Ranger R980X Tire Changer

Ranger has a new tire changer. The R980X Tire Changer has all the great features that auto shop owners want, and even has a warranty that includes on-site service for one year, similar to many top-of-the-line tire changer manufacturers out there. But there is one major difference – Price.

Ranger hit the ball out of the park with this one. This is a stout, beefy unit that won’t flex when you’re changing a tire. It also comes with a powerful 2 HP motor. Take a look at some of the top names out there on the tire changing scene. You’ll find many 1.5 HP motors. Add to that a large air tank in the back that will seat the bead of good size tires that will be difficult to do with many models on the market right now.

It also has a wide range of capabilities too. It can handle all the way up to 24 inch rim diameter and all the way down to 10 inch rims. So you don’t have to worry about turning customers away. That’s a major pet peeve for many shop owner’s. The last think you want to do is turn customers away because you can’t handle their job.

Also available is the R980X-AT. Same machine as the R980X, but also has the mounting helper arm for low profile tires. So now you have two great reasons to check them out.

Ranger R980X Tire Changer

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