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BendPak vs Backyard Buddy – Four Post Lift Comparison

September 25th, 2010

Backyard Buddy has advertised for years now about how their four post lifts are the best on the market. They frequently post pictures in their ads of competing lifts that have failed in a catastrophic way. Well, BendPak  decided to add their two cents to the conversation.
BB was lumping all home / hobbyist 4 post lifts together as being inferior and having the potential to fail, so BendPak came out with their comparison to BB as an answer. It really hits home too. It points out the many superior features of the BendPak HD9 series lifts over the Backyard Buddy.
First and foremost, the BendPak HD9 four post lift is ALI Certified. This is not a minor detail. ALI (The Automotive Lift Institute) is the recognized authority when it comes to automotive lift quality and safety standards. There are only a few home/hobby lifts on the market that are ALI Certified. The Backyard Buddy lift is NOT ALI Certified. 
The BendPak Lift has features that most other home hobby lifts, (including BB) don’t have, like dual safeties. It has a slack cable safety, in addition to the typical mechanical safety found on most lifts. The BendPak lift has been certified to lift 3 times it’s rated capacity without failure.
BB has many exposed cables and working components which means not only a cosmetically undesirable lift, but potential hazards in the way of pinch points. BendPak’s internal ladder locking system also allows you to adjust your locking position heights in the event that your floor isn’t perfectly level. This is not the case with BB.
Please remember, just because you pay more for a lift, doesn’t make it better. BendPak can afford to manufacture their lifts at a lower price due to economies of scale. Meaning that because they manufacture so many lifts, they can do so at a more affordable rate per lift. BendPak is a true world leader when it comes to manufacturing car lifts.
There are too many more differences to list them all here. Please check out the complete comparison here.

BendPak Lift

New Video of 4 Post BendPak Lift Caster Kit Option

September 4th, 2010

Customers who are interested in our home / hobbyist 4 post lift options by BendPak, Dannmar and Workhorse frequently ask us, “How do the casters work”? You see, these lifts are designed to be free-standing. They don’t need to be bolted down to the floor. And a popular accessory is the caster kit, which allows you to make the lift portable. You can actually roll it around your garage, and even out of your garage, provided it will fit through your garage doors.

Many customers not familiar with the caster kit option have a difficult time grasping exactly how the caster kit installs onto the lift, and how easily it can roll once it is installed. They often are confused about if it is meant to roll with a vehicle on the lift, or without. The beauty of it is, they can be moved / pushed either way, with, or without a vehicle on it. And much easier than you would think.

But describing it to somebody, and actually seeing it with your own two eyes are two different things. Finally, thanks to modern technology, we no longer have to imagine how it is done. BendPak has put together a video showing the caster assembly being installed onto the car lift, and then the BendPak Lift being rolled around (with a car on it).

Once you see how easy it is, it makes your decision equally as easy. You’re going to want this popular accessory. Check it out below.

BendPak Lift Summer Sale At

August 26th, 2010

ASEDeals is currently having a sale on select models. Our BendPak two post 10,000 lb lifts and our 9,000 lb. four post lifts are currently on sale at the lowest prices for the season. If you’re on the market for a quality two post lift, now is the time.

BendPak’s latest models are chocked full O’ features and quality that you just won’t find on your typical car lift. The XPR-10ACX asymmetric lift has the ability to position it’s arms symmetrically in the event that you have a vehicle that has more of it’s weight in the rear and therefore would not balance out well in the asymmetric position. They are nice and stout, with taller lift carriages (53 inches tall), that leads to less stress on the posts. The most popular feature is the 3 stage arms in the front which means greater ability to reach at various vehicles jacking points that might be difficult to reach with the traditional two stage arms found on most car lifts.

Plus, when you purchase a BendPak Lift, you can buy with confidence that your getting one of the best lifts in the industry, at a very reasonable price. Bend Pak will always have parts for their lifts, even the old, discontinued models. Try getting parts for a discontinued model from one of those bargain car lift manufacturers out there.
And let’s not forget about ALI Certification. It means so much for a lift to be ALI Certified. But most importantly, it means you know you’ve got a lift that meets very strict safety and quality standards, and that it has a ALI, “Gold Seal” of approval.
Finally, there’s BendPak’s 5 year limited warranty that includes one year of on-site service.

As they say, timing is everything. And right now, with our summer sale on our BendPak Lifts winding down, the time is right for a great deal on a Two Post Lift. Don’t miss out.

XPR-10AC Two Post Lift

The Benefit of Asymmetric Two Post Lifts

August 4th, 2010

One of the most common questions we get is, “What does it mean when a lift is asymmetric”?

When two post lifts were first introduced, the only kind available was symmetric. This is where the vehicle is centered on the lift and the same amount of the vehicle is in front of the post as is behind the posts. At some point, people grew weary of dinging the vehicle’s doors on the posts, and trying to squeeze out of the door when placing a vehicle on the lift.

That’s where the asymmetric models come in. Asymmetric models position the vehicle further back on the lift. typically about 2/3 of the vehicle is hanging behind the posts on an asymmetric lift. The benefit of this is that it allows you to open the doors wider to get in and out of the vehicle easier. Most people these days prefer an asymmetric lift.

Most vehicles actually balance out better on an asymmetric lift because they are typically so front heavy. The one drawback to an asymmetric lift however is that there are times when certain vehicles won’t balance out that well on an asymmetric lift. Typically, these would be vehicles that have much of their weight in the rear, like a rear engine car, or a van with a load in it, or an extra long crew cab, long bed truck. That’s why BendPak came out with their Tru-Metric  feature on their asymmetric lifts. This allows you to move the vehicle forward on the lift, to help it balance out better. This is truly an improvement on the traditional asymmetric two post lift. It makes for a much more versatile lift.

Some customers have questions about the positioning of a vehicle on the lift. The owner’s manual that comes with the lift includes general information on this subject matter, but if you want a great resource for more in-depth instruction and lift safety issues, we recomment checking out the informational store on the ALI web site. (Automotive Lift Institute).

BendPak Two Post Lift

BendPak HD9 Four Post Lift Comparison

July 11th, 2010

Customers are always asking us, “What makes the BendPak Lift better than brand XYZ?”
There are so many answers to that question that it’s tough to give a short answer. It requires an in-depth, thoughtful answer that cannot be condensed down to a short, simple answer.
Since the BendPak HD-9 four post Lifts were made for the home / hobby market, any comparison of these lifts should be done against the same purpose lift. When we compare the HD9 four post lifts against the typical home / hobbyist car lift, we find some major and significant differences. Some of the more notable differences are the dual safeties and ALI Certification.

Then, people ask us to compare the BendPak HD9 lifts against some of the supposed “premium” four post lifts on the market, such as the Backyard Buddy Lift. Once again, you’ll find some significant differences. Rather than describe them here, You can view the Comparison of BendPak vs Backyard Buddy four post lifts here.

Stay tuned in the future for BendPak vs Direct Lift info on future posts.BendPak Lift Bahamas Car Lift Connection

June 30th, 2010

We here at take pride in the wide variety of customers we’ve supplied equipment to over the past 14 years. We’ve supplied lifts to may different countries and to many different types of customers, from Hollywood movie sets, such as the Denzel Washington, John Travolta hit; The Taking of Pelham 123, to Universal Studios Resort in Orlando Florida, to many, many different military locations of the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.

We also supply products to some of the premier sports and exotic car auto shops in the most exotic locations.
One such repeat customer is Rene Telle from Telle Auto Works in Nassau, Bahamas. They are the premier German / Mercedes-Benz specialists on the Islands. 

Here is what Rene has to say about ASEdeals, ” We are Nassau, Bahamas premier Mercedes-Benz specialist shop. I purchased a two post lift, BendPak Lift from several years ago because of their great reputation for quality. I was not disappointed. When it came time to purchase another, I came back to ASE because of their great service and attention to detail. They always take great care of my needs.
                           -Rene Telle
                            Telle Auto Works
                            Nassau, Bahamas
BendPak Two Post Lift sells BendPak Lift to Universal Studios Resorts

June 22nd, 2010 recently sold a BendPak Lift to Universal Studios Orlando Resort. They purchased a BendPak HD9XW four post lift. This is one of our most popular lift models. It is a 9,000 lb. capacity lift that is the extra wide, extra long, extra high lifting model. Gregory Steirer from Universal’s maintenance department said, “We needed a lift for our maintenance department, and this lift meets our needs perfectly”.

The quality and reputation of BendPak Lifts makes our job here at so easy. Customers who have done any research at all already know that BendPak is tough to beat when it comes to quality and features. Plus, they are actually quite affordable when compared to other high-end quality name lifts.

This isn’t the first time Universal Studios has turned to Automotive Service Equipment for their shop equipment needs. They also have our Ranger DST1200 Wheel Balancer. This is our most popular wheel balancer with years of reliable service.

If  Universal Studios maintenance department relies on, so should you.

BendPak Lift New HD9 BendPak Lift Pictures

May 27th, 2010

Our most popular lift with the home / hobbyists out there is a BendPak Lift. It’s the BendPak model HD9 and HD9ST four post lift. But they’re not just for the home / hobby crowd. We also sell many to commercial shops as well because these are no ordinary car lifts. They are ALI certified lifts. They are suitable for commercial use. But the primary customer for this lift is the gearhead and the guys who just want to add some storage space to their garage . You know who you are. You’ve got too many toys and not enough parking space in your garage. No problem. That’s what this lift is all about. Case in point: Robert Shock from SuperTan in Strongsville, OH. He sent us some pictures of his HD9 lift in his garage, along with a little comment.”I couldn’t be any more satisfied. I am very happy with the Four Post Lift I purchased as well as the Two Post Lift I bought back in 3/2009. I Love the car lifts and your service”. We should all have such a beautiful garage and such a great selection of automobiles. So many customers are finding out why the BendPak HD9 lift is the lift of choice for the discriminating car enthusiast. Call us with any questions at 800-229-6218.

BendPak HD9 Four Post Lift

New BendPak Lift – Turf Equipment Lift

May 17th, 2010

Many Golf  course and other lawn and turf maintenance facilities now have a two post lift by BendPak for turf equipment.
The new XPR-7TR Turf Equipment Lift is the latest edition to the BendPak Lift line-up.
Customers have been asking for this type of lift for some time, and BendPak has now delivered. It is built off the frame of the popular XPR-10CX Two Post Lift. This is their 10,000 lb capacity symmetric extra wide lift. They replaced the arms with specialized turf equipment arms. As a turf equipment lift, it is rated at 7,000 lbs.
Now you can lift lawn tractors, golf carts, and all other kinds of turf equipment.
We’ve had many customers ask if they could also get the regular automotive arms for the lift so they could also service automobiles. Guess what? – You Can! So now you have two lifts in one. Just change out the arms. Additional charges will apply for the automotive arms.

And of course, you’ve got the great BendPak warranty and product support that they’ve become known for.

Call us at 800-229-6218 for more details.

BendPak Turf Equipment Lift

Product Spotlight – BendPak Lift for Lube Shops

May 6th, 2010

Lube shops across the country have requested a lift that allows full access to the vehicle from the underside, for quick oil changes from below in a pit, as well as access to the sides, for brake and body work.
They now have it in the BendPak P-6 and P-6F pit lift.
Obviously no one style of lift is ideal for every possible situation. Two post lifts are probably the most popular as they allow the greatest access to the vehicle for service purposes, and they are a full rise lift.
Four post lifts are great for pulling on and off quickly. They give a full rise, and are great for when you are removing large, heavy components, and the weight distribution might change rapidly and dramatically, such as when you are removing a transmission.
The most popular lift for lube shops is a pit lift. Technicians can go down into the pit, and have complete access to the underside of the vehicle for oil changes, etc…
Pit Lifts have the added benefit of allowing access to the wheels for brake work, and access to the sides for body work at a convenient working height for this type of work.
There is also a flush mount model for those shops that want it to be flush with the floor. The flush mount model BendPak Lift is the model P6-F.
These lifts are not just popular with lube shops. Many home / hobbyists like it for the above mentioned features. You can view the owner’s manual as well.

BendPak Lifts