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New Customer Car Lift Pictures And New Winner

February 11th, 2013

Check out these pics below. Any gearhead would appreciate viewing these pictures. The first image is of our Dannmar D7 four post lift. This customer purchased 5 of these lifts from us.  As you can see, it is being used to store one car over another. That is a typical use for this lift. It is extremely popular with our home hobby customers, or anybody looking to free up some valuable garage floor space. But it’s not just a storage lift. It is also a great service lift.  We love any pictures we get with racing cars.

The picture below that is the same customer showing off his BendPak HDSO-14LSX open front, four post alignment lift. This customer has a thriving commercial auto shop and one of the many lifts they purchased from us is this beauty. They also purchased a BendPak two post lift, along with another Bend Pak four post lift.  What makes this HDSO-14LSX alignment lift so special? It is a full featured alignment lift by one of the premier lift manufacturers in the business. It offers great features like an open front, meaning there is no cross member, so when the technician wants to get in between the runways to perform work, he won’t need to duck to get there. This means no bumps on the head, as well as a speedier job. We all know this formula – Time = Money.

This customer won a car battery jump starter by Booster Pac just for simply submitting his photos. You can too. We run a drawing of all the photos submitted. All you need to do is email the pictures along with your order number, and perhaps a few comments if you like. You need to have purchased the lift within the last year. You will get one entry per each lift. There is no other criteria. It’s that simple.

Here’s what Leonard Vahsholtz said to us when he submitted his pictures –

“We have Purchased many lifts from ASE, and have been extremely satisfied not only with the quality of the
lifts, but also with the service. On top of that, I know I will always get the best deal”.  

                                                                                        Leonard Vahsholtz
                                                                                     Vahsholtz Automotive
                                                                                     Woodland Park, CO

Dannmar D7 Four Post Lift - Vahsholtz Automotive


BendPak HDS-14LSX Alignment Lift - Vahsholtz Automotive



Closeout Sale On Our BendPak Scissor Alignment Rack

January 30th, 2012

Customers who are on the market for an alignment lift should take a look at our XR12AE Scissor Alignment Lift by BendPak. If you want more than just a typical four post alignment lift, then you should check out this great deal we’ve got going on right now.

The regular price for this lift is $11,920. The sale price is $10,528. That’s a $1392 discount. The reason for this discount? The XR12AE is being replaced by a new model lift, the XR12000A.  The new lift is similar to the old model, but has a few new cool features, like the fact that is it raises straight up as it scissors up, while the XR12AE lurches forward slightly as it raises. The new model has slightly longer runways as well, allowing you to align extended cab full size trucks.

But the XR12AE is still a great car lift, and at this close-out price, you can’t go wrong. But there is a limited supply of them. So don’t wait, because once they’re gone, they’re gone.

BendPak XR12AE Scissor Alignment Lift

Sneak Peak At Some New BendPak Lift Models

January 31st, 2011

Part 1 of a three part series.

We love it when manufacturers come out with new products. One manufacturer who probably comes out with more new products than any other manufacturer we carry is BendPak / Ranger. They are always on the cutting edge of innovation. Plus, they have one of the widest varieties of product lines that we’ve ever seen. They manufacture everything from Automotive Lifts and truck lifts under their BendPak line, to tire changers, floor jacks and spray wash cabinets under their Ranger Products line.
Here are some recently announced new products that are scheduled for release in April –

 The HD-9AE alignment lift.
This is a 9,000 lb. four-post lifting and alignment system. BendPak saw a demand out on the market for a 9,000 lb. alignment lift for those shops that specialize in smaller vehicles, and don’t want a large, full featured car and truck alignment lift. Where this comes in particularly handy is allowing you to drive up smaller, low profile cars that might bottom out on a full sized, 14,000 lb alignment lift. It is a full featured lift in a nice, compact package, which means it’s a great space saver for those garages that are tight on space. It also helps that it is less expensive than the full sized lift. This Car Lift is a great idea!

BendPak HD9E Alignment Lift

BendPak Scissor Alignment Lift

December 6th, 2010

If you’ve been shopping around for scissor alignment lifts lately, you may have gotten a sudden case of sticker shock. It doesn’t take long to see that the major lift manufacturers charge an arm and a leg for these things. You’ll be lucky to get away with paying only $20,000.
But don’t worry. There’s a big name automotive lift manufacturer out there that makes a Scissor Alignment Lift that is affordable, but maintains a high level of quality.
BendPak has been manufacturing automotive and truck lifts for over 40 years now, and we have been selling them for over 14 years. They are one of the top names in the lift business. So when they came out with their scissor alignment lift, we knew it was going to be a hit. They always manufacture state of the art products at a very reasonable price.
It’s got all the features of those so called “premium” brand lifts, but at a much more affordable price.
It saves space over the typical four post alignment lift. It has an open center so you can easily enter and egress from between the runways. It has the best pump in the industry and four precision engineered hydraulic cylinders for reliable function. It features a multi-position automatic leveling system. There are dual automatic safety locks. It has two turnplates up front, and full floating slip plates in the rear. It also has extra long, telescoping approach ramps so that you can drive lower profile cars on there without bottoming out.
Plus it’s got BendPak’s generous 1 year parts and labor warranty. Typically on most economy brands, you find they offer a 1 year parts only warranty.
Rolling jacks are sold separately.
This is a great alternative to those pricey brand name lifts out there, where you’re paying for a name. It’s also a significant step up from the economy brands out there, who leave you high and dry when it comes to reliability and warranty. Check it out and see what it’s all about today.

Scissor Alignment Lift

More Recent Customers

November 28th, 2010 enjoys a wide variety of customers and we have seen a customer base that comes from a myriad of different industries over the past 14 years. Whether it’s an Automotive Lift, tire changer, floor jack, air compressor or tool box, we’ve seen all kinds of different customers. From Schools and government agencies, including the military, to home / hobbyists and car collectors, and car dealerships and fortune 500 companies.

Here are some recent customers –

Louisa County Public Schools purchased a BendPak alignment lift.

Metropolitan Education District in San Jose, CA purchased a BendPak four post lift and a Viper AF3250 Coolant System Flusher.

The City of Holstein, IA fire department purchased an RTI exhaust vent system.

Continental Airlines purchased a BendPak PL6000 single post parking lift.

Boeing purchased a Ranger RJS-2TH tall jack stand.

The Town of Hempsted, NY Sanitation Dept. purchased a Ranger RTJ3000 transmission jack.

The Ohio Division of Watercraft purchased a Dannmar D7 Four Post Lift.

Grady Health System in Atlanta, GA purchased two BendPak RJ15 Rolling Jacks

Bradley Chevrolet in Parker, AZ purchased a Ranger RD20SE oil drain.

Stevens Creek Hyundai in Santa Clara, CA purchased a JNC660 jump starter.

Yuba Community College District in Marysville, CA purchased a Workhorse MSC-6K Portable Car Lift.

Ashland Community & Technical College purchased a Ranger CRT-380R Alignment Machine.

US Marine Corps. in Cherry Point, NC purchased an RTI NTF-15 Nitrogen Tire Filling Machine.

These are just a few of our more notable customers over the past 30 days. As you can see, there is a wide variety of customers.

RTI Nitrogen Tire Filling Machine

Have your Car Lift Professionally Installed

June 23rd, 2010

Customers who purchase their Car Lift from usually install their lift themselves. We estimate that nearly 85% of our customers will perform the assembly by themselves, or with the aid of a few friends. The instructions come with the lift along with the Owner’s Manual. There is also a tech support phone line if you have questions or run into a snag. They will spend as much time on the phone with you as necessary. All the mounting hardware comes with the lifts as well. They even come with shims if your floor isn’t level. You should have some technical background to attempt installation yourself.

If you’re not up for installing it yourself, don’t fret. We have a nationwide network of installers that are ready and capable to install it for you. These are professionals who have typically been in the business for years and know what they are doing.

These installers can also receive the lift for you if you do not have the ability to unload the lift at your location. So they can receive it, bring it out and install it for a fee.

Fees typically range from $450 to $700 for a 10,000 lb two post lift or a 9 to 14000 lb four post lift. Fees will vary, depending on various factors such as how far they have to travel, and what is expected of them. For instance, if the installer has to supply the hydraulic oil, you would expect to pay about $40 more than if you were to supply it.

Some lifts are more labor involved than others. For instance, an alignment lift has special considerations and it is recommended that you have it professionally installed.

Whether you install your automotive lift yourself, or have it installed by a pro, there’s no doubt that a lift is a rewarding piece of equipment to purchase.

Check out one of our customer’s home-made videos below for a better idea on what is involved on a typical four post lift installation.

Automotive Lift Manufacturer Choices – Numerous options

May 14th, 2010

There are a plethora of choices on the market these days when it comes to choosing an Automotive Lift. Two post lifts, four post lifts, scissor lifts, low rise lifts, mid rise lifts, pit lifts, mobile column lifts, alignment lifts and more.
This article is not going to touch on the different types of lifts. It is going to describe the three different manufacturers that we currently carry.

Top of the list is our BendPak Lifts. BendPak is one of the premier car lift manufacturers in the industry with over 40 years in the business. Most of their two post lifts and four post lifts are ALI Certified. ALI is the Automotive Lift Institute. They are the recognized authority on lift quality and safety standards.

BendPak Lifts are top-of-the-line all the way. They have the best features, the best warranty, the best quality components. Features such as dual safeties on their four post lifts and triple telescoping arms on most of their two post lifts are what set them apart from other manufacturers.
The BendPak warranty for their two post and four post lifts is five years on structure, one year on power unit and wear parts, and one year of on-site service. So if there is a warranty issue that can’t be resolved by phone, a technician

We also carry Dannmar two post lifts and four post lifts. We have been carrying them for about eight years now and are very pleased with the feedback on them. They hold up well over time and parts are readily available. The best way to describe the Dannmar Lifts would be to designate them a good quality mid-grade lift. Not top-of-the-line, not economy lift, but mid grade.

Next, we carry Tuxedo Lifts. These lifts are  also another good mid-grade manufacturer. Although they do have a couple of economy models for those customers who are on a budget, but want a good, reliable auto lift. They also even have one two post lift model that is ALI Certified. They have a wide selection of models, including 8 two post lifts, over a dozen four post lifts and even a scissor alignment lift.

While the quality may vary on these lifts, they all have one thing in common. They are all reliable, durable lifts by quality manufacturers and we have been carrying them all for over 7 years, which means they are not some fly-by-night outfit that will disappear the days after your purchase.

Automotive Lift

Alignment Lift Tutorial From

April 25th, 2010

Many customers new to offering alignment service have many questions about it. What are the features of various Alignment Lifts? What type of lift should I get? Should I get an open front alignment Rack? Should I get a four post, or scissor lift?

Many manufacturers will include turnplates in the purchase of an alignment lift. Some do not. Some will include rolling jacks as part of a package. Most will not.

BendPak offers several types of alignment hoists. They offer the traditional four post rack in several lengths and capacities. All the way from 14,000 lb to 35,000 lb lifts. They offer standard length and extra long models.  They also offer an open front model in  a 14,000 lb. capacity.

An open front alignment lift is desired by many shop owners who want to be able to walk easily between the runways without having to duck down under the front cross member to get in between the runways. It’s a convenient feature to have, but it will cost significantly more than a standard four post rack, because there is significant engineering involved to accomplish the task of removing that cross member.

They also offer a scissor alignment lift. These are very special lifts that are desired by shop owners that  want the open front feature, but don’t want to take up too much of their shop floor space. The scissor lift takes up significantly less floor space along with the open front feature. Again, because of the added features, a scissor lift will cost significantly more than a four post lift.

BendPak alignment lifts include the turnplates in front and the slip plates in the rear. What they do not include are the air bridge jacks. Those are sold separately. To perform alignments you need to raise the wheels off the runways, so two jacks would be desired.
The other thing required to perform alignments would be an alignment machine.  We’ll get into more detail about them in future posts.

Shop owners looking to get into the alignment business find that is an expensive initial investment, but that it pays for itself rather quickly.

BendPak Sissor Alignment Lift