COOL-SPACE Avalanche36 CS6-36-VD Evaporative Cooler

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COOL-SPACE CS6-36-VD Portable Evaporative Shop Cooling Fan 
Avalanche Series / Avalanche36
Cool your shop at a fraction of the cost of conventional air conditioning, without the hazardous materials. 36" Variable Speed, Cooling Coverage 3600 ft sq.of garage / shop space. Custom colors available, 
Cools your auto shop down at a fraction of the cost of air conditioning, without the hazards.
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COOL-SPACE CS6-36-VD / Avalanche36 Shop Cooling Fan

• Ground fault protection electrical cord for additional safety and a cord wrap for easy storage COOL-SPACE units come standard with your safety in mind
• 5 year industry leading warranty Exceeds industry standards
• Edge coated, 8” thick cooling media for durability and performance Protective surface extends media life, reducing long term maintenance
• Large, built-in 46 gal. water reservoir for extended use
• Swivel, locking casters for easy maneuvering
• Standard electrical outlet and a garden hose or portable supply tank are the only requirements for use
• Low water shut-off to extend pump longevity
• Tough, UV resistant, durable roto-molded polyethylene housing
• Conveniently located reservoir cap allows easy water treatment access
• Drain plug for water removal
• Long term dependability, nearly maintenance free
• Quiet, comparable to light rainfall
• Cooling coverage area of 3600 ft sq


In 1998, COOL-SPACE began after recognizing the widespread problem of technicians and workers laboring in hot shops and decreased productivity. The COOL-SPACE engineers designed an extremely efficient portable evaporative cooler with the capability to significantly lower temperatures in high humid climates while using very little electricity. With global warming increasing of global temperatures, COOL-SPACE has grown to be an international supplier of portable evaporative cooling fans and they are very proud to say, "we help keep our soldiers cool overseas". They offer more features than any other manufacturer of this type of equipment and are constantly innovating.

How Does Evaporative Cooling Work?
Inside the cooling machine, the fan draws in the hot, dryer air through the thick wet cooling pads. Then, as the water evaporates into the flowing air, it displaces the heat in the air. The byproduct of the fan is a mistless, cooler airthat can be up to 28 degrees cooler, depending on various atmospheric conditions!

  • Effective cooling. 
  • Low maintenance. 
  • Low operating costs - less than 50 cents per day. 
  • High impact, Rotomolded with UV protection. 
  • Won't rust, and less likely to damage vehicles if you accidently bump into them. 
  • Durable cabinet; virtually leak proof. 
  • Heavy-duty casters for easy movement.
  • Water conditioners and cleaners available. 
  • Continuous water fill capability. 
  • Automatic shut-off. 
  • When water drops to a low level, the pump shuts off. Many manufacturers don't
  • Each machine has a five year warranty
  • With water tight electrical enclosure, stainless steel brackets and a smart safety screen over the fan, COOL-SPACE provides a more durable and safer product.

COOL-SPACE Portable Evaporative Coolers are designed to go into places where conventional air conditioner systems are not practical, (garages, warehouses, aviation hangars, industrial shops, barns, tents & outdoor events, etc.) COOL-SPACE is engineered to operate very efficiently using only water and a small amount of electricity, with an average cost of only about $1 a day. COOL-SPACE is proven superior to competing machines by offering more features,superior quality, longer warranties and the best service.

Features and Specs

Specifications CS6-36-VD
Fan Motor High efficiency, totally enclosed. 3/4hp/ 110V/ 1PH/ 60Hz
Fan Size 36"
Fan Type Axial
Fan Speed Variable
Fan Amperage (A) High 6.3 
Low 1.5
Sound Level (db(a)@3ft) 61
Air Flow High 9,700 cfm 
Low 6,400 cfm
Pump Amperage (A) 1.5
Cooling Media Depth 8"
Cooling Media Area 20ft 2
Cooling Media 8 in. thick high efficiency cross corrugated angle fluted specially formulated cellulose material treated with a thermosetting resin and edge coating for additional strength and to prevent growth of algae
Cooling Coverage 3,600 ft 2
Water Reservoir Internal 46 gallon capacity
Water Supply Garden hose connection or portable supply tank. Unit includes inline pressure regulator that guarantees reliable operational inlet pressure up to 60 PSI
Power Supply 110V/1ph/15A minimum branch circuit
Unit Dimensions: 62" W x 30" D x 70" H
Shipping Weight: 315 lbs

More Information

More Information

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Note: Fans can NOT be returned once used

COOL-SPACE Avalanche Series Brochure (.pdf)

COOL-SPACE Evaporative Cooler Manual (.pdf)

COOL-SPACE Intuitive Control Panel Instructions (.pdf)

COOL-SPACE Do's And Don'ts Manual (.pdf)

COOL-SPACE 5-Year Warranty (.pdf)

COOL-SPACE Warning Label