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MaxJax Two Post Lift – Last Chance to get in on low Prices

August 28th, 2011

We always take these opportunities to warn you of impending price increases. Dannmar, the manufacturer of our very popular MaxJax Two Post Lift has informed us that they have scheduled a price increase for October 1st.

This price increase is going to be pretty significant. We’re not sure of the percentage of the increase just yet, but they have warned us that it will be at least 5%.

If you’re not familiar with this unique auto lift, check it out on our web site. It basically takes all the features you desire in a two post lift, but makes it shorter so it will fit in home / hobbyist garages whose ceilings are too low for a traditional two post lift. And here’s the kicker, it does not have to be permanently mounted. You are able to simply unbolt it from the floor, and roll it over into the corner of your shop when you aren’t using it if you so desire. This portability feature is a great selling point because many customers don’t want two large posts taking up space in their garage.

So now is the time to jump in on one of the most popular car lifts we’ve ever carried. The current minimum price the manufacturer allows us to advertise this lift for is $1999. But until the end of September, we are offering an even better deal. We cannot advertise the price here. You’ll have to call us to find out the price. It will be worth your time to call.

MaxJax Two Post Lift

Sale On Discontinued BendPak Two Post Lift

August 14th, 2011

For many years, BendPak designed and manufactured both a wide and a narrow version of their two post lifts. It was a great idea, because it allowed users to choose a car lift that fit their garage floor space. Then, recently, BendPak decided to create an adjustable width lift. So now, you can set it up wide or narrow. You determine what width to set it up at when you get it. No need to decide until you’re ready to set it up.

If you’re looking to save a buck or two, we still have a few of the old standard  / narrow width models available.  This is the model XPR-10AC Two Post Lift. For a limited time, you can enjoy a substantial savings off this old discontinued model. This model has all of the same features of the brand new model, except for the adjustable feature.

This lift formerly sold at $2865. But, until we run out, You can get this lift at the low price of only $2632 with free shipping. But don’t waste any time. Once these lifts are gone, they’re gone.

BendPak Two Post Lift

A Car Lift Is Not Car Jack

June 11th, 2011

We often receive calls from customers who need to raise their car to perform service on it and they will sometimes interchange the terms Car Lift and Car Jack. They mistakenly believe the two term mean the same thing. They do not mean the same thing.

A car lift raises the entire vehicle off the ground, meaning all four tires or wheels will be propped up off the ground. Car jacks raise the automobile one wheel at a time, or one axle at a time. If all four wheels are off the ground at the same time, there are greater service capabilities. Servicing the auto will also be much quicker as well on an auto lift. Jacks are more cumbersome to work with, and you won’t be able to raise the car as high as you would with a lift. Generally, the maximum lifting height for most floor jacks is in the range of 19 to 24  inches.

You will need to get on your back while working on a vehicle while using a floor jack. Using a creeper will make it easier, but not nearly as easy as when working on a car that is placed on a full rise auto lift. Some lifts only raise the vehicle 26 or 48 inches. These would primarily be used for wheel and brake work, and body work. Full rise lifts, like a two post lift, raise the car to a comfortable working height so that you can actually stand under it.

Reminder – You would always need to use jack stands when using a floor jack. Using a floor jack without a set of jack stands is taking a big risk for no reason. The amount of time it takes to set up a pair of jack stands is nothing compared with the potential hazard if not used.

Car Lift

Choosing An Automotive Lift Just Got Easier

June 4th, 2011

The title of this post says it all. Choosing an Automotive Lift  just got easier. If you click on that link embedded in the previous phrase “Automotive Lift” you’ll find a captivating article about the facts to use to choose between a two post lift or a four post lift.

The article appears on the Squidoo network, which is a well known network of articles that are placed by all kinds of different authors about a myriad of different subject categories. The automotive lift article we placed there is appropriately placed in the Automotive category.

It goes into great detail about the many considerations required for making the proper choice on your lift. It is a must read for anybody on the market for an Automotive Lift.

Take a look at it, and give us your feedback.

Automotive Lift

Goldberg Shows Off His BendPak Lifts

May 19th, 2011

We’ve shown you plenty of videos of our of our customers with their BendPak Lift. We’ve also shown you some videos that BendPak put out to promote their wide variety of products. This video is a production put out by BendPak with the popular professional wrestling personality, Bill Goldberg. He has the ultimate garage workshop setup, with all of the latest toys from BendPak, including a four post lift and a single post parking lift for storing his many vehicles. He also has a two post lift for servicing his many cars. He compliments his auto shop with many other pieces of Bend Pak / Ranger equipment. He’s got a BendPak air compressor, Ranger tool box, Ranger motorcycle lift, and much more. Most folks can only dream of having their personal garage outfitted like this.
After that, they take you to the famous Surf City Garage, a truly impressive shop, and pleasing to the eyes too. Next, they show clips from other notables who have BendPak lifts, like Jay Leno, Jessie James and West Coast Customs.
Go ahead, watch the video and look on with envy. We did.

Another ASEdeals Bahamas Connection

May 15th, 2011

You may have seen our previous post of another Bahamas connection earlier. We recently stopped by another one of our loyal customer’s auto shop on the  beautiful Island of Nassau in the Bahamas. Rene Telle from Telle Auto has been servicing vehicles for decades and opened his specialty auto shop about four years ago. He specializes in German cars, especially Mercedes – Benz cars. In those four years, he has purchased quite a lot of equipment from us, including two of our BendPak XPR-10 Two Post Lift, a BelAire air compressor, and some pieces of Ranger shop equipment, like a press and oil drain. Rene says, “I am more than satisfied with my relationship with ASEdeals. I’m very happy with every purchase I’ve made. I will continue to go to for all my shop equipment needs”.
Be sure to stop by and see Rene if you’re on the island.

Two Post Lift

New BendPak Adjustable Width Two Post Lift

April 13th, 2011

BendPak is always on the leading edge of innovation. They are one of the premier car lift and automotive equipment manufacturers in the world. So when they came out with their new adjustable  width XPR10 Two Post Lift, we said, “Here they go again”.
For quite a few years now, BendPak has made their two post lifts in both a narrow and a wide configuration. Some shops are tight on floor space, and the narrow model is perfect for those situations. We recommend most customers go with a wide model. As long as you have the floorspace, it’s a no brainer. It just makes life so much easier in every way. you can open your doors wider, drive in between the columns easier, and just plain work around the vehicle easier.
Well now you don’t have to decide which one to get! You can get the adjustable width model, and determine which width to set it at when you assemble it. Now you can make the decision of which width to set it up at the time you assemble it. Now you don’t have to worry if you got the wrong size lift. Simply set it up once you get it once you’ve assessed your available floor space as compared to the lift.
You can set it up at the wide setting, which gives you 145 inches from outermost point to outermost point, which is the flanged out base plates at the bottom of each post. The narrow setting would keep you at 132 inches wide. There are asymmetric, and symmetric car lift models available. The asymmetric option has the ability to position the vehicle symmetric as well, so you get the best of both worlds.
Once again, BendPak is leading the way when it comes to innovation.

BendPak Two Post Lift

Two Post Car Lift Failure Video

April 2nd, 2011

Check out this video link below. It shows a Two Post Lift failure when a van caused the anchors to pull out of the floor and the lift toppled over. Fortunately, nobody was injured in this case and they were able to get the van down with minimal damage.
But this video is worth a good view for illustrating two things. First, how important it is to mount and use a two post lift properly. Second, what to do to safely get the car down once a lift has failed.
We can’t be sure why this lift failed as the makers of the video don’t provide an explanation. Possibilities include inadequate concrete thickness or hardness or possibly improper installation. One other potential possibility is the van started sliding due to unbalanced loading and because most trucks and full-size vans do not provide a flat stable lifting point at the rear. Many truck and van frame rails are inclined as they head up to the shackles and are typically covered with corrosion protection undercoating.
It is possible the operator failed to use frame cradle pads, and the pads did not stay securely in place on the frame rail once the truck started sliding. Then the full weight of the van landing on the lift arms could have created an extreme shock loading condition which would have damaged the lift components severely and caused the column anchors to fail. This is just speculation, but is a potential hazard. Therefore, any lift operator would be wise to use frame cradle pad adapters when raising a truck or van with inclined frame rails.

Frame Cradle Pad Adapters

Auto Shop Equipment Essentials Wish List

March 27th, 2011

We frequently get asked by our customers, “I’m starting my own auto shop and I don’t know what equipment I need”. There is no definitive list of garage equipment, because every shop is different and has different needs. And budget will always be a factor. But there are some basic essentials that should be part of any auto shop comprehensive lift of must-have tools and equipment. Below is part 1 of our suggested list of essentials –

Automotive Lift –
This is a no brainer of course. Every auto shop needs a lift. But what kind? Should you get a two post lift, a four post lift, or some other kind of automotive hoist? There are many factors that should influence your decision. Each type of lift has it’s benefits and shortcomings. No one type of lift is perfect for every application. Of course, if your budget allows for it, you get get several different lifts to allow you to meet any application.

A Two post Lift will give you the greatest ability to access the vehicle for servicing. They give you a full rise lift and allow you to get at every inch of the underside of the vehicle, along with the wheels as well.

BendPak Two Post Lift

But sometimes, you may prefer the stability and speed of a four post lift. You can just drive on and off quickly, for oil changes, plus you have more stability when performing major jobs like removing a transmission. And with rolling jacks, you’ll be able to access the wheels for tire rotations as well.

BendPak Four Post Lift
Then there are a variety of other types of lifts for specialty applications. Will you be performing alignments?  There are four post alignment lifts and scissor alignment rack.

BendPak Scissor Alignment Rack

Maybe you’ll have a lube shop with a pit and you’ll need a pit lift. For brake shops or tire shops, you may want to get a low rise pad lift that allows you to remove wheels quickly.

BendPak Low Rise Lift
If you are a larger garage with multiple bays, you may have the luxury of obtaining several types of lifts to meet every application. Just make sure you purchase a reliable lift from a major brand name manufacturer. There are many inferior quality auto lifts on the market today and we’ve heard many stories from our customers about the bad experiences they’ve had when they tried to cut corners and purchase one of those “bargain” no name lifts out there.

Your Auto Shop Garage And Liability

March 17th, 2011

Auto shop owners and car dealership service department heads have a major consideration when it comes to liability insurance. There are the obvious coverages that you will purchase on your liability policy, such as incidents that happen on the premises, whether it be damage to a customers vehicle caused by a careless service technician, or a piece of machinery that malfunctions, such as a car falling off the Two Post Lift.
Every shop has had a claim or two over the years. But there are other possibilities that you need to be prepared for. For instance, What happens when your technician takes a car out for a test drive and he gets in an accident? What happens if you send the car to another shop to have them perform a service that you don’t cover? Are you covered while it is in their possession? Furthermore, what happens if the technician who drove it has a DUI or a suspended license because of multiple speeding infractions, and then he gets into an accident? You need to be aware of your employees driving records. If they are behind the wheel at any point, you need to check on their driving record. Ultimately, it comes back to being your responsibility.
What about if the car malfunctions because of a real, or perceived error in the repair that your technician performed. You need to protect yourself. Make sure you’re covered for any possibility, because your business can be irreparably harmed by just one unfortunate event.

Two Post Lift