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Winner Announced For Our Monthly Deal – New MaxJax Lift Pictures

June 10th, 2012

This month’s winner has been announced. It’s Ernest Jensen from Bayshore, NY. Every month, customers who have purchase an automotive lift of any kind or type from us can submit a picture or two of their lift after it’s been installed in their professional garage, or their home garage. Once entered, we perform a random drawing. The winner of this drawing wins a prize typically valued at about $150. The prize this month is an ES2500 Battery Booster Pac.

The details about the winner? As indicated previously, it’s Peter Jensen from Bayshore, NY, and he submitted several pictures of his Dannmar MaxJax portable mid rise two post lift that he purchased a few weeks back.  Pete said, “Here are some pictures of my MaxJax Lift that I bought. It fits my garage perfectly, and it makes a great addition to my shop”. You can check out some of the pictures he sent us below.

If you are not familiar with the Max Jax Lift, it is one of our most popular car lifts. It has the ability to be mounted to your garage floor, and then used to service your vehicle, and then you can dismount it, and store it away in the corner of your shop where it’s out of the way. It is a truly unique lift with all the features of a quality two post lift, and then some. Plus, it’s on sale right now. Our customers are jumping all over this deal.

Give us a call today with any questions you have.

MaxJax Two Post Lift

A Great Resource For Automotive Gearheads

October 17th, 2010

Anybody who hasn’t been hiding in a cave for the past ten or twenty years knows that Jay Leno is a serious car buff. He not only likes collecting them, but he also enjoys working on them. He has a website along with NBC that is a great resource for car buffs called Jay Leno’s Garage. He is constantly posting new videos on it, displaying his vehicles, along with showing all the latest innovations in the car enthusiast industry. One of the videos is Jay showing off some of his BendPak Lifts.  He actually has three of them. You can also find videos where he shows off his latest Dannmar MaxJax Two Post Lift. He also shows you how to perform various services to vintage and classic cars, as well as showing innovative new products for cars, and the home garage. One such product we recently spotlighted on our own blog was the Liftmaster garage door opener. In is a unique opener that mounts to the side of your garage door. This web site is a treasure trove of information for the car enthusiast that should not be missed. That is why we are bringing it to your attention. Because we know our followers are extremely interested in this sort of thing.

Jay Leno's Garage