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Auto Manufacturers Using Alternative Refrigerants

March 22nd, 2011

The quest to find an alternative AC refrigerant for automotive Air conditioning systems is growing legs as GM is the latest auto manufacturer to announce that it will be using a new refrigerant, HF-1234yf,  in many of their main auto models. The move is going to happen in 2013, as numerous models will make the shift, including mainstays such as Cadillac, Chevy and Buick cars.
The new refrigerant is HF-1234yf, and has been created by Honeywell.
Manufacturers are searching for a more environmentally friendly alternative to R134A, which has been in use for nearly two decades. This new refrigerant is 97% better for the environment. It is proven to have lower lifetime GHG emissions than HFC-134a or CO2. It also requires only minor modifications to current vehicle AC systems, compared to some other new refrigerants, which require a higher pressurized system.
Before R134A,  R-12 was the refrigerant of choice for decades. The new refrigerant breaks down much quicker than R134A, which means less ozone depleting properties. Auto manufacturers are scrambling to come up with viable alternative to meet new, and increasingly strict EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulations on greenhouse gas production. The EPA just recently approved the use of this new refrigerant in February 2011. So the next time your car is up on the Garage Lift at the local auto shop, you may be a candidate for this new product.

New Customer D-7 Four Post Lift Pictures

June 8th, 2010

Customers lover when we post their pictures on our web site and on our Blog. They get the satisfaction of sharing their positive experience with other like-minded people, and can show off their muscle cars, hot rods, classic cars and any other toys they may have. And we love their pictures too. It gives us pride that we helped someone solve a garage floor space or to help them become self sufficient when it comes to servicing their own vehicles.
The latest images are of our very popular Dannmar D-7 Four Post Lift. The pictures were sent in by Matt Hiatt of Longview, WA, who writes, ” I currently have the Dannmar D7 I purchased from you about a year ago. I liked the D7 garage lift so much, I would like to deal with you again.  In the past year I have recommended you to a number of people in my car clubs, to my neighbors, and my dad even bought one. I currently have a 70 RS/SS 396 Camaro, 1979 pro-touring Trans Am 403, and recently purchased a factory condition original 4 speed 1979 Camaro Z28  My ’70 Has appeared in calendars and coloring books, my TA was selected Firebird of the month in April by Trans Am Country, and my 79 Z will join them shortly. Here are the cars I hope to put on 2 of your lifts in my new shop. As you can tell I am an avid collector.  I would be making another purchase in Oct/Nov upon
completing my shop and 79 Camaro. Thanks again for the great deal”.

Four Post Lift

Four Post Lifts For The Home Hobbyist’s Garage

May 4th, 2010

It amazes us how many people these days are getting a four post lift for their home garage. Just a decade ago, it was considered a luxury and too expensive for a typical home hobbyist to purchase a garage lift for home use. Not anymore. The combination of lower prices due to competition, and most manufacturers moving their manufacturing to Asia has made purchasing a garage lift much more affordable for the common man.

Whether you’re using your lift for storing one vehicle over another, or you’re using it for servicing your cars, there’s no better time to get one. There have also been some great new innovations in the home / hobbyist lift market over the past few years.

Case in point is the BendPak HD9 four post lifts. BendPak has basically just scaled down their commercial duty 14,000 lb. four post lifts to create a top-of-the-line lift at a surprisingly low price when compared to other premium lifts out there. The BendPak lifts have all of the top features like dual safeties, and a ladder safety system. They also have a great warranty, which is five years on the structure, one year on hydraulics, and one year of on-site service. This is truly a special car lift at a very reasonable price.

For those customers who don’t have the budget for a four post lift with the quality of the BendPak Lift, offers several other home, hobbyist lifts. The Dannmar D-7 Four Post Lift is an extremely popular lift that we have been carrying for over 8 years and we get tremendous feedback on it. It holds up well over time and is quite reliable.

We also offer the Tuxedo four post car lifts. They have several models ranging from 7,000 lb. , 8,000 lb. and 9,000 lb. to choose from. These are all very solid and reliable garage lifts that are sold in a variety of different packages, such as drip trays to protect the vehicle underneath, caster kit to make the lift portable, and jack tray to aid in gaining access to the wheels for brake work and more.

You should make your decision on which type of lift you purchase based on your budget, features you desire and warranty offered. We will delve further into the capabilities and features of these home / hobbyist four post lifts in future posts, so stay tuned.

Call us and we will fit you with a lift that’s right for you. 800-229-6218

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