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AC Service Considerations

March 17th, 2011

Summer is  coming sooner than you realize, and one of the most common services technicians perform during the warmer months is AC system service. It can be a profitable service for the repair shop owner, and a vital service for the customer. But it is more important than ever to assure that the service is performed properly, as government regulations are becoming more strict each year. Add to that the increasing cost of refrigerant, and there’s plenty of reasons why you don’t want to let any escape into the atmosphere. Another major concern is mixing refrigerants.
(MACS) the Mobile Air Conditioning Society has issued a reminder for all technicians across the globe to use a refrigerant identifier when servicing an AC system to make sure the improper mixing of refrigerants does not occur, and to assure of the purity of your refrigerant. The standard that AC Service Systems must conform to these days is SAE J-1771. If you don’t verify the refrigerant, you risk contaminating systems, and having a costly headache on your hands. If an improper refrigerant is introduced to a vehicle’s AC system, you risk anything from minor, to severe issues, including reduced cooling capability, corrosion of hoses and seals, up to and including total system failure.
We carry two different manufacturers of AC Service Machine, YellowJacket and RTI. They are packed full of features, boast the finest quality, and are affordably priced. Both are made in the USA, are durable, reliable, and accurate. And both comply with SAE standards. Check them out.

AC Service Machine

Bosch Aquires RTI Technologoies

December 11th, 2010

Big news for the Automotive Equipment industry in the form of a press release on December 8th. The Bosch Group announced that it acquired RTI Technologies.
RTI is well known for it’s high quality auto shop equipment. We have been carrying their products for over 6 years now. Their products include – exhaust ventilation equipment, transmission, brake, coolant system and power steering fluid exchange machines, nitrogen tire filling machines  and AC Service Machines.
Of course, Bosch is also a well know company. They are a leader in the automotive industry with a very diversified line of products.
Bosch claimed that the main reason for the acquisition was to obtain RTI’s coveted AC Service Machines. They are known industry wide as the best in the business.
This seems to be a smart move on the part of Bosch, as they obtain a very popular product line, and for RTI, because they gain the notoriety of the Bosch name, along with their wide distribution channels.
RTI is based in York, PA and had sales of over 12 million in 2009 with 36 employees. Bosch claims they will be keeping the RTI staff.
It should be a good match. What do you think? Let us know.

RTI LogoAC Service Machine

RTI Nitrogen Tire Filling Machine

November 18th, 2010

Why do we need to fill tires with nitrogen?
That’s the question we get all the time when people see this machine. As an auto shop owner, you need to know how to answer this question. That’s because filling automotive tires with nitrogen has become a true profit center.
More and more customers looking to improve mileage are opting for this service. And smart auto shop owners are jumping all over this. It just makes good business sense. If you offer a service such as this that is in high demand, while most of your competitors do not, you gain a competitive edge.
So how do you answer the question when your customers asks, “Why should I fill my tires with nitrogen”?
It’s simple –
1) Better tire pressure maintenance.
2) Improved safety.
3) Superior Handling
4) Longer tire life
5) Decreased wheel corrosion
You’ll obviously need to go into more detail to explain how all this can be accomplished just by inflating a tire with nitrogen instead of shop air. The answer has to do with the size of the nitrogen molecule as compared to standard air. Which means tire pressure is maintained much longer. About 3 times longer according to Michelin. Bridgestone says air inflated tires lost an average of 2.7 psi per month vs nitrogen tire filled tires which lose an average of 0.7 psi per month. Goodyear says 15% under-inflation equals 8% less tread mileage and a 2.5% lower fuel mileage.
That should get customer’s attention.
RTI has several different  Nitrogen Tire Filling Machines to get you started cashing in on this new profitable service.

RTI Nitrogen Tire Filling Machine

Transmission Flushers And Fluid Exchangers

August 26th, 2010

Performing a transmission fluid exchange service can be lucrative for your auto shop. This fact is a large reason why many automotive repair facilities are purchasing a Transmission Flusher, or transmission fluid exchanger.
Once you explain to customers the benefits of this service, it’s an easy sell. The purchase of one of these machines will pay for itself within a very reasonable time frame comparatively speaking, when compared to other major pieces of shop equipment.
Once the decision to purchase a transmission machine has been made, then the more difficult decision is ahead of you. With all the machines out there, which one should you get?
We carry several models by two different manufacturers. Both manufacturers are top notch with machines that are state of the art an include great warranties and parts availability. The best news is, they’re all made in the USA.
TTech has two different machines. First the TT400, which is powered by 12 volts DC. This unit has 23 fittings and has quick connects to the cooler line quickly and easily. It exchanges 100 % of the ATF in a proportional, even exchange.
The TT500 has the same features as the TT400, but also includes some additional features. It has a backlit fluid cylinder, so you can see the fluid level easier. It also includes point-of-sale literature to help you explain the benefits of the exchange. This model includes a more comprehensive supply of 34 fittings. This model also operates off of 110 volts AC.
We also carry machines by RTI. They have the most technologically advanced machines with fully automatic operation. They have Fluid Flow Direction Indication – Automatically indicates if you are hooked up to the vehicle correctly. Audible alert and light signal technician to reverse hoses if necessary. They also have a comprehensive color coded adapter selection with reference chart. They even have a model that allows you to stick a probe down the dipstick tube for the fastest service around.
RTI also offers an optional add-on feature – a Power Steering fluid exchanger. Yet another revenue producing service.
Give us a call and we’ll go over all the details with you so you get the machine that’s right for you.

TTech Transmission Fluid ExchangerRTI Transmission Flusher

Smoke Machine Leak Detector Saves You Money

June 11th, 2010

Shop owners – How many times have you had a leak, but you couldn’t locate it? Didn’t you wish you had a piece of equipment that could locate it?

There are numerous leak detectors out on the market today, but they have many shortcomings. Many don’t have an infinitely adjustable pressure control, so you only have a limited amount of pressure settings. 

1 psi is just not enough pressure to pinpoint those hard to find Evap leaks, oil, air and fuel system leaks, coolant system and of course, vacuum leaks.
1 psi just doesn’t push the smoke through the system being tested at a high enough pressure, frequently leading to misdiagnosed troubles, and therefore – comebacks, the most dreaded thing an auto repair shop owner can see.

Well, worry about comebacks no more. The ELF-1 Smoke Machine / Leak Detector by RTI is designed specifically to find those hard to find, recurring leaks that can cause you to stay awake at night.

And anything that saves you this kind of time and keeps you from spending hours trying to diagnose a problem is a huge money saver for your shop.

Worried that you can’t fit it to various systems? Don’t worry. It comes with various stoppers and adapters to fit most systems.

Worried that the smoke charge will run out in a short period of time? Don’t worry. The smoke charge is guaranteed to last at least two years, and will probably last 5 years under normal shop use.

Worried that it won’t be compatible with many automotive systems? Don’t worry. The ELF-1 is adjustable from 1-15 psi, so you determine what pressure to set it at, based on the system being tested and the manufacturer’s specifications.

And don’t forget, it’s manufactured by RTI. One of the best names in the automotive shop equipment business. It has a one year warranty, and parts are always available. The refills are only around $80 too, so you won’t break the bank on them.

Think of the time saved and the productivity and get going. You can’t afford not to get one of these.

Smoke Machine Leak Detector