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Killer Deal on the TTech TT500 Transmission Fluid Exchange Machine

June 14th, 2012

Hurry! Don’t wait! Act Now!

Do we have your attention now?

We wanted to get your attention because we have a limited time offer on our TTech transmission fluid exchange machine. You really don’t want to miss out on this one.

Why? Check this out –
Right now, we are offering the TTECH model TT500 at a ridiculously low price of $3955 with free shipping. That’s a great deal in and of itself. If we stopped there, you’d be saving $400 off our regular price. But we don’t stop there. When you purchase the TT500 before the end of June, we will throw in the following five items for free –

  • Fast Fit Hose Coupler Kit
  • Fast Fit Phase 1 Fitting Kit
  • Jump N Carry JNC1224 Jump Starter
  • BA327 Digital Battery and System Tester with Integrated Printer
  • Solar OS6150 Wheeled Battery Charger

Check out pictures of these items below –

TT500 Fast Fit Fittings KitTT500 Hose Coupler Kit

Jump N Carry JNC1224 Jump StarterSolar BA327 Battery TesterSolar OS6150 Battery Charger

We told you this was a killer deal. The combined free products add up to over $1500. How do we do it? Who knows? Who Cares? Just take advantage of this offer while you can! This is a deal that is truly too good to pass up.

The TT500 is our best transmission service machine. And TTech is the best name in the business. You have until June 30 th only. Do not let this deal pass you by. You’ll be kicking yourself later.

TTech model TT500 Transmission Fluid Exchange Machine

Automotive Battery Technology – Part 2

May 19th, 2012

Part 2 of a 2 part series –

The next type of modern battery is the Gel Acid Battery. These batteries use a gel instead of a water / acid solution or glass mat media. The gel is mixed with a sulfuric acid that again reduces the fatigue of vibration and shock, keeping the plates stable inside the confines of the case. The gel cell battery is better suited to frequent deep cycles and draw-downs. You can expect a greater life span out of the gel cell.

Modern vehicles place a greater demand on the vehicle’s electric system and gel cell batteries can provide the extra power needed. They also operate better under a greater temperature range. As with anything, there are drawbacks to gel cell batteries. Plus, they are dramatically more expensive than traditional lead acid batteries. They also require Smart battery chargers that can charge them at the optimal rate and maintain the perfect voltage in the battery during the process. These chargers utilize a constant charging rate at the ideal rate.

AGM (absorbent glass mat) Batteries are a more modern type of battery that offers several advantages. The lead plates are suspended in a glass mat material and the electrolytes are in the glass mat as well. These batteries are less prone to shock, and hold up better to abuse. There is also no concern about venting and replacing water in the battery. Are there drawbacks to AGM batteries? Yes. High on that list is the price. These batteries are significantly more expensive. This cost will tend to even out over time as the AGM battery tends to last longer than traditional flooded batteries. AGM batteries require specialized battery chargers that can charge them at the optimal rate. These chargers are called Smart Chargers and again and generally more expensive than traditional battery chargers.

Deep Cycle Marine Batteries are another type of battery that is better suited to longer term, deeper draw downs and frequent recharging. These batteries can be constructed of AGM, Glass mat, and traditional flooded batteries. Charging these batteries is more complicated than traditional lead acid batteries and a specialized “Smart” battery charger should be employed to maintain optimum battery health.

We carry many different battery chargers, but the ideal battery charger for any battery type is our Pro-Logix line of battery chargers  by Solar. They are fully automatic chargers that utilize a microprocessor to provide the perfect charging rate for each battery it happens to be hooked up to. You can move from one type of battery to the next in quick succession and not have to worry about the charging rates and conditions. It’s all taken care of for you.

Automotive Battery

Automotive Battery

Automotive Battery Technology Part 1

May 13th, 2012

Part 1 of a 2 part series –

Automotive batteries have changed quite a bit in the last few years. Their construction is vastly different from even just a decade ago. The technology involved in the modern battery is so much more advanced, and auto manufacturers are using these new products in their new autos that are coming off the assembly line. The typical automotive lead acid battery has leaped ahead to become a more reliable commodity, able to compete with other, more advanced battery types.

The most common automotive battery type is the lead acid battery. This type of battery has lead plates submerged in a wet electrolyte acid solution. They are a very reliable method to power a car’s electrical system. They are great for starting and cranking. They tend not to be as good for other applications, like deep cycle applications, where you would be drawing down (discharge) the battery to very low charge, and then recharging. This tends to prematurely deplete the typical automotive lead acid battery.

There are deep cycle lead acid batteries, but they are not as good for starting purposes, which is the most important function for a car battery. The lead acid batteries also have issues with the water to evaporate if it is a vented battery. Vibration and shock could also cause a lead plate to become dislodged and will cause premature battery failure. Modern vehicles place high demand on an automobile’s battery. All of the modern appliances that a car has draw down a battery much faster than in the past. This means batteries will discharge much faster even when the automobile is turned off.


Automotive Battery

Free ASE Deals T Shirt & Prizes For Customers Who Send Us Pics

July 13th, 2011

ASE Deals has a new policy we just implemented this month. Customers who email us a picture of their recent purchase along with a testimonial / comments will get a free T shirt. We thought it would be a great way open dialog with our customers and to see how they are applying their products to their everyday situations. Did you purchase a car lift from us? Email us a picture of your favorite car on it that you just restored. It will give you bragging rights when you see it up on our web site for the world to see. And here’s the kicker – Each month, we’ll have a drawing to choose one of the lucky customers who submitted a picture to receive a prize valued at over $100. You might win a jump starter, battery charger or perhaps a floor jack. You will need to give us your order number so we can confirm you were an actual customer of course. We wouldn’t want somebody taking a prize away from a loyal customer.
So you can just submit your comments and pics to us via email at and we’ll send you out your ASEdeals T shirt and enter you in the monthly drawing.

Good Luck!

Win a T Shirt with the Logo

Sale On Schumacher Battery Chargers

March 18th, 2011
Great timing right now if you’re on the market for a quality bench top Battery Charger.
It’s their model 520A-PE bench top charger. It’s one of our most popular models, and for good reason. It’s got all the features you would want in a professional Battery Charger. It’s got a fast 10 amp charging rate, as well as a low 2 amp rate for trickle charging. It’s got easy to read color coded gauges with an analog meter. It has reverse hook up safety, and best of all, it’s fully automatic, so it will turn on and off as needed. Go ahead – leave it hooked up indefinitely. Just like they say – set it, and forget it. Don’t worry about overcharging your batteries.
It’s got a durable impact resistant plastic case, 6 foot cables and sure grip clamps so you can grab onto those smaller side terminals that are so difficult to keep your clips on. Plus it has a convenient handle for carrying it.
It is an affordable unit that is a great value for smart shoppers.
Plus, don’t forget, it’s made by the best name in the battery charger industry – Schumacher Electric. They’ve been manufacturing some of the finest products for decades.
Our normal price for this model is $63 with free shipping. For a limited time, we are offering them at $15 off our regular price. Your cost is $48 with free shipping.
Now that’s a bargain in anybody’s book!
Schumacher Battery Charger 



Cool New iPhone App For Technicians

February 21st, 2011

Are you always looking for the latest technology? Do you need the latest an greatest features for your auto shop? Are your Tire Changers wheel balancer or battery charger the most current models with all the bells and whistles? If so, this story might interest you.  Technicians have  a handy new app for their iPhone or iPad touch mobile devices to turn to from Bosch. Bosch calls it their Light ‘Em Up Dyno app. It allows the technician to use these devices as a portable dynamometer. It can measure acceleration, horsepower and G Force. Once it is downloaded and installed , you can quickly set it up for use. You don’t need to be connected to the Internet to use it either. So it is capable of working anywhere, anytime. Then just enter some basic vehicle information, and you’re ready for use. There are two packages available – The basic app is available at no charge. Then there’s an upgraded version available for a fee of $4.99. These fee can be avoided by getting a rebate after purchasing a set of Bosch spark plugs. visit for a link to the very handy app.

Auto Shop Equipment

Battery Maintenance in Winter

November 14th, 2010

Battery maintenance always becomes a popular subject this time of year. Extreme temperatures, both hot and cold can lead to premature death of a battery. Typical lead acid batteries, such as those found in your average automobile lose approximately 30 to 40% of their power and longevity when they reach 32 degrees F, and can lose even more during hot extremes.

If you don’t want to get caught stranded on a cold winter night, take extra care to maintain your battery and keep it fully charged at all times. It also would be wise to carry an automotive jump starter in your vehicle’s trunk for just such an emergency.

If you are leaving your vehicle idle for extended periods of time, such as car collectors who perhaps only break their vehicles out for a quick spin once a month, or for a car show or two during the summer, the odds of your car not starting due to a low battery increase dramatically. One way to prevent a low battery condition in this situation is to hook up a Battery Charger / battery maintainer that will monitor your battery’s state of charge and trickle charge it when it needs in and turns off once the battery is completely charged.

If you take care of your battery when in storage, it won’t let you down when you need it most.

Battery Charger