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Killer Deal on the TTech TT500 Transmission Fluid Exchange Machine

June 14th, 2012

Hurry! Don’t wait! Act Now!

Do we have your attention now?

We wanted to get your attention because we have a limited time offer on our TTech transmission fluid exchange machine. You really don’t want to miss out on this one.

Why? Check this out –
Right now, we are offering the TTECH model TT500¬†at a ridiculously low price of $3955 with free shipping. That’s a great deal in and of itself. If we stopped there, you’d be saving $400 off our regular price. But we don’t stop there. When you purchase the TT500 before the end of June, we will throw in the following five items for free –

  • Fast Fit Hose Coupler Kit
  • Fast Fit Phase 1 Fitting Kit
  • Jump N Carry JNC1224 Jump Starter
  • BA327 Digital Battery and System Tester with Integrated Printer
  • Solar OS6150 Wheeled Battery Charger

Check out pictures of these items below –

TT500 Fast Fit Fittings KitTT500 Hose Coupler Kit

Jump N Carry JNC1224 Jump StarterSolar BA327 Battery TesterSolar OS6150 Battery Charger

We told you this was a killer deal. The combined free products add up to over $1500. How do we do it? Who knows? Who Cares? Just take advantage of this offer while you can! This is a deal that is truly too good to pass up.

The TT500 is our best transmission service machine. And TTech is the best name in the business. You have until June 30 th only. Do not let this deal pass you by. You’ll be kicking yourself later.

TTech model TT500 Transmission Fluid Exchange Machine

Transmission Fluid Exchangers

November 27th, 2010

The importance of exchanging your transmission fluid should not be underestimated. Most transmission failures are attributed to the transmission fluid wear and breakdown. It is not just a lubricant, it also provides the hydraulic pressure necessary to change the gears and change torque inside the torque converter.
Many modern transmission fluids are long life fluids that are rated to last 100,000 miles or more. Different vehicle manufacturers require different fluids. It is important that you use the manufacturer specified fluid.
Using the wrong fluid, tough driving conditions, or just lack of maintenance can cause premature failure of the transmission. Technicians and service managers need to explain this to their customers so they understand the importance of this service. When their vehicle is up on the Automotive Lift, make sure to inform them of the importance of this valuable service. Some manufacturers even offer literature that can help make the case.
Offering transmission fluid exchange service as part of your arsenal as a full service auto shop can be a lucrative endeavor.

Transmission Fluid Exchanger