RTI Nitrogen Tire Filling Machine

November 18th, 2010

Why do we need to fill tires with nitrogen?
That’s the question we get all the time when people see this machine. As an auto shop owner, you need to know how to answer this question. That’s because filling automotive tires with nitrogen has become a true profit center.
More and more customers looking to improve mileage are opting for this service. And smart auto shop owners are jumping all over this. It just makes good business sense. If you offer a service such as this that is in high demand, while most of your competitors do not, you gain a competitive edge.
So how do you answer the question when your customers asks, “Why should I fill my tires with nitrogen”?
It’s simple –
1) Better tire pressure maintenance.
2) Improved safety.
3) Superior Handling
4) Longer tire life
5) Decreased wheel corrosion
You’ll obviously need to go into more detail to explain how all this can be accomplished just by inflating a tire with nitrogen instead of shop air. The answer has to do with the size of the nitrogen molecule as compared to standard air. Which means tire pressure is maintained much longer. About 3 times longer according to Michelin. Bridgestone says air inflated tires lost an average of 2.7 psi per month vs nitrogen tire filled tires which lose an average of 0.7 psi per month. Goodyear says 15% under-inflation equals 8% less tread mileage and a 2.5% lower fuel mileage.
That should get customer’s attention.
RTI has several different  Nitrogen Tire Filling Machines to get you started cashing in on this new profitable service.

RTI Nitrogen Tire Filling Machine

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  1. automatic filling machine writes:

    I haven’t heard people filling tires by using Nitrogen. In fact I see no differences if you fill tire with other kind of materials. I will try next time anyway.