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ASEdeals Supplies Car Lift to Newport Car Museum

February 11th, 2018

Who do you call when you’re one of the hottest, most impressive new Auto Museums in the country and you need a car lift?   When the Newport Car Museum needed a garage lift to service their fleet of amazing classic cars, they knew who to contact. They trusted ASEdeals due to our 5 Star reputation and 22 years of experience in supplying car collectors, auto museums, professional garages and home / hobby car buffs with the best equipment in the industry.

Newport Car Museum Exterior

Newport Car Museum Exterior

Listen, you can’t trust just anybody when you’re choosing an automotive lift to service such an impressive collection of classic automobiles. It just wouldn’t be prudent. With a stunning collection of collector cars and classic automobiles, you demand only the finest equipment money can buy.

That’s why they chose ASE deals. They knew we would hook them up with the absolute best product for their application, and they knew we’d get the job done right. They maintain their vehicles daily at their service garage facility on site, and they wanted a reliable car hoist that would hold up to the job. We recently met up with Wayne Lee. He’s the facilities manager at the museum. He wanted a lift that would fit a wide variety of automobiles of different sizes, and he wanted one that was reliable.

That’s why we set them up with our Tuxedo FP9KDX-XLT four post lift. This durable rack is a professional grade product that has all the features of a true commercial quality lift. Yet, it’s actually still quite affordable.

Tuxedo FP9KDX-XLT 4 Post Lift

Tuxedo FP9KDX-XLT 4 Post Lift

Features include a heavy duty I Beam cross-member and non-skid diamond plate runways. The reliable powder coat finish will hold up to heavy shop use and the lift currently comes standard with the three most popular accessories included – caster kit, drip trays and jack platform.

Meanwhile, it is among the safest lifts in the industry, with dual safeties. These include the traditional mechanical safety that automatically engages every 4.5 inches, plus that mechanical safety is the superior laddered safety system, which is not only the most reliable in the industry, but it also allows you to adjust the locking height positions in each individual column to compensate for uneven concrete floors. In addition, it also includes a secondary slack cable safety system, which automatically and instantly engages in the even of cable failure.

It even lifts a foot higher than the typical 4 post lift, and is 2 feet longer to accommodate longer vehicles. And it also is extra wide, to allow for wider autos to fit on it. These guys at Tuxedo thought of everything!

So if you’re looking for a premium grade lift, without the premium price tag, check out our FP9KDX-XLT Lift, you’ll be glad you did.  If it’s good enough for the finest auto museums in the USA, it should be good enough for your garage. And don’t forget, we sell, service and install for you nationwide – contact us today!

Now, back to the Newport Car Museum. –

They feature numerous different galleries, including the World Cars section. This gallery includes classic and modern exotic and foreign cars from around the world, Including Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche, Acura, Lamborghini and Ferrari.

Red Lamborghini

Red Lamborghini

Then, there’s the Ford / Shelby Gallery. Carroll Shelby himself would be proud of this collection. This is a must-see section for any true muscle car fan.

Newport Car Museum Shelby Cobra Exhibit

Newport Car Museum Shelby Cobra Exhibit

The Mopar Gallery is another crowd favorite. It features the popular Plymouth Hemi Cuda, Challenger Hellcat, Plymouth Superbird…

Plymouth Hemi Cuda

Plymouth Hemi Cuda

Plymouth Superbird

Plymouth Superbird

…and don’t forget the awesome Dodge Viper!

Silver Dodge Viper

Silver Dodge Viper

and Don’t worry Corvette fans…. They didn’t forget about you. They showcase stunning sports car models beginning with 1965 continuing up to 2017. The exhibit offers an model in every series from C-1 up to C-7.

Black Corvette Hood Up

And don’t forget about the Classic Fin Car Gallery. Exhibits include a 57 Chevy, 54 Buick Skylark, 57 Chrysler, 57 Desoto, and the beautiful red 1959 Cadillac.

59 Cadillac


Owners Gunther and Maggie Bauerman currently have over 60 automobiles in his collection and they’ adding more all the time! They also host numerous events as well as collector car club meets throughout the year as well.

And don’t forget to bring the kids on by the simulator room for some fun.

Driving Simulator Room

Driving Simulator Room

They’ve got Something for everyone. Maybe that’s why USA Today nominated Newport Car Museum as a Top 10 Best New Attraction in the USA. If you appreciate fine classic automobiles as pieces of art, then this is the place for you.

Visit the Newport Car Museum at –
1847 West Main Road
Portsmouth, RI 02871

Check out our cool video we recently shot there below –

The Importance Of Your Auto Shop Equipment Warranty

June 3rd, 2011

Many customers who call us never stop to ask us about the warranty of the product they are interested in. They will ask us about the features and specifications along with other factors. Of course the number one question as always is price. Some customers don’t seem to care if their Car Lift is made out of popsicle sticks as long as it’s cheap. We don’t understand that mentality. Especially if you’re the one standing under it.
In our eyes, one question that should near the top of the list is, “What’s the warranty”? There are many different types of warranties for many different types of automotive equipment. A typical floor jack should have a one year warranty at a minimum. Hopefully, the manufacturer is a reputable one and has service centers across the country and has a vast supply of parts. Many floor jacks these days are not rebuildable. As a rule, we carry only commercial quality products that are rebuildable. When your floor jack starts leaking hydraulic oil, you don’t want to have to throw it away when a simple set of $20 seals would make it good as new.
Air Compressors can have warranties that Range from one to five years. Read the warranty carefully. Many times it’s five years on the tank, and only one year on all the other components. Some of the larger manufacturers will have service centers nationwide so you can be assured that problems can be taken care of quickly.
Automotive Lifts can have a wide range of differing warranties. A lift warranty can run anywhere from 5 years (limited) to 1 year. Buyers should pay careful attention to the warranty. Does it include on-site service, (parts and labor) or parts only? Also, we’ve seen some manufacturers and distributors who’s warranty requires the customer to pay for shipping charges on any parts that need to be sent out during the warranty period. Who ever heard of such a thing?
The advice to any prospective customers – Ask questions.

Floor Jack

Upcoming Automotive Industry Events, Meets And Shows

April 6th, 2011

People often ask us to post their automotive industry related events. They have tuned up their show cars on their Automotive Lifts and are ready to show them off.  So here is a list of upcoming events –

April 8thTri State BBQ and Music Festival in Dothan, AL – at the Houston County Farm Center. Lots of classic rides will be there.  334-669-1475

April 16 – Main Street Car and Tractor Show in Mount Vernon, KY at the Mount Vernon Elementary School. Trophies, Dash plaques, doors prizes, Food. 606-219-0908

 May 2 – 4  Car Care World Expo – at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, NV. Contact is International Carwash Association, Chicago, IL 888-422-8422

May 7th – LA County Music Museum Classic Car, Truck and Motorcycle Show in Marthaville, LA at the Rebel State Historic Site. 888-677-3600

May 18 – 19  Global Automotive Aftermarket Symposium at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Rosemont IL, Contact Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association 301-654-6664

June 4th 6th Annual EJK Car Show at Xavier High School in Middletown, CT. Food, raffle, DJ, trophies. 860-347-5951

June 5 – McDonald’s Super Saturday Classic Car Contest Pea Ridge AR. Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. 479-451-2060

June 7th – Annual Coolfest Car Show on Friday nights. Includes a live band and food vendors and games for the kids. Train rides and more. 205-465-2281

June 18th – 8th Annual The Cars Are The Stars Show in Somers CT at the Pleasant View Cafe and Golf to benefit the Gene Pitney Scholarship fund. Food, trophies, prizes and DJ. 860-872-1818

July 10 – 10th Annual Charity BenefitCar Show in Simsbury CT hosted by the Valley Collector Car Club. Food, vendors, goodie bags, trophies. DRC-FM prize Van will be there. Proceeds donated to local charities. 860-379-4745

If you would like your upcoming event posted in a future post, just send us an email at:

Collector Cars

Dannmar Price Increase Coming April 1st

March 19th, 2011

There’s no denying it. Commodity prices are going up. Steel, plastics, metals of all kinds, and of course, the big one, oil. Of course oil costs going up means one major thing, increasing shipping costs. This effects every industry in every way. Nobody is immune. We’re seeing nearly all of our major manufacturers increasing prices on us. We’re doing everything we can to maintain prices at our current low levels, however there are times when we can’t bite the bullet any longer.
This is one of those times. There’s a significant price increase scheduled for April 1st for all of our Dannmar Automotive Lifts. Prices will be going up at a significant pace. Factor about a 3 to 5 percent increase in most cases. This means every Dannmar  2 post lift, Four Post Lift and even the very popular MAXJAX portable two post lift are all going up in price.
The current prices are already extremely competitive, and when it comes to their two post lifts, we doubt you can find a more affordable ALI Certified lift. That’s saying something pretty significant. They’ve already got all the features of a top quality ALI certified auto lift, but a price that puts it within reach of the budget minded garage owner.
Plus their  Commander D-7 Four Post Lift is our most popular lift of all for the home / hobbyist looking for a service / storage solution.
You know the old saying, “He who hesitates is lost”. Well that’s never been more appropriate than now. Don’t wait, or you’ll miss out on the best prices you will ever see these lifts at.

Dannmar Four Post Lift

BendPak / Ranger Price Increase Scheduled For April 1st

March 9th, 2011

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!
Customers who are on the market for Tire Changers, Spray Wash Cabinets, Floor Jacks and Automotive Lifts should review models on our web site before April 1st. BendPak / Ranger, one of our primary manufacturers we distribute have a price increase coming on April 1st.
Some of the most popular and best models will be going up anywhere from 3 to 5 percent. BendPak / Ranger has a wide variety of products. They are best known for their truck and car lifts from their BendPak lineup. But they are also well known for all kinds of other auto shop equipment from their Ranger line of products. They manufacture everything from brake lathes, engine hoists, bearing presses, transmission jacks, wheel balancers and much, much more.
They also manufacture the best exhaust tube benders under their BendPak label.
You’ve seen the headlines in the news. Commodity prices, such as steel, copper, and aluminum costs are rising rapidly. Freight carriers are increasing their fees due to the rising costs of fuel. So now is the time to shop for the best deals you will find for 2011. Most likely, we will never see these prices again. If you were considering a purchase for any time this year, this is the time.


Independent vs Dealer Repairs – Which is better?

February 27th, 2011

Your car just broke down on the side of the road on a hot summer day. You called for a tow truck and you must decide where to have them take it. Do you have them bring it to the car dealership service center, or to a local independent repair shop?

There are strong arguments to be made in favor of both. The arguments go deeper, but the basic premise of each is –

Bring your car to the dealer. They know the car better than anyone, plus they have the best trained technicians and the best possible tools and equipment. They have the best Automotive Lifts, Tire changers and alignment machine. Further arguments in dealer’s favor would be that they get the latest updates from the manufacturer, are privy to information that the independent guys wish they could get, and you are less likely to get the 3rd degree when you need to bring it in for warranty coverage service if you’ve been getting your car serviced there all along.

The argument for the independent auto shop is simple. They are more affordable. They typically cost 20 to 40 percent less for the same repairs. Along with the cheaper labor costs, you may also enjoy better customer service from your local shop, as they typically are known to pay more attention to the needs and details of their local neighborhood loyal customer. Independent shop owners will tell you that as long as the shop has been certified through the Automotive Service Excellence program ( then you have assurance that the shop has met very strict standards and has the training and knowledge to get the job done.

So what about you? Do you bring your car to the dealer, or an independent garage?

Automotive Repair Shop

Sale On Some Discontinued BendPak / Ranger Models

February 22nd, 2011

We carry Automotive Lifts from three different manufacturers. By far, the largest of them is BendPak. They’re also the best. Plus, they’ve got the widest variety of lifts out there. They’re always innovating and coming up with new solutions as well as improvements on old models.
So when they come out with these new models, we end up with a supply of the old models that we need to get rid of. These are perfectly new lifts. There’s nothing wrong with them. They’re just being replaced by the latest and greatest Bend Pak Lift models.
So, to get rid of this surplus equipment, we are having a huge sale. Prices are ridiculously low. If you don’t mind getting last year’s model, now is the time.
Supplies are limited, and once they’re gone, they’re gone. So don’t delay.
Here’s what we have available. Just give us a call with any questions –

HD-14 Four Post Lift – $3220
HD-14X Four Post Lift – $3795
HD-14LSX Alignment Lift – $4543
HDO-14LSX Open Front Alignment Lift – $5980
PL-6SP Single Post Parking Lift – $4543
PL7X Parking Lift (extra high lifter) – $3680
DST1200 Wheel Balancer – $979
R710 Tire Changer – $979
R26EX Tire Changer – $3680
RX-950AT Tire Changer – $1725
R-2600HD Truck Tire Changer – $4830

Bend Pak Open Fron Alignment Lift

New Customer Two Post Lift Picture

February 17th, 2011

This is yet another customer testimonial along with some pictures. This customer purchased a BendPak XPR-18C Two Post Lift. The features and quality of the BendPak two post lifts have been well documented on our web site over the course of the past 15 years that we have been selling them. BendPak is the leading name in automotive lifts, and their XPR series of two post lifts are unequalled in quality and features. Everything from taller lift carriages to larger pulleys and the best power unit in the business. And don’t forget about the BendPak warranty.
Here’s what Darin Acre, the service manager from Murray’s Ford in DuBois, PA said about his purchase –
“The BendPak Lift is an terrific product. It is really strong, easy to operate and safe. I recommend it to anyone in the truck repair business. As a matter of fact, we liked it so much, we just got another one! You guys at ASE have always been very helpful, fair and honest”.

BendPak Two Post Lift

Scheduling Service For Your Car Just Got Easier

February 8th, 2011

Too busy during the week to get that nagging problem with your car fixed? Maybe your boss won’t allow you the necessary time off to take your car to the shop. Well, don’t fear anymore. At least one car manufacturer is trying to make it easier to get your car serviced. If your schedule isn’t flexible enough to bring your car into the shop on weekdays, you may soon be able to do so on weekends (Saturdays anyway). At least, that’s if Chrysler has it’s way.
They are keeping their parts distribution centers (20 locations) opened on Saturdays in an effort to nudge auto dealerships into maintaining Saturday hours. As you know, most dealers don’t keep their service departments opened on weekends. Many independent auto shops have kept open schedules on weekends, but for some reason, the idea never caught on with the dealerships. When you add to that the fact that the independent garage owners typically have lower labor rates, the dealers have a difficult time competing. Chrysler is hoping this move will even the odds somewhat.
One factor that came in to play was the fact that car dealers haven’t been able to rely on car sales as much since the economy took a downturn. So they are hoping that raising some cars up on the Auto Lifts on Saturdays will help boost revenues. One of the ways they encouraged some dealers to open their service doors on Saturdays was to go out and take pictures of Chrysler automobiles being serviced on competitors Automotive Lifts and tires being mounted on a Tire Changer. Nothing sticks in your craw like somebody taking something that you feel should be yours. Chrysler indicates that the locations that have opened on Saturdays have seen a significant increase in sales. More than enough to prove that it is a profitable venture, along with being convenient for the consumer.

Tire Changer

New Sale On Dannmar Two Post Lifts

January 17th, 2011

We’ve been carrying the Dannmar Two Post Lift selection for many years now and we’ve been extremely happy with the feedback we get on them. They are well made, with attention to detail, and no shortcuts. Parts are also readily available. You would be amazed how many bargain lifts out there claim that they have a huge parts warehouse and then you find that you can’t get parts for them after you’ve had them for a year or two. Dannmar features top quality components and features that you’ll only find on premium lifts, such as 53 inch tall lift carriages, which means less stress on your columns, automatically engaging arm restraints, a direct drive system, which is the preferred design over chain or cable drive two post lifts.
The automotive lifts are not only on sale right now at all time low prices, but they we are also including some free extras. These include a set of frame cradle pad adapters, along with an 8 gallon rolling oil drain. This is a $264 value. The frame cradle pads are helpful in those situations where you want the pad to grab onto the vehicle frame. This is especially helpful when engaging the automobile from a rounded jacking point, like an axle. It is much less likely to slip off. The 8 gallon rolling oil drain is a must have accessory that no two post lift owner should be without. After all, you don’t want to hold a bucket over your head when your draining oil.
Now is the time to order. This sale is on for a limited time only.

Oil DrainFrame Cradle Pad Adapter Kit