CEMB SM825EVOPA Swing Arm Tire Changer + ER71 Digital Wheel Balancer Combo

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CEMB SM825EVOPA Swing Arm Car SUV Light Truck Tire Changer
with Low Profile Press Arm

Entry level semi-automatic swing arm tire changer suitable for car and light commercial vehicle, clamping range 13"-26", dual clamping cylinders with inflators on each clamp, adjustable bead breaker, press arm and bead pressing tool standard.

CEMB ER71 Laser Digital Wheel Balancer for Cars and Light Trucks
Laser digital wheel balancer with automatic input of distance and diameter (2D), LED light, laser line, quick release wingnut and wheel guard standard.
(Optional 3D Width Sonar available)


CEMB USAThis CEMB tire changer is best suited for gas stations, small garages and auto salvage yards. With CEMB's SM825EVOPA you get CEMB high quality for a low price. Comes fully assembled.

A traditional swing arm tire changer and great place to start for general service of the majority of OEM fitments and many custom tires and wheels. These durable machines are equipped with basic features, intended for mid-volume use.

  • High Performance Press Arm
  • Mounting Head
  • Table Top Clamping
  • Dual Stage Inflation
  • Bead Breaker Shovel
  • Air Powered Optional
High Performance Press Arm - Provides simple servicing of stiff sidewall tires and deep drop center rims.

Mounting Head - Custom mount/demount head features replaceable plastic inserts to protect wheels.

Table Top Clamping - Dual table clamping cylinders with specifications of 13"-26" wheel clamping range

Dual Stage Inflation - System with safety limiter and bead blaster built into the clamping jaws

Bead Breaker Shovel - Foot operated side mounted bead breaker shovel combines speed with power for everyday wheel applications to save time.

Air Powered Optional - Compressed air only powered version also available

CEMB USAThe CEMB Laser Wheel Balancer ER71, was designed with garages and car dealers in mind that need a wheel balancer for balancing today's tires and wheels. It comes with automatic distance and diameter and a lighted laser line for locating weight positioning at the six o'clock stick on weight position.

Most if not all competitors do not have this feature and some of the other features on their models that are available in the price range of this wheel balancer. It also has an electronic brake positioner, which is great when applying wheel weights. It comes fully assembled.

A space saving motorized wheel balancer with high-end performance and time saving, advanced features. Extremely accurate with simple to use interface and multi-function LED display.

  • Automatic Gauge (2D)
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Laser Spotter
  • Manual Locking
  • Automatic Positioning System
Automatic Gauge - The automatic gauge enables detection of distance and diameter (up to 28" rims) with relative activation of desired balancing program (clip-on or stick-on weights). No error due to manual inputs possible. The machine enables the operator to work according to his preferences.

Laser Line - With the wheel locked in position for weight application through the electric brake, the laser line indicates where to position the weights for a guaranteed easy and extremely quick balancing operation.

Ergonomic Design - The ErgoFast range of balancing machines has been developed to offer the operator the best possible working conditions. Every tool in a handy position, total access to internal part of rim, all accessories within reach and touch panel are only but a few of the advantages developed for our end users.

Features and Specs

SM825EVOPA Tire Changer Features
  • Air Tank in Tower
  • Dual Clamping Cylinders
  • Semi-Automatic Swing Arm
  • Inflator Jets on Each Clamp
  • Inserts Protect Aluminum Wheels
  • Adjustable Bead Breaker
SM825EVOPA Tire Changer Specifications
  • Power Supply: 110V + Air
  • Air Pressure: 145 psi (10 bar)
  • Rim Diameter (Ext.): 12" - 24"
  • Tire Diameter: 44" (1118 mm)
  • Max. Wheel Width: 15" (380 mm)
  • Turn Table Speed: 8-15 rpm
  • Shipping Weight: 630 lbs (286 Kg)
SM825EVOPA Tire Changer Standard Accessories
  • Brush
  • Protection Kit - Mounting head protectors
  • Protection Kit - Jaw protectors
  • Tire Lever
  • Air Kit - Oiler, Water Trap and Regulator
  • Press Arm for low profile tires and manual bead pressing tool
SM825EVOPA Tire Changer Optional Accessories
  • Motorcycle Clamps
  • Bead Pressing Tool
  • Quick Union Kit
  • Nylon mounting head kit with hardware
  • Low Profile Mounting Head
  • Alloy Rim Protector Kit
  • Protection Kit - Bead breaker shovel protectors
  • Drop Center Kit
  • Wheel Lift

ER71 Wheel Balancer Features
  • Computerized Balancer for cars and light trucks
  • ER71 balances steel & light alloy wheels of cars, light trucks, motorcycles & scooters (with optional adaptors)
  • Automatic Distance & Diameter Entry (2D)
  • Optional 3D sonar for automatic rim width measurement
  • Electromagnetic brake for easy weight placement
  • Wide working space
  • Laser line for quicker stick-on weight placement
  • LED to light the wok space inside the rim
  • New automatic arm to measure automatically diameters up to 30"
  • Standard Quick Nut Mounting and wheel guard
  • Direct selection ounces/grams
  • Optimization program for compensation of rim and tire unbalance
  • One Button Split & Hidden Weight Program
ER71 Wheel Balancer Specifications
  • Power Supply: 110VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1 ph
  • Balancing Speed: < 100 rpm
  • Balancing Accuracy: < 0.1 oz (< 1 g)
  • Average Cycle Time: 5 seconds
  • Rim Diameter Capacity: 10" - 30" (265 - 765 mm)
  • Rim Width Capacity: 1.5" - 20" (40 - 510 mm)
  • Max. Wheel Weight: 165 lbs (75 kg)
  • Max. Tire Diameter: 40" (1,016 mm)
  • Operating Temperature: 32 - 113°F (0 - 45°C)
  • Shaft Size: 40 mm
  • Gross Ship. Weight: 354 lbs (160 Kg)
ER71 Wheel Balancer Standard Accessories
  • Quick release wingnut
  • Reverse mounting cup with no mar-ring + Pressure ring
  • 4 cones covering hole sizes 1.69” (43mm) to 5.2” (132mm)
  • Rim width gauge for measuring wheel width
  • 40mm threaded shaft
  • Can be used as balanced weight hammer, cutting pliers for trimming wheel weights, and puller to remove the old wheel weights
  • Test weight
  • 8mm allen wrench to mount the 40mm threaded shaft
  • Wheel guard
  • New extended gauge for diameter measurement of rims up to 30"
  • Laser for weight positioning inside the rim
  • LED to light the working space inside of the rim
  • Electric brake for easy weight placement
ER71 Wheel Balancer Optional Accessories
  • Automatic Width Sonar reading (3D)
  • Pneumatic lift for wheel balancers
  • Universal motorcycle and scooter adaptor kit with 15mm arbor, cones and spacers for bearing type wheels and single side arm (flange) type wheels (Wheel guard required)
  • Universal stud adaptor (for hub centric wheels with 3-4-5-6 holes, 75-210mm bolt pattern). To be used with inside centering cone.
  • Stud adapter for rim protection and high precision (on lug centric wheels). To be used without centering cone.
  • Universal bolt pattern adaptor (for wheels 3-4-5 holes or without center hole)
  • WD wheel support spacer for very wide wheels + DC spring pusher bush
  • Large diameter plastic cup for alloy rims protection (8.11"/206mm for alloy rims, includes no-mar ring)
  • 2 piece truck cone kit for light truck wheels for hole from 3.82" (97mm) to 7.09" (180mm)
  • 2 piece truck cone kit + GG spacer ring to fit Ford F-350, 450 and 550
  • Cone for GMC 6500 series & International using 19.5" rims (must be used with 3 Piece Truck Cone Kit)