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Winner Announced For Our Jump Starter Drawing

March 4th, 2012

And the winner is…. Larry Hughes from Worthington, OH.

Larry purchased a Bend Pak PLT-6S Tilt Platform Parking Lift. Larry said, “Just got the PLT-6S parking lift up and running. One word – Awesome!
Attached are the pictures from my garage. Thank you”.

This lift is a new model that BendPak recently came out with. They design and fabricate many different types of service and parking lifts. This model is pretty unique and solves the nagging lack of garage floor space issue. It allows you to park one vehicle over another, virtually doubling your available parking capacity. Each style of parking lift has it’s own unique advantages. This lift allows you to utilize all available space, particularly for folks who don’t have a lot of ceiling height.

 You can win our drawing too. All you need to do is submit a picture or two of your lift that you purchased from us within the last year. It must be installed and set up in your shop or Garage. That’s what Larry did, and now he is the lucky recipient of the ES2500 by Booster Pac. This is one of our most popular car jump starters. The Booster Pac name is widely known among professional circles as a leader in the car battery jump starter industry.

Tilt Platform Parking Lift

Sneak Peak At New BendPak Lift Models – Part 3

February 2nd, 2011

Part 3 of a three part series –

The BendPak HDS-35PX Super Duty Truck Parking Lift is a truly unique lift.  This Four Post Lift was made for fleet operators, and truck and bus yards. The market is full of car lifts for parking and storing passenger cars and light trucks, but we haven’t seen any like this. This lift is perfect for for businesses who are looking to increase their shop floorspace or perhaps find a more affordable alternative to purchasing more real estate.
This Parking Lift could be used indoors or outdoors, and will function in temperatures down to 41 degrees. Now you can double the parking space on your property with a simple purchase of this lift. This lift has a capacity of 35,000  lbs. and has a maximum lifting height of 177 inches.
It has all the same great features found on the standard BendPak four post lifts, like oversized cable pulleys which extend the life of your cables, Flow restrictor on the hydraulic cylinder for safety sake, stainless steel aircraft cables for maximum durability and longevity and a slack cable safety that acts as a back up the the typical mechanical safety system.
BendPak is also capable of creating custom parking lifts to meet your special needs. Just give us a call for your parking project.

BendPak HD35PX truck and Bus Lift

Sneak Peak At New BendPak Lift Models – Part 2

February 1st, 2011

Part 2 of a three part series –

The BendPak PLT-6S tilt parking lift.
This is the ultimate parking lift! This unique design for a parking lift allows you to install it on your concrete floor, or allows you to leave it free-standing on a concrete surface. This lift works for so many applications. It is truly a versatile Car Lift. It is perfect for homeowners just looking to store one vehicle over another, to developers and contractors looking to fit more parking space into their commercial facilities. This is an affordable alternative to buying more real estate or building a new garage.
For storing a couple of typical smaller passenger cars, you would need a ceiling height of approximately 113″. For larger full size cars, you will need approximately 120 inch ceiling height, and for a larger car, along with a small SUV, you could need approximately 138 inch ceiling.
Here are some features and specifications –

  • 6,000 pound lifting capacity
  • Accommodates most cars and small SUV’s
  • Hot dipped galvanized steel platform
  • Heavy steel locks automatically engage at full-rise
  • Manually operated lock release
  • Dual hydraulic cylinders for lifting
  • Cantilevered design with lateral torsion bar
  • No cables or chains
  • Individual, or single multi unit power control unit configurations
  • Suitable for residential or commercial applications
  • Available in 110V  or commercial 220V power options


More Recent Customers

November 28th, 2010 enjoys a wide variety of customers and we have seen a customer base that comes from a myriad of different industries over the past 14 years. Whether it’s an Automotive Lift, tire changer, floor jack, air compressor or tool box, we’ve seen all kinds of different customers. From Schools and government agencies, including the military, to home / hobbyists and car collectors, and car dealerships and fortune 500 companies.

Here are some recent customers –

Louisa County Public Schools purchased a BendPak alignment lift.

Metropolitan Education District in San Jose, CA purchased a BendPak four post lift and a Viper AF3250 Coolant System Flusher.

The City of Holstein, IA fire department purchased an RTI exhaust vent system.

Continental Airlines purchased a BendPak PL6000 single post parking lift.

Boeing purchased a Ranger RJS-2TH tall jack stand.

The Town of Hempsted, NY Sanitation Dept. purchased a Ranger RTJ3000 transmission jack.

The Ohio Division of Watercraft purchased a Dannmar D7 Four Post Lift.

Grady Health System in Atlanta, GA purchased two BendPak RJ15 Rolling Jacks

Bradley Chevrolet in Parker, AZ purchased a Ranger RD20SE oil drain.

Stevens Creek Hyundai in Santa Clara, CA purchased a JNC660 jump starter.

Yuba Community College District in Marysville, CA purchased a Workhorse MSC-6K Portable Car Lift.

Ashland Community & Technical College purchased a Ranger CRT-380R Alignment Machine.

US Marine Corps. in Cherry Point, NC purchased an RTI NTF-15 Nitrogen Tire Filling Machine.

These are just a few of our more notable customers over the past 30 days. As you can see, there is a wide variety of customers.

RTI Nitrogen Tire Filling Machine

New Customer BendPak PL6000X Single Post Parking Lift Pictures

November 7th, 2010
Our BendPak PL6000X Single Post Parking Lift is a popular model for the home / hobbyist market and for parking facilities because it offers a space saving design that allows users to store one vehicle over another. It also has a small footprint and doesn’t clutter your garage floor with columns. There is just one column, so many customers prefer it’s design to the typical four post parking lift.
One recent customer was out of of Potomac, MD. He actually purchased two of these handy lifts for his home garage storage solution.
It was installed by one of our most reliable and capable installers, Charlie Yancey of Charlie’s Lift Service out of Catonsville, MD. He’s been in the business for many years and does quality work.
We recommend customers have this particular model professionally installed. It’s quite large and bulky and cumbersome to handle, and can be more difficult to install than the typical four post parking lift. Plus, it’s vitally important that this model be mounted to the floor properly, due to it’s single column design. You’ll also want to make sure your floor is adequate. It requires 4″ of concrete at 3000 psi.
Take a look at the features to see if this popular BendPak Lift is right for you.
PL6000X Single Post Parking Lift

PL6000X Single Post Parking Lift

Automotive Lift Options – Part 3

September 30th, 2010

We focused on two post lifts and in-ground lifts in part one, and spoke about four post lifts and Scissor lifts in part two of our series – Automotive Lift Options.

Part three is the final part of this three part series. We will focus on Mobile wheel engaging lifts, Pit Lifts and Parking Lifts.

Mobile Wheel Engaging Lifts, also known as Portable Column Lifts are more often used for heavy trucks and large vehicles. They are typically sold in sets of four or six and lift the vehicle by the wheels. They can be rolled around to where you need them, so you don’t need to permanently mount them, and you can store them out of the way when you’re done with them. They are synchronized so they will lift at the same pace.

Pit Lifts are perfect for lube shops, but also are popular with the home / hobbyist who just wants a car lift that allows him complete access to the underside of the vehicle. Lube shops love this lift because it straddles their pit and the technician will work from underneath, down in the pit. Oil changes are quick and easy, because you just drive on and off. We all know, time is money. Home users appreciate the ability to get at the underside of their car while still having a low rise lift that will work for their low ceiling garage.

Finally, there are many different types of parking lifts / car storage lifts. The most popular parking lifts are Four Post Lifts. These are extremely popular with the home car enthusiast looking for more room in his garage. The four post parking lift is the most affordable option, and can even be portable with the optional caster kit.
There are two post parking lifts that are also very popular. These are not like the typical two post service lift. These have runways that you drive up onto.
Then there are single post parking lifts. Customers who purchase these lifts get them because they don’t take up all the floor space that those other types of storage lifts do. You just have the one column. Because you’re lifting from only one side, this style of car storage lift requires it to be mounted to an adequate concrete surface.

Give us a call and we’ll help set you up with a lift that’s right for you.

Single Post Parking Lift

Factors When Purchasing a Four Post Lift for Home Garage

July 29th, 2010

Home Hobbyist customers who are considering a Four Post Lift always have many questions about what lift to get and what factors to consider when trying to determine which lift to get for their home garage.
Whether you are using it for storing one vehicle over another, or you are using it for servicing your cars, there are many details to base your decision on.
The First question we would ask you is, what type of vehicles are you parking on, and under it? If you are parking a tall vehicle underneath, we would steer you toward an extra high lifting model. If your storing a couple of sports cars one over another, the standard height model would work just fine.
How wide are the vehicles that you are parking on and under? We have some extra wide models with adjustable runways for SUV’s and full size trucks. We also have extra long models for your crew cab and extended cab trucks.
Take a good look at our dimensional drawings on our web site. They’re there for a reason. Measure twice and buy once. You don’t want to get the wrong lift for your application. Make sure it will fit in your garage. Make sure you have enough width, enough length, and enough ceiling height. We advise you of a simple formula that applies for most of our parking lifts. If your storing one vehicle over another, simply add the height of both vehicles, and then add ten inches to that figure. And that’s how tall your ceiling must be. Ceiling height is important, but don’t forget about any other obstructions that may be above, such as your garage door opener, light fixtures etc… There are kits out there that allow you to move your garage door track and opener closer to your ceiling if necessary.
Lets not forget about electric power requirements. Many Parking Lift models require 110v and some require 220v. So pay attention to that detail. 220v will be more powerful, while 110v is more readily available for most home garages.
Another consideration is your garage floor. It needs to be fairly level and free of cracks. Each type of lift will have different requirements, but most 7000 lb to 9000 lb four post lifts will require about 3.5 to 4 inches of concrete at about 2500 psi.
These are just some of the factors to consider when making a decision on your car lift. There are many others of course, including your budget, and ability to unload it from the delivery truck and install it. But those are subject matter for future posts, so stay tuned.

D-7 Four Post Lift