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ASE Deals Visits 2016 SEMA Automotive Show in Las Vegas

January 22nd, 2017

The 50th annual SEMA ( Specialty Equipment Market Association ) trade show took place from November 1st thru November 4th  at the Las Vegas Convention Center and we were there to document the activities. Being the 50th show, there were many special events and shows as well as exhibitors to see, including the Battle of the Builders show, which showcased the talents and skills of some of the best builders in the country.

There were literally hundreds of thousands of attendees, and tens of thousands of buyers and exhibitors and quite a few industry celebrities as well. Attractions included product demonstrations,  informational seminars, sports cars, exotic cars, classic cars and concept vehicles on display, as well as a huge selection of booths with product vendors.

SEMA auto show Las Vegas 2016

SEMA auto show Las Vegas 2016

This automotive industry trade show is the absolute largest of it’s kind, and is virtually the who’s who of the automotive equipment and interests industry.

Naturally, there were plenty of cool cars and collector automobiles to look at –

and plenty of other attractions –

Gear Girls - SEMA Show Las Vegas 2016

Gear Girls – SEMA Show Las Vegas 2016

Of course, our favorite attractions to view when visiting were the automotive garage tool and equipment manufacturer booths. We got the opportunity to visit with some of our favorite and most popular equipment manufacturers, and some new manufacturers that we will be carrying as well. We also got a sneak peak at some interesting and exciting new products as well.

Check out the BelAire air compressors booth here –

And the folks from Industrial Gold air compressors here –

Both of these air compressor manufacturers we have been carrying for over 15 years. You can’t go wrong with either if you’re looking for a commercial quality air compressor for your auto shop garage. BelAire is the largest name in air compressors, and the are made in the USA. They have a 2 year warranty that covers every component, and they offer full on-site service if you do have any warranty issues anywhere in the USA.
Industrial Gold offers premium compressor features in the Platinum line of machines, including low oil monitor, vibration pads, mag starter and after-cooler, for the most dry air you can get without a refrigerated air drier. They have models ranging from 5 HP up to 30 HP. You can get reciprocating or the super quiet rotary screw models.

We also visited with ESCO automotive equipment. They manufacture some truly unique shop equipment, and are always innovating. They specialize in air jacks, floor jacks, jack stands and tire and wheel service equipment and tools.

We also had a little fun out at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. We got the opportunity to play with cars. Specifically with NASCAR cars. We got to test drive NASCAR cars at the Richard Petty Driving Experience School. We highly recommend you try it out if you’re ever in Vegas. It’s a blast.

And when you stay at the right hotels, you can even view some incredible cool cars right at the hotel check-in area. In this case, we stayed at the ARIA Hotel, where there was always a line of premium sports and exotic cars waiting outside –

All in all, it was another banner year for the automotive industry at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, and maybe just a little extra special for it’s 50th anniversary.
– Here’s to 50 more years!

Huge Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale

November 20th, 2016

This post was for 2016. – To view our 2017 sale, click here

It’s our annual Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale!
This has become our biggest event every year.  Customers can expect our best deals on some of our most popular products. And as always, there’s free shipping on most orders. Call us today to place your order. These deals are only here for a limited time (until Tuesday 11/29/16).



Blow-Out Special – MaxJax Two Post Lift – $1949
This unique lift is truly one of a kind. Nobody has anything like it. It’s perfect for the home / hobbyist who wants all the features of a two post lift, but doesn’t have adequate ceiling height, or wants a portable option.

MaxJax Lift

Click Here to view the MaxJax car lift 




The New MaxJacx MX-6 ALI Certified Lift – $2199
This is a new variation of the original and still popular MaxJax lift shown above. What’s the difference? – Well, the main differences are that this model is ALI certified, and boasts safety locks that automatically engage.

MaxJax MX-6 car lift

MaxJax MX-6 Lift

Click here to view Dannmar MX-6 auto Lift




AFF 536 Air Jack – Close-Out
Only $768. Regular Price $868.
Quantities are limited. When they’re gone, they’re gone. So don’t wait. Order today.

AFF 536 Air Jack

AFF 536 Air Jack

Click here to view AFF 536 Air Jack




Sale on our most popular jack stands by ESCO
Our ESCO jack stands are our most popular jack stands. They are the finest jack stands you will ever see. And we’ve got them lower than they’ve ever been right now. There are several varieties to choose from. Flat saddle, curved saddle, or get one with a flat AND the curved saddle included.

ESCO automotive jack stands

ESCO automotive jack stands

Click here to view ESCO jack stands




AFF 3900A Pallet Jack

Only $529. Regular Price $576.
Quantities are limited. When they’re gone, they’re gone. So don’t wait. Order today.




Dannmar Two Post Lift Sale

Dannmar two post lifts are ALI Certified and are available in symmetric, asymmetric models. Plus, you can get them for less now than they’ve been all year!

  • D10AC – $2499
  • D10ACX – $2319
  • D10CX – $2319
  • D-9 – $2499

Dannmar two post Lifts

Click here to view Dannmar two post lifts




Alignment Lifts

Huge sale on many alignment lift models. Models range from 9,000 lb. capacity all the way up to 35,000 lb. four post models, along with 12,000 lb. scissor alignment racks.




AFF 7688 Impact Wrench

Only $499. Regular Price $587.
Quantities are limited. When they’re gone, they’re gone. So don’t wait. Order today.

AFF 7688 Impact Wrench
Click here to view AFF 7688 Air Impact Wrench




Ranger QuickJack Car Lifts
Ranger QuickJack car lifts are our hottest item right now. They are the easiest, most efficient way to service a vehicle. And there are 3 sizes to choose from.

Ranger QuickJack Car Lifts

Click Here to view Ranger Quick Jack Car Lifts




AFF Floor Jack Sale
Some of our most popular hydraulic floor jacks are on sale right now. Choose from 2 ton all the way up to 10 ton. Some models even include a free pair of jack stands.

AFF Floor Jacks

Click Here to view AFF floor jacks




Lincoln Mig Welders

Lincoln is the best name in the business when it comes to welders. And our Lincoln Mig welders are on sale now at the lowest prices all year. Many different models to choose from. Choose from 70 amp up to 250 amp models.


Lincoln Mig Welders

Click Here to view Lincoln Mig Welders




Heavy Duty Truck Transmission Jack – Only $1093

On sale now at the Lowest price all year! The popular Extreme heavy duty model 3180 truck transmission jack by AFF is on sale lower than it’s been in over a year at only $1093 with free shipping. This beast with handle almost any transmission out there with it’s robust 4400 lb capacity.

AFF 3180 Heavy Truck Transmission Jack

Click Here to view 3180 Truck Transmission Jack




BendPak Four Post Lift Models On Sale Now

Some select models of our BendPak 4 Post Lifts are also on sale right now. These are popular models for the Home Hobbyist customer, with safety features you won’t find on the typical lift.

Models on sale are –

  • HD-9 – $2895
  • HD-9XW – $3035
  • HD-9ST – 2850
  • HD-9STX – 2985
  • HD-7W – $3195
  • HD-7P – $3095

BendPak HD-9 Four Post Garage Lift

Click Here to view our BendPak four post lifts




Dannmar Four Post Lifts – Lowest Prices This Year

Dannmar D-7 Series four post lifts are ALI Certified. Great for parking / storing one automobile over another, or for service and repair as well.  Dannmar D12 lifts are available in alignment , and standard 4 post lift models. And they are on sale now for less than they’ve been all year. –

  • D7  – $2300
  • D7X – $2349
  • D12 – $3799
  • D12A – $3999

Dannmar Four Post Lift

Click Here to view Dannmar Four Post Lifts




Workhorse Tire Changer Wheel Balancer Combos On Sale Now

Rugged, durable, reliable.
The Workhorse tire changers have features that you will find on many premium brand machines – but without the premium price.

Tire Changer / Wheel Balancer Combo

Click Here to view our Tire Changer / Wheel Balancer Combos




Merrick Auto Dollies on Sale Now

Made in USA. Durable 1/4 inch thick steel construction. Premium finish that won’t chip and peel off. Superior quality wheels with ball bearing casters. Plus, when you upgrade to the heavy duty caster option, they have ball bearings in the axle of the wheels, for the smoothest, easiest rolling wheel dolly on the market. Plus, they’ve never been cheaper than they are right now. there are several different sizes to choose from.

Merrick Auto Dollies

Click Here to view Merrick Auto Dollies




Free Impact Wrench with AFF 565E Air Jack

AFF knows how to make professional quality air jacks that can hold up to years of abuse. Right now, we are offering a FREE heavy duty air impact wrench when you purchase any one of our favorite AFF air jack models. The Model 565E air jack, and get a FREE 3/4″ impact wrench
This is a killer deal!
AFF 565E air jack
Click Here to view 565E Air Jack
Hand-Held Car Battery Jump Starter Sale
Our prices are always super low here at But when we throw in free stuff, people really love it. Well that’s what we’re doing. For a limited time, purchase the hugely popular JNC1224 and JNC950 commercial quality jump starters, and get the handy ESA30 Memory Saver Cord FREE!
This is a $39 Value!
This cord allows you to save vehicle presets and codes so you can disconnect the car’s battery to service it. Never lose your preset radio stations again!
These are the finest commercial quality battery booster packs on the market.
Jump N Carry Automotive Battery Jump Starters
 BendPak Two Post Lifts
Our BendPak 2 post lifts are some of the finest on the planet. And many models are on sale right now only until the end of the Month. Models on sale including –
  • XPR-10AS – $2950
  • XPR-10AS-LP – $2985
  • XPR-10S – $2920
  • XPR-10S-LP – $2950

BendPak 2 post lift

Click Here to view BendPak 2 post lifts




Ranger RML-1500XL Motorcycle / ATV Lift

This is our most popular motorcycle lift. Why? Because it includes every feature you could want, and then some….
Side extensions, front extension, wheel vise, drop down panel, rear support poles, and much more.
Plus, it raises higher than most lifts, and has a greater lifting capacity. It can be powered by air, or hydraulics.
Plus, it has retracting casters that allow you to roll it around even while loaded.

Ranger RML-1500XL Motorcycle ATV Lift

Click Here to view Ranger RML-1500XL Motorcycle Lift




Ranger Tire Changer Sale

Ranger (a division of BendPak) is also having a blow-out sale on select models. . They pack them with all kinds of features and capabilities, but they don’t skimp on quality. All machines boast a powerful 2 HP motor, along with premium components made to last. Parts are always available, plus, the warranty includes on-site service for a year.
Sale Models include –
  • R76ATR – $3595
  • R980AT – $3240
  • R76LT – $2190

Ranger Tire Changers

Click Here to View Ranger Tire Changers




Don’t Wait. These deals won’t last long.
Call us today at 800-229-6218
or email us at


New Two Post Lift And Shop Equipment Customer In Bahamas

July 24th, 2015

Who wouldn’t want to have an automotive shop in the Bahamas? As long as there is air conditioning in the garage! We recently sold a laundry list of automotive shop  equipment to a customer in Nassau, in New Providence in the beautiful islands of the Bahamas.

This new customer purchased many different pieces of automotive equipment, including transmission jacks, bearing presses, car battery jump starters, floor jacks and many other items. Most notably, two pieces that any auto shop worth it’s salt could not do without – a couple of 2 post lifts and an air compressor.

Automotive Equipment - Automotechs Bahamas

Automotechs Parts and Service – Automotive Equipment and 2 Post Lifts

The two post lifts were an easy choice for the shop owner. They chose the BendPak XPR-10A automotive lift for it’s features, versatility, quality, and value. It is our most popular model. It offers a wide range of features, such as the ability to be set up at a wide, or a narrow configuration, and also has a rare ability to position the auto symmetrically, if it won’t balance out properly in an asymmetric setting.  Add the quality of construction, such as taller lift carriages, superior arm restraints, along with double diameter equalizer cable pulley sheaves, and you’ve got a premium car lift at a very reasonable price. All this, and it’s even certified by the highly respected Automotive Lift Institute.

You’re going to need an air compressor in any professional garage. and who better to supply your automotive shop air compressor than BelAire? These guys are the best at it, and that’s why we recommended the model 218V. This is a 5 HP compressor with an 80 gallon tank. It’s made in America while so many others aren’t. Plus, there is a 2 year warranty on every component. Along with that, they have over 350 service centers across the country.

The customer is a new auto shop that specializes in servicing European cars. European automobiles are very popular there. The shop is called Automotechs Parts & Service on Wulff Rd. The owner has a long and prosperous history of servicing the people of the Caribbean islands of the Bahamas. Here’s what the owner, Chris Lowe had to say about his experience with ASE Deals –

“I’ve known of Automotive Service Equipment for several years now as other places across Nassau have recommended you. When we needed to outfit our new shop, it was an easy decision as you offer most of what I needed and your reputation is outstanding. Everything arrived in a timely manner and at a reasonable price.”

Pricing Increases Coming January 1st

December 16th, 2012

It’s that time of year. Yes, the Holidays bring on all kinds of sales as consumers are searching for bargains. That’s what they’ve been conditioned to do each year. Many shoppers simply refuse to purchase anything unless it is discounted 20 to 50 percent.

Well, the clothing industry may operate on 40 % margins, but we can assure you that the automotive equipment industry does not. Our margins are much slimmer. If any company is able to discount their products by 40 percent at any given time, then that means they were over charging you in the first place. Who wants to deal with a company that regularly overcharges you by 30 percent?

 Our prices are normally already steeply discounted, and our average margins are at about 10 %. That doesn’t mean we don’t offer discounts and sales. Each month, we have new promotions that offer discounts well below our normal pricing. These sales are meant to draw in new customers who have never purchased from us before. Once you have purchased from us, we find that you’ll keep coming back. This is because we offer some top level customer service, along with knowledge of the products and industry. Plus, we’re not going to try to up-sell you. We are going to fit you with the product that is right for your application, even if it costs less.

automotive equipment sale

But the main point of this post is to remind you, (or perhaps warn you) that some of our prices will be going up soon. Come January 1st, many manufacturers we carry increase their prices. This is typical of many manufacturers. This is typically the time of year when they adjust their prices due to market conditions. The increases won’t be major. And they won’t be across the board. But there will be some minor increases. Some sales are also set to end at that time as well, particularly on some auto lifts and tire changers.

So if you’ve been dawdling, now is the time to get going. There are only a couple of weeks remaining. Don’t miss out.

Year End Sale Provides Products To New RoboCop Remake

September 8th, 2012

Guess what we’ve been up to? You’ve seen us provide automotive equipment to many Hollywood movie sets, including –

  • The Taking of Pelham 123
  • The Sorceror’s Apprentice
  • The Other Guys
  • The Green Hornet
  • Men In Black III

Well our latest contribution to tinseltown is a pair of Hein Werner heavy duty, low profile transmission jacks. When the producers of the remake of the cult classic 80’s hit film RoboCop need some shop equipment, they knew who to come to. After all, MGM and Columbia Pictures came to us for many other previous big hits because they know they can count on us for reliable equipment. We have a reputation of supplying them with the finest products in the industry in a timely manner, and we offer the support they demand.

The production is actually taking place in Toronto, Canada by OCP Productions Ltd. The production just began in August and the film wont be completed until August of 2013. The cast includes some big Hollywood stars such as Gary Oldman, Samuel Jackson and Michael Keaton as the bad guy. The director is Jose Padilha. The original hit was extremely popular and starred Peter Weller.

Below is concept artwork of the potential character, but is not necessarily what he will look like in the film. It’s just too soon to have any details. But hey, we had to throw some kind of picture up there.


Upcoming Car Shows, Cruise Nights, Swap Meets and More

July 21st, 2012

We don’t just post articles about automotive equipment. about We have frequently posted the dates of trade shows, car shows, swap meets, club meets and other vrelated events on our blog. Today is the most recent listings for you to review. We recommend checking these events out if they are in you area.

August 24 – Guntersville, AL. River Run is hosted by the Lions club and there will also be a charity car show at Lake Guntersville at Marshal County Park.  Call 256-728-7378

August 25th – Lavoca, AR . 12th annual Lavoca Open Car Show at Oak Bower Park. Call 479-462-9629

September 2nd and Oct 4th – Sumter Swap Meet at the Sumter Fairgrounds in Bushnell, FL 800-438-8559

August 9-11 – Georgia Mountain Moonshine Cruiz-In at Hiawassee – 662-587-9572

August 24 – 26th – Evansville, IN. 38th annual Frog Frollies Vanderburgh County  4 H Center. Call 812-853-8758

August 3 – 5 – Bowling Green, KY. NMCA Muscle Car Nationals. The best street legal racing with Chevy vs Ford vs Mopar – Call 714-444-2426

October 11-13 – Cruisin’ The Coast Automotive Swap Meet at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum & Convention Center. Call 888-808-1188

September 21st – 23rd. – Phoenix, AZ. NMCA Flowmaster West Street Car Series. Call 714-444-2426

September 29 – West Monroe, LA. Cruising The Twin Cities 1st Annual Car & Bike Show – Call 318-789-1192

September 21-23 – Memphis, TN. 13th annual car show – Delta River Cruisin’ Call 901-605-2740

September 28 – 30th – Englishtown, NJ. 36th Annual Fall Swap Meet at Englishtown Raceway. 732-446-7800

July 27 – 28 – Rhinebeck, NY. Rhinebeck Nationals Hosted by the Hudson Valley Street Rods. Call 845-431-9191

Oct 19-21 – Henderson, NC. Hall of Fame Weekend in October. Antique and classic car show sponsored Progress Energy. Call 252-438-2222

Yellow Corvette

Trade Shows

Waterloo Industries Comes Out With New Line Of Tool Boxes

July 16th, 2012

Waterloo is the largest name in tool boxes, tool cabinets, and tool carts. We have been carrying their products for over 15 years, and they have been around for over 80 years. Their equipment is known all over the world as the best in the industry.

So when they decided to come out with their new Professional Series tool boxes, the automotive equipment industry stood up and took notice. It isnt everyday that such a major manufacturer comes out with a new product line.

This new line of tool cabinets and boxes is a top-of-the-line series that includes all of the features that a serious pro demands, including ball bearing drawer slides, gas struts on select models, heavy duty frame with a beefy 1200 lb. load capacity and a substantial 75 lb. capacity per drawer. Oh, and let’s not forget the generous 7 year warranty. Their side wall post construction makes for a much more stout cabinet than your typical box out there. Plus, they’re equipped with the Waterloo “Posi-Latch” drawer system that allows the drawers to stay shut and secure even while you’re rolling it around. These guys have thought of it all.

 Don’t get an inferior substitute that will last only a few years. Get a box that was made to last.

Waterloo tool boxes

View Our Listing In PTEN’s Online Product Guide

July 1st, 2012

If you are familiar with the automotive equipment industry in any way, then you should know who PTEN is. And since you’re a follower of this blog, odds are good that you are a follower of the industry.

PTEN is short for Professional Tool & Equipment News. This is one of the industry’s most popular trade magazines. It is published monthly, and it provides news and insights into the most popular trends of the automotive service equipment industry. It highlights some of the more popular tools as well as brand new tools and innovative new garage equipment that will help technicians be more productive.

If you don’t currently receive this handy periodical, you would be wise to subscribe. If you own or work in a garage, you can get it for free. Just contact them and they will send it to you. You’ll just have to fill out a brief form. It is well worth it.

ASEdeals has appeared in this magazine many times, as advertisers, as well as featured products and distributors. They are currently running their annual On-Line product Guide. It features a wide variety of distributors and manufacturers, and we have several listings in it as well. You can view our listing here –

ASEDeals Catalog Cover

Internet Sales Expected To Increase In 4th Quarter

November 27th, 2011

While Black Friday is traditionally the biggest volume day when it comes to retail sales in traditional brick and mortar store outlets each year, traditionally, the Monday after Thanksgiving day tends to be the busiest day for on-line shoppers. It’s called Cyber Monday. The term describes the busiest day for internet sales for the year. Who knows, maybe Webster’s Dictionary will soon list it as an official new word. The computer and everything related has added many new words to the English language over the past decade.

Like most retailers, claims that the 4th quarter is the most busy quarter every year. According to the National Retail Federation 44 percent of shoppers made an online purchase last year. Some incentives that on-line stores offer are free shipping and large discounts for Cyber Monday purchases.

The automotive equipment industry is no different. While we do offer traditional outlets for purchases, including catalog and phone based sales, internet sales account for a large portion of our sales, and the percentage has grown every year.

The reasons cited are easy to understand. Making life easier is the main reason given time and time again when internet shoppers are asked why they purchase online instead of heading out to their local malls. You don’t have to deal with the traffic and the crowds. Time is money. Many consumers just don’t have the necessary time to fight the traffic.

And with modern websites offering close up images, as well as 3D images along with videos and owner’s manuals as well as dimensional drawings for many of their products, you can get a pretty clear idea on what the product is all about. We try to top all of those handy shopping aids with one more thing that we feel helps immensely – customer pictures and testimonials. Nothing helps our customers understand the product better than a customer testimonial topped off with a picture or two submitted by the customer. This also aids us in gaining the trust of new customers. If they can see how other customers experiences were, they can establish a pattern. We recommend asking any retailer you’re not familiar with for references. Especially with such large ticket items like auto lifts.

With business taking off already from  Cyber Monday, the 4th quarter of 2011 is sure to be the biggest ever for internet sales.

Cyber Monday Deals

The Importance Of Your Auto Shop Equipment Warranty

June 3rd, 2011

Many customers who call us never stop to ask us about the warranty of the product they are interested in. They will ask us about the features and specifications along with other factors. Of course the number one question as always is price. Some customers don’t seem to care if their Car Lift is made out of popsicle sticks as long as it’s cheap. We don’t understand that mentality. Especially if you’re the one standing under it.
In our eyes, one question that should near the top of the list is, “What’s the warranty”? There are many different types of warranties for many different types of automotive equipment. A typical floor jack should have a one year warranty at a minimum. Hopefully, the manufacturer is a reputable one and has service centers across the country and has a vast supply of parts. Many floor jacks these days are not rebuildable. As a rule, we carry only commercial quality products that are rebuildable. When your floor jack starts leaking hydraulic oil, you don’t want to have to throw it away when a simple set of $20 seals would make it good as new.
Air Compressors can have warranties that Range from one to five years. Read the warranty carefully. Many times it’s five years on the tank, and only one year on all the other components. Some of the larger manufacturers will have service centers nationwide so you can be assured that problems can be taken care of quickly.
Automotive Lifts can have a wide range of differing warranties. A lift warranty can run anywhere from 5 years (limited) to 1 year. Buyers should pay careful attention to the warranty. Does it include on-site service, (parts and labor) or parts only? Also, we’ve seen some manufacturers and distributors who’s warranty requires the customer to pay for shipping charges on any parts that need to be sent out during the warranty period. Who ever heard of such a thing?
The advice to any prospective customers – Ask questions.

Floor Jack