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Winner Announced For Our Jump Starter Drawing

March 4th, 2012

And the winner is…. Larry Hughes from Worthington, OH.

Larry purchased a Bend Pak PLT-6S Tilt Platform Parking Lift. Larry said, “Just got the PLT-6S parking lift up and running. One word – Awesome!
Attached are the pictures from my garage. Thank you”.

This lift is a new model that BendPak recently came out with. They design and fabricate many different types of service and parking lifts. This model is pretty unique and solves the nagging lack of garage floor space issue. It allows you to park one vehicle over another, virtually doubling your available parking capacity. Each style of parking lift has it’s own unique advantages. This lift allows you to utilize all available space, particularly for folks who don’t have a lot of ceiling height.

 You can win our drawing too. All you need to do is submit a picture or two of your lift that you purchased from us within the last year. It must be installed and set up in your shop or Garage. That’s what Larry did, and now he is the lucky recipient of the ES2500 by Booster Pac. This is one of our most popular car jump starters. The Booster Pac name is widely known among professional circles as a leader in the car battery jump starter industry.

Tilt Platform Parking Lift

Winner Announced For October Jump Starter Contest

October 23rd, 2011

We told you in a previous post about am on-going contest we are having each month. Basically, we will give away a free prize to customers who have purchased a lift and submitted a picture or two of that lift. This month, the prize is a BoosterPac ES5000  jump starter. This is one of our most popular products, valued at $159. This unit offers a powerful 1700 peak amps and is a handy, durable and reliable unit that has been getting the job done for our loyal customers for over 15 years.
The winner is Scott Gouza out of Fredonia, WI, who submitted some really cool pics of his BendPak Four Post Lift. He purchased the HD9XW lift to store his vehicles in his garage.

“Thanks for the great service. I have been planning on building a new garage/shop for the past 10+ years. This past spring it became reality. Needing a lift because of having 1967 Chevelle and 1996 Fatboy myself, didn’t justify it. But with my girlfriend owning the 1967 Cougar, 1991 Firebird convertible and 2005 Sportster it made it an easy decision. When I drew up the plans for the garage, it was based on fitting the HD9XW. The lift for us, will provide extra room for storage and the ease of working on our classics”.
Scott Gouza
                                Custom Tool & Engineering
                                Fredonia, WI

BendPak HD9XW Four Post Lift

Booster Pac Battery Jump Starters

June 3rd, 2010

Auto shops as well as individuals for years have known about the benefits of the Booster Pac Jump Starters. They have tremendous power, features and quality. They have set the standard for commercial quality booster packs for many years. We could tell you about the quality of the construction, starting with the case, which was made to last with a thick and durable plastic shell. We could tell you about the thick, heavy gauge welding cables that stay flexible even in cold weather. We could tell you about the heavy duty clamps that will last for a long time and cut through corrosion on battery terminals. We could tell you about the one year warranty. We could tell you about the battery status gauge that indicates the state of charge of the battery. We could also tell you about the Clore Pro-Former battery, which is the best in the industry and manufactured for years of reliable starts. After all of these points, what reason could you have not to get one? Price? Don’t worry about that. These are some of the most affordable commercial quality Battery Booster on the market.You can also check out the owner’s manual.

Booster Pac Jump Starters