and accessories you’d expect from a premium Motorcycle / ATV lift. One of those popular accessories is the M-Jack scissor jack, so you can raise the bike by it’s frame while it is on the lift to allow you to get the wheels off the runway for free-wheel access. Until the end of December, purchase the M1000C, and get the scissor jack for FREE!
This is a $125 value.

 Workhorse M1000C Motorcycle Lift

Motorcycle Lift Scissor jack

Motorcycle Lift Scissor jack

The MaxJax 2 Post Lift – Incredible Low Price
This has to be our most popular lift of all. Normal price is $2299. Right now, the MaxJax is on sale at only $2185. This is one of the most versatile car lifts on the market. Check out our videos in the More Info section on our web site to see why it’s so popular.
This offer is good until the end of December.
Click Here To See Dannmar MaxJax Lift
 MaxJax Lift
Dannmar Cadet 6000XL Portable Scissor Lift
This portable mid rise lift by Dannmar is perfect for commercial auto shops and home / hobbyists as well. It’s strength is in it’s versatility. It’s just perfect for so many applications. It’s normal price is $1799. Right now it’s now on sale at only $1694 with free shipping.
 Automotive Scissor Lift
Free Frame Cradle Pad Kit With Any BendPak 2 Post Lift
Purchase any BendPak 2 Post Lift, and we’ll throw in a free set of frame cradle pad adapters. This is a $140 value! This handy accessory will help for those vehicles that have rounded or angled frame jacking points that will not rest securely on the typical flat contact pads. This offer cannot be combined with any other special deals.
 Frame Cradle Pads
 Hemmings Motor News 2 Post Lift
Free Drip Trays With BendPak HD-9 and HD-7 Four Post Lifts
Our BendPak HD-9 and HD-7 series 4 post lifts are not just our most popular 4 post lifts. They’re also our best. They’re not just for commercial auto shops. They are very popular with the home / hobby crowd as well. Not only can you service vehicles with them, you can also use these lifts to store one car over another to save on garage floor space. One of the most popular accessories with our customers when they want to store one auto over another is our drip trays. After all, you don’t want the occasional oil drip getting on the car below.
For a limited time, purchase any HD-9 or HD-7 four post lift, and get a set of drip trays FREE! This offer cannot be combined with any other special deals.
Four Post Lift Drip Trays

Four Post Lift Drip Trays

 BendPak 4 Post Car Lifts
 Only the finest automotive equipment on the market. But don’t wait! As stated earlier, these sale prices are only in effect until December 31st.

Huge Black Friday Car Lift And Automotive Equipment Sale!

November 26th, 2014

This post was for 2014. To view our 2019 Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale, Click Here


What if we told you that you can get some of our most popular car lifts and automotive equipment at some of the lowest prices we’ve seen all year? If you’ve been considering getting an automotive lift or other auto shop equipment, but were waiting for a better deal, now is the time to act. These are some of our most popular items. We’re going all out with our Black Friday Sale. But we don’t limit it to Friday. These deals are good from Thursday the 27th through Sunday the 30th.

And as always, there’s FREE SHIPPING! Don’t wait – Jump in Now!
Check out some of these great deals below –
Dannmar Commander 7000 and 7000X Four Post Lifts
This is one of our most popular car lifts for the home / hobby customer. Great for storage and for service, this is already the most affordable ALI certified 4 post lift on the market. But now, you can get it for less than any other time this year. They are currently 5% below their normal price. Visit our web site to see these incredible deals!
Click Here to View Dannmar 4 Post Lifts
 Dannmar Commander 7000 4 Post Lift
Dannmar Major D-12 Four Post Lift – 12,000 lb.
It’s a rugged 12,000 pound capacity commercial quality 4 post lift. And it’s price hasn’t been this low – ever!
Once again, until November 30th only, get this amazing deal of only $3295 for this premium quality hoist. You will not find a better deal anywhere.
 Dannmar Major D-12 Four Post Lift
The MaxJax 2 Post Lift – Incredible Low Price
This has to be our most popular lift of all. Right now, the MaxJax is on sale at only $1999. This model normally sells for $300 more. This is one of the most versatile car lifts on the market. Check out our videos in the More Info section on our web site to see why it’s so popular.
This offer is good until the end of November.
 Dannmar MaxJax 2 Post Lift
Dannmar Cadet 6000XL Portable Scissor Lift
This portable mid rise lift by Dannmar is perfect for commercial auto shops and home / hobbyists as well. And it’s now on sale lower than it’s ever been, at only $1541 with free shipping.
Click Here To View Dannmar Cadet 6000 Portable Mid Rise Lift
Dannmar Portable Scissor Lift
Free Frame Cradle Pad Kit With Any BendPak 2 Post Lift
 Purchase any BendPak 2 Post Lift, and we’ll throw in a free set of frame cradle pad adapters. This is a $140 value! This handy accessory will help for those vehicles that have rounded or angled frame jacking points that will not rest securely on the typical flat contact pads. This offer cannot be combined with any other special deals.
Click Here To View BendPak 2 Post Lifts
 2 Post Lift Frame Cradle Pad Adapter Kit
ESCO Flat Top Jack Stands – Our Most Popular Jack Stands
 If you’re not familiar with these hugely popular jack stands, they are simply the best on the market. The quality and workmanship is second to none. There are 3 different models to choose from. They have the traditional curved saddle, a flat top saddle, and you can even get a stand set up with both saddles, so you have the best of both worlds. While we always already have the lowest prices on these, we are now going to offer an additional 5% off until the end of the month.
Click Here To View Esco Jack Stands
 ESCO Automotive Jack Stands
 Easy-Way Truck Tire Demount Tool

 Any garage or truck fleet service shop needs this tool. It makes short work of removing truck tires from rims. This very useful tool is a must-have item. Check out the useful video on our web site and see how easy it works.

 While we always already have the lowest prices on these, we are now going to offer an additional 5% off until the end of the month.

Click Here To View Easy Way Truck Tire Demount Tool

 Easy Way Truck Tire Demount Tool
 Cyclone Jet Blast Tire Bead Seating Tool
This valuable tool is a great addition to any tire shop, or garage that offers tire service. This air storage tank offers a rapid blast of air to seat the bead on the most difficult thick walled tires. Manufactured by the best company in the industry. We are now offering an additional 5% off until the end of the month.
Click Here To View Cyclone Tire Bead Seating Tool
Cyclone Automotive and Truck Tire Bead Seating Air Tank
Remember – These deals on some of our most popular car lifts and  automotive equipment are only good for a limited time.
Shipping is free to most locations.
Please call us at 860-626-9633 with any questions. We look forward to helping you.

BendPak HD-9 Series Car Lifts – Affordable Quality

November 9th, 2014

If you’re a home / hobby consumer looking for a premium quality car lift, but want something affordable, you can’t go wrong with the BendPak HD-9 lifts. They were made with the home user in mind, but are built to the same exacting standards as the popular 14,000 lb. capacity models all the way up to their 40,000 lb. truck hoists. They provide all of the same convenience and safety features, as well as the same great warranty.

BendPak HD-9 Lift

We know there are many choices when it comes to four post lifts. There are many poor quality options, some good choices and then there are only a select few premium choices.  If you’re the type of individual that demands the best, but at a reasonable price, then Bend Pak is for you. What does BendPak offer that these other manufacturer’s don’t? When you research into the features and specifications of a BendPak HD-9 lift, you’ll see many of the same features that you would find on the typical moderate grade car hoist. But when you dig a little deeper, you’ll soon find a vast list of features that allow it to rise above the rest.

ALI Certified
The first thing you’ll notice is that the HD-9 series of 4 post lifts are ALI Certified. This is a very significant badge of honor. This certification is from an independent authority for automotive lift safety and quality requirements. Most lifts never achieve this prestigious award. And ALI is the only organized body that is recognized for it’s certification process. If an auto lift manufacturer tells you that their hoist is certified by someone other than ALI, move on. Simply put, nobody else has the clout of ALI.

Automotive Lift Institute

Ultimate Safety
Beyond that, you’ll find safety features that go well beyond the normal and typical features found on most models out there. For instance, the air solenoid safety release feature provides the most reliable method for disengagement of the safety mechanism. The typical mechanical safety release system found on most car enthusiast 4 post lifts are more prone to get stuck. If this were to happen on 1 column, there is a potential for the lift’s runways to become out-of-level, and if this happens while the user is not paying close attention, the lift would likely either collapse, of the vehicle could possibly slide down and fall off the rack.

Another great safety feature is the slack cable safety system. Every 4 post lift on the market has a locking safety system. This keeps the runways resting on the locking device instead of the hydraulic system. But few lifts, especially in the home market, offer a slack cable safety. This is typically found on only premium commercial grade lifts. This extra safety measure instantly and automatically engages if the cables break during the raising or lowering process while the runways are not resting on the safety locks.

BendPak 4 post lift slack cable safety

Convenience & Longevity
BendPak HD-9 lifts also offer a vast list of features designed to add longevity to the hoist and to make your life easier. One of those features is the laddered safety locking system. Have an un-level floor? Instead of using the common stepped safety system that most lifts utilize, BendPak lifts use this reliable safety system that can adjust to allow you to compensate for low or high points in your floor. This can also be considered yet another safety feature, because if your lift isn’t level, this can also be a safety hazard. Beyond that, BendPak has built their HD-9 series lifts with some innovative features that allow the components to last longer, allowing you to raise vehicles without trouble, and with little down-time. For instance, the increased the diameter of the cable pulleys / sheaves that all of the lifting cables run on. What’s the significance of this? Simply put, it extends the life of the cables by up to double the typical 4 post lift.

Wide Selection
There are 5 different models to choose from to meet nearly any consumer, or professional’s need. Click on the links below to view them –

You can view the floorplan / dimensional drawing here –

View Floorplan / Dimensional Drawing

By putting so much thought into the construction of such a fine product, you can get a better sense of what BendPak was trying to accomplish with these fine products. They offer all of the most popular accessories, including drip trays, caster kit, jack platform, rolling jacks and many others. They take no shortcuts, provide the highest level of safety, give it the highest quality powder coating process in the industry, and even offer one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. All this while offering a very competitive price. Now you see why we say – BendPak HD-9 car lifts – Affordable quality.

New Robocop Movie Has ASEDeals Connection

January 26th, 2014

We informed you right here in this Blog back in September of 2012 that ASE was chosen once again by the movie industry to supply products  to the set to help support their filming. In this case, we supplied a Hein Werner transmission jack to the set to aid them in servicing the vehicles that would take part in the film.

The Sony Pictures film is set to premier on February 12, 2014.  You may have already seen ads for it on TV. It stars Michael Keaton, Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman and Samuel L. Jackson. If it’s anything like the SciFi original, which was shot back in the 1980’s starring Peter Weller, it will be a great film.

You may remember we helped provide products and equipment to many major Hollywood films in the past, including –

Give us some feedback on the movie whether you like it or not. Just let us know how it is.


Robocop 2014