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New Ranger Tire Changer Model R30XLT

September 28th, 2011

Check out the new R30XLT tire changer by Ranger folks! It’s here and it’s now in stock and ready for shipping. This new tire machine has all kinds of cool features, but the thing we like best is it’s range. This machine can handle all the way from 10 inch rims all the way up to 33 inch rim diameter. That’s a pretty wide range. It has a power assist arm to help you change those fancy and expensive low profile wheels. It has a powerful 2 horse power motor. It has the new Ranger “NextGen” jet blast bead seating system with the large air storage tank so you’ll be able to seat the beads of pretty much any tire that can fit on this machine. And there’s so much more, such as the rugged forged steel foot pedals instead of those cheesy cast steel pedals you typically find on most machines out there. It has all of the quality you’ve come to expect from the Ranger name, along with the reasonable price you’ve come to expect. Now just what do you think you would have to pay for a tire changer packed with all these features? $5000? Maybe $4000? Forget about it. How ’bout only $2985 with free shipping? That’s right. Nowhere will you find such a great bargain as this. We cannot guarantee this price for long. Just give us a call for more details or visit our web site. You’ll be glad you did.

Ranger R30XLT tire changer

BendPak Holds The Line On Prices for Q4

September 20th, 2011

BendPak / Ranger, one of our largest manufacturers, announced on Monday that they plan on holding their prices at their current levels for the next two quarters. BendPak / Ranger is a manufacturer of such essential auto shop products as auto lifts, tire changers, exhaust tube benders, floor jacks, air compressors and much more. They have been manufacturing these types of products for over 40 years and are known throughout the industry as a leader in their field.
This announcement is significant as many of our manufacturers of automotive service equipment have recently increased their prices or have indicated they will be increasing prices in the near future. It’s no secret that commodity costs have increased dramatically over the past year which has had a noticeable impact on products that require steel, rubber, plastic and other raw materials. On top of that, labor costs have also risen in China and other countries. This has raised costs for many manufacturers who moved much of their production over to Asia in an effort to reduce costs and remain competitive.
BendPak’s decision shows that it is possible to hold the line on costs and remain competitive. They have shown true leadership on this and many other issues over the past 15 years that we have been carrying their products. That is one of the many reasons we are proud to carry their product line.

BendPak Logo

Customer Motorcycle Lift Pictures

July 9th, 2011

Here is another posting of customer pictures. This time, it’s of our Ranger RML750HD Motorcycle Lift. This is our most popular motorcycle lift of all the different models we carry. And why not? It’s got the best features, the greatest lifting capacity (1650 lbs) and the highest lifting height (43 inches). Plus it has retractable casters so you can roll it around, even when your bike is loaded on it!

You’ll find that most motorcycle / ATV lifts lift only to a height of about 36 inches or so, and have a lifting capacity of only 1000 lbs. The typical ATV lift design has wheels that roll along the floor, but this Ranger motorcycle lift scissors up inside it’s own frame, which allows for the portability, along with a more stable footprint and a heavier lifting capacity.

It comes bundled with the side extensions, rear support poles, the two approach ramps and the power unit can be powered by air, or when your compressor is not available, you can manually pump it to raise and lower it.

The picture shown below is provided by Jeff Holt from American Motorcycle Group out of Anaheim, CA. When they needed a bike lift, they came to us because they knew we would hook them up with the best product for their application.

Here’s what Jeff said – “Our Ranger RML750HD motorcycle lift has seen heavy use since the day it was delivered. We have been playing
with it and we all like using it with all the different options installed. I have included a picture of it in use without the sides on it. This Lift is definitely one of the nicest I’ve ever used, plus I really like the locking mechanism. With this lift now in our Tech Center, we’ve been able to increase our tech shoots ten times. Now our only problem is we all have
to fight over who gets to use it.”

Call us at 800-229-6218 to learn more about this great lift, or visit our web site at ASEDeals.
Ranger Motorcycle Lift

New Ranger Tire Changer Jet Blast System

May 23rd, 2011

The new Ranger Next Generation Tire Changers have many features you would find on a premium machine. We could tell you about the powerful two horsepower motor, significantly larger than most machines on the market today, which typically have a 1.5 HP motor. We could tell you about the forged steel foot pedals, which are less likely to break under rough shop use than the typical tire changer, which usually has cast steel foot pedals. We could tell you about the wide range that the machines have when it comes to rim diameter capabilities. There are so many reasons to purchase a Ranger Tire Changer now. But this post is not about those features. It’s about the powerful Jet Blast system that these tire machines have. The innovative design delivers a rapid blast of air where you need it, when you need it. You will be able to seat the bead of pretty much any wheel that fits on the tire changer. And it’s quick. Just pull the hose / nozzle assembly over to your wheel while it’s on the turntable, position the nozzle into the tire, and let the machine do the rest. It takes just seconds and gets the job done right the first time.
Check out the short video below and see just how simple it is. Then get back to us with any questions.

Ranger Tire Changer

ASE Deals Hollywood Connection Update

December 10th, 2010

We notified you in a previous post that we had supplied some automotive equipment to the new Columbia /Sony Pictures production, The Green Hornet. They needed a Tire Changer and Wheel Balancer, and we supplied them with a Ranger RX950 tire changer, along with the popular DST1200 Wheel Balancer. They needed this equipment to work on the set vehicles, including the awesome car of the Green Hornet – The Black Beauty. You really need to check out this car!

We showed you the trailer in the previous post. This post is just to update you on news of the scheduled release date. It is scheduled to premier on January 14, 2011. It will be available for viewing in IMAX 3D, so it should be pretty cool. Be sure to check it out as soon as it comes out.

Ranger Spray Wash Cabinet Sale

December 9th, 2010

Customers who are currently on the market for a Spray Wash Cabinet should review our Ranger RS500 and RS750 Spray Wash Cabinets.
First, they are manufactured by Ranger Products. Ranger is a division of BendPak, one of the largest automotive equipment manufacturers on the planet. They have been around for four decades and boast one of the best reputations in the industry.
They have a very stout cabinet, which has a heavy duty 12 guage construction, and adjustable timer, brass nozzles, stainless oil skimmer, removable filter basket, gasket free door and adjustable thermostat. It also includes a parts tree and parts basket.
It allows ample access to the cabinet interior with it’s octagonal door, and has simple, easy to use controls.
These Parts Cleaners have a durable design with a high end motor that will provide years of reliable service. They come with 25 lbs of detergent.
they are the best bang for your buck when it comes a a well built, reliable machine from a quality manufacturer. Warranty is 5 years on the cabinet structure, and one year on parts and labor.
The best part is that they are currently on sale. The sale will last until the end of the year. Do not hesitate. With all that goes on during the holiday season, this sale can easily pass you by, and you’ll be kicking yourself for not taking advantage of this sale when you had the chance.

Ranger Spray Wash Cabinet

New Next Generation Ranger Tire Changers

December 4th, 2010

Ranger Products, a division of BendPak inc. recently came out with their new, next generation of tire changers. They have always been known for building solid, durable and long lasting tire machines. But they never were a company that rests on their laurels.
A few months back, they introduced their new, next generation of Tire Changers and wheel balancer. Now they didn’t go out and re-invent the wheel. There was no need to. There was nothing wrong with their last generation of tire changers. They just wanted to improve them.
So they took the same chassis and just added some new features and quality. This was a wish list of improvements that they had wanted to do for several years.
Some of those improvements include –

A more powerful 2 hp motor. This is more powerful than many of those over-priced, so called “premium” tire changers out there. Most machines out there have a 1 hp to 1.5 hp motor. You will definitely notice a difference in power.

A sturdier, beefier cabinet. One thing you’ll notice is less flex. It is just more stout and won’t slide around the floor on you either.

Improved jet blast feature. Now you’ll be able to seat the bead of virtually any tire that the machine can handle.

Better quality components. For instance, all the foot pedals are now forged steel instead of cast steel. So go ahead. Pound away at them. Don’t worry about breaking them. Even your toughest, most aggressive employees won’t break them

Improved air lines, valves and hoses. All those air line connections underneath that typically leak with those “economy” brands are more reliable and less likely to cause problems. No shortcuts here.

Better warranty. Typical warranty for those economy brands is one year, parts only. With Ranger, you get one year, parts and labor. So if you do have a warranty issue, Ranger will back it up with on-site service if necessary.

All these things and many more combine to give the best value in the tire machine industry.

Ranger Tire Changers

New Ranger R26-FLT Heavy Duty Tire Changer

November 17th, 2010

It’s Here!
The new Ranger R26FLT Heavy Truck Tire Changer is here.
This is the latest in their “Next Generation” of tire changers. It has all the latest features that separate it from the pack.
This is a super duty truck tire changer that will make all of those difficult to change tires a breeze to deal with.
It handles up to 27 inch rim diameter and up to 63″ tire diameter, and a wheel width of 23″. All of the parts are made from hardened, forged components. It has a powerful bead breaker and is made to get the job done fast. The power control unit is portable for positioning in the best location for the job.
Yet, with all it’s modern features, it is surprisingly simple to use. It’s also gentle on those expensive alloy wheels.

Ranger has made it so easy and effective to use. Check out the video below.

Ranger RML750HD ATV And Motorcycle Lift

November 4th, 2010

A very popular product with customers over the past 5 years or so is the Ranger RML750HD Motorcycle Lift. This can be attributed to several reasons.
First, The manufacturer is Ranger Products, a division of BendPak, Inc. They are one of the top names in the automotive lift business. They’ve been around for over 40 years and have a great reputation for quality and reliability.
Next, the RML750HD Motorcycle lift has many great features that are not typically found on most motorcycle lifts / ATV lifts on the market these days.
For instance, it lifts significantly higher, up to 43 inches. Most lifts only raise to approximately 36 inches.
It also has a greater lifting capacity of 1650 lbs. Most lifts have a lifting capacity of 1000 lbs.
It also has two different approach ramps. A wider, steeper ATV approach ramp, and a longer, narrower motorcycle approach ramp.
It can be powered by air, or hydraulics alone. So if your air compressor is down, you can still power this thing.
It also has retractable casters, so you can roll it around even while it’s loaded. This is a handy feature.
It also has a unique feature in it’s rear support poles. You can run straps down from the hooks on the poles down to the bike’s frame, so that you can free-wheel the rear wheel.
Included as standard with the lift are the side extensions, the wheel vise, the rear support poles, the drop-out panel in the rear, and the two different approach ramps.
Pretty cool, Huh?

Ranger RML750HD Motorcycle Lift

Ranger Tire Changer New Jet Blast Feature

October 14th, 2010

Most tire changer manufacturers have a “jet blast” feature built in to their tire changing machines that shoot a rapid blast of air directly out of the jaw clamps that grab onto the rim that hold the wheel onto the turntable. This blast of air shoots directly through holes in the clamps into the tire while it is positioned on the turntable. This usually results in the tire bead instantly seating onto the rim. But there can be problems with this system. Sometimes the curvature of the rim can cause the blast of air to just shoot out the other side of the rim and not even seat the bead of the tire on a smaller wheel. Well, the folks at Ranger set out to build a better mousetrap. They came out with a jet blast system that gives you complete control of how the air shoots into the wheel. Along with a large, 8 gallon air tank, they changed the system to deliver the air via a hand held hose with nozzle. No more frustrating moments where you can’t seat the bead on a particular wheel. This reliable system will never let you down. Other Tire Changer manufacturers are sure to follow.

Ranger Tire Changer