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ASE Supplies Car Lift to Hemmings Classic Car Museum

February 18th, 2018

Who isn’t familiar with Hemmings Motor News? It’s one of the premier publications dedicated to the topic of car collecting, classic cars, and car enthusiast interests. The publication started in 1954 by Ernest Hemmings and quickly rose to prominence and popularity. Nobody in the business has more clout. It is the oldest and the largest of it’s type.

Over the years, Hemmings has come out with various other magazines, all catering to other specialized areas of the car enthusiast interests. Publications include Hemmings Classic Car, Hemmings Muscle Machines, and Hemmings Motor News. If you have an interest in anything on four wheels, odds are, Hemmings has featured it or discussed in one of their publications.
The most popular coverage includes classic car auctions, clubs, collector car shows, rallies, swap meets, exotic cars, American muscle cars, European sports cars, and racing cars as well.

If you are into restoration, modifications, and custom work, they cover the mechanical aspects thoroughly as well. They address all aspects of restoring old cars to their vintage past, and provide the details necessary to bring back the fine automobile to it’s historic beauty and show winning luster.

And of course they have a popular web site for classic car buffs. You’ll find past issues there along with videos, archives and more content for the avid car enthusiast who just can’t get enough.

When Hemmings Motor News needed a car lift for their  classic car museum, they contacted ASEdeals because they knew they could count on us to provide them with the best product for their situation, and that we could provide them with the best installation service as well.

Hemmings classic car museum

Hemmings classic car museum

When Greg Gordon from Hemmings contacted ASE asking for advice on what type of lift to obtain for their museum, we recommended one of our Bendpak two post lifts. There were many factors that went into offering that recommendation. Bendpak is one of the largest and most popular automotive lift manufacturers on the planet, and their quality is unquestionable. Plus, their lifts are ALI certified, recognized and inspected for their quality and safety standards by the only authority on the subject – The Automotive Lift Institute.

Here’s what Greg had to say when about the Hemmings experience working ASE deals –

“When we decided to convert a section of the Hemmings classic car museum into a functioning shop, one of first pieces of equipment on our list was a lift, and we wanted it to be reliable. BendPak lifts initially appealed to us because of the company’s commercial garage experience and when Automotive Service Equipment directed us the model XP10ACX we felt we had found the right unit. Our lift was professionally installed and we were very impressed with the quality of the unit.

We’ve been using the lift for a few months now and it’s serving us very well, providing exactly what we’ve been looking for. Thank you for directing us to the perfect fit for our application”.

Hemmings actually ran an article about the entire experience, including the installation as well.

You can read full article as it appeared in Hemmings Motor News magazine here at –

Hemmings Classic Car Museum with 2 post lift

Hemmings Classic Car Museum with 2 post lift from ASEdeals

Now, let’s talk about the Bendpak 2 post lifts.

The Bendpak XPR-10 lifts offer a host of features that you will not find on any of the typical, cookie-cutter hoists out there. They offer a rugged single piece column, with a super tall 53 inch lift carriage for superior strength, and a direct-drive lifting system, which is the most reliable system available.

Double diameter pulleys for the equalizer cables means that cable life is double what it would be on normal lifts. Plus, the frame engaging pads have a rubber saddle cushion to protect the underside of the vehicle frame. Another handy feature on those pads is they have a screw mechanism under them that allow you to adjust the pad height up or down by up to 2.5 inches. In addition to the screw pad capability, the lift also comes standard with a 2.5″ extensions to help reach around running boards, frame members, or pipes to get at automobile jacking points.

Triple telescoping arms in the front of most models allows for more reach when extending the arms to get at longer automobile jacking points, and the capability of setting the lift up at a wide, or a narrow setting adds for great versatility. We recommend setting it up at the wide setting in most situations, as it makes many functions easier, and really doesn’t reduce your capabilities in most situations.

The most popular feature is found on the XPR-10AS. This is the 10,000 lb. capacity asymmetric model. They manufactured it with the added capability to also position the auto symmetric if the need arises. This truly versatile features makes this lift the most popular model of all the Bendpak 2 post lifts.

Bendpak lifts are backed with a 5/2/1 warranty, and don’t worry about parts. They’re always available. Even on older, discontinued models.

So choose the lift that Hemmings chose. And purchase from the dealer that Hemmings chose. If it’s good enough for the finest automotive publication in the USA, then it should be good enough for your garage.

And don’t forget, we sell, service and install nationwide. Contact us today at 800-229-6218.

Rochester Auto Museum – Classic Muscle Cars

August 11th, 2016

We recently had the opportunity to visit a true gem in upstate New York. The Rochester Auto Museum is located in downtown Rochester New York, and offers muscle car and classic car fans the ability to view some real classic American cars. We were fortunate enough to supply them with several of our BendPak HD-9XW 4 post car lifts for storage and for servicing their fine automobiles. The collection of vehicles is always changing, as they buy and sell cars frequently, but there is a common theme among all the autos in the collection – lots of one of a kind, or limited model muscle cars, with lots of Mopar autos sprinkled in.

We also had the great pleasure of meeting and becoming friends with Bob Bartosiewicz, the owner. He is an avid car collector, and has a passion for only the finest automobiles, concentrating mainly from the classic era of the late 60’s to early 1970’s. He was such a gracious and generous host, and took the time to inform us of all of the particulars about each vehicle. His passion comes through right away as he describes the features of all the great cars, and we were in awe of the collection. Let’s just say – He knows his stuff!

You can view Bob in our video that we shot from inside this incredible museum below –

Check out this old classic below. If it looks familiar, it should. It’s the red 1958 Plymouth Fury. One of only 12 that were used in the cult favorite Stephen King movie – Christine. This one was the actual Director’s car. So it is in pristine condition. That’s the owner Bob Bartosiewicz next to her.

1958 Plymouth Fury - Christine

1958 Plymouth Fury – The actual car from the movie Christine.

Another gem from this amazing collection is the 1971 convertible Plymouth Hemi Cuda dubbed Sno White. This is one of one, and is probably the most valuable automobile of the collection. He just purchased it earlier this year.

1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda Sno White

Convertible 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda Sno White

Below you can see several classic vehicles on car lifts. We supplied two BendPak HD-9XW four post lifts to the museum for them to use for both servicing their vehicles, as well as storing one car over another. No car collection like this would be complete without at least one of these vital pieces of shop equipment.

BendPak HD-9XW four post lift

BendPak HD-9XW four post lift

Below you can see a panoramic view of the garage. They have 3 beautiful SuperBirds with wings, numerous GTO’s and Cudas, Dodge Challengers and Chargers, Road Runners, Ford Mustangs and much more.

Rochester Auto Museum panoramic view

Rochester Auto Museum panoramic view

This collection must be seen to be believed. This museum is packed full with American muscle, perfect for anybody who appreciates bygone days of true passion for classic car design.

The Rochester Auto Museum is located at 140 East Main st. in Rochester, NY and we recommend you call them to schedule an appointment to visit. Phone number is 800-398-3029.

Update – 1/27/18 – The Rochester Auto Museum has moved. Check out our video that was shot at it’s original location on Rome St. back in 2016 below –

Barrett Jackson Auction at Mohegan Sun Arena – June 2016

July 3rd, 2016

The 2016 Barrett Jackson auction at Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, CT was a huge success. And our own ASE staff had an all access pass to this inaugural 3 day event. This was the first of at least 4 more auto auctions to come to the Mohegan Sun facilities, and based on the record crowds, there will surely be many more after that. It was a huge hit on TV, with record viewership on the Discovery and Velocity Channel.

Mohegan Sun Arena Prestaging Area

Backstage staging area at Barrett Jackson Auto Auction

Barrett Jackson dubs itself as the world’s greatest collector car auction, and is definitely one of the largest and most popular auto auctions in the industry. This event was a quick sellout, and boasted record attendance at over 90,000 patrons , which was more than any other event ever held at the Mohegan Sun facilities. There were also over 1,700 attendees bidding on automobiles, with a total purse of over 26 million for over 500 vehicles sold.

A nice by-product of this auction were the funds donated to charity, with over $600,000 going to various charitable causes. One of those cars was a Shelby GT-H prototype that went for $150,000, with the proceeds going toward the Carroll Shelby foundation.

If you’re in to classic cars,  exotic autos, or just unique vehicles, this was the place to be in the northeast from the 3 day range of June 23rd to 25th. Most any type of collectible car was there, from US made muscle cars , to European standards, and some amazing prototype and concept cars.

Some of the more notable sales were –

1970 Plymouth Hemi Superbird – $330,000

1969 Chevy Corvette – $624,000

1969 Ford Mustang Boss 439 Fastback $346,000

1969 Ferarri GT – $330,000

2005 Ford GT Custom Coupe – $253,000

1998 Lamborghini Diablo – $236,000

We were there for all the festivities and with our back stage passes, and we were able to obtain for you some exclusive footage that we are processing now. We are producing a video that will demonstrate the highlights, and show you some of the best footage on location from the VIP areas of the show.

But for now, we thought you would like to see some pictures from the show.

Stacy with Richard Rawlings

Our very own Stacy caught up with Richard Rawlings from Gas Monkey Garage backstage after he had just successfully auctioned off his 1989 Lamorghini Countach.


Brian Lockhart with Hemi Superbird

Owner of ASE, Brian Lockhart, with one of the more valuable cars at the show, the Plymouth Hemi Superbird.


Classic Car Prep Area at Barrett Jackson Mohegan Sun

Automobile prep area. This is where the cars were prepared before going on-stage.


Mohegan Sun Arena - Barrett Jackson Collector Car Auction

The Mohegan Sun Arena was sold out, and had a standing room only crowd.

UPDATE  – Check out our video of this event below –

Speed Week In Nassau Bahamas Was A Blast

December 8th, 2012

We had the opportunity to attend the Annual Speed Week in the Bahamas last week. This is a very popular race with classic cars that were in vogue back in the Le Mans and Sebring days. It took place November 24 through December 2nd and it did not disappoint.  These classic cars looked very cool racing through the streets of the capital in Nassau, New Providence.

To qualify to race, the automobiles had to be classic road cars from 1954 to 1980 and had to be in good, race-worthy condition. Vehicles included Astin Martins, Ferraris, Jaguars, Maserati and even a DeLorean. Participants came in from all over the globe, but particularly USA, England, and some local autos as well. Former guests from 2011 included Sir Stirling Moss and Sir Sean Connery.

It was extremely fun watching these glamorous vehicles racing down the narrow, winding streets of beautiful Nassau, Bahamas. If you get the opportunity to attend next year, you are certain to enjoy the hospitality and tropical scenery that makes the Bahamas so popular for travelers.

Speed Week Bahamas